Tuesday, May 5, 2009

When in Rome

Do as the Romans do? Haha, No. Not if they're Kafirs (Kufar). Not in Dar-Ul-Harb.

Dr. Mohamed El Naschie, Dar-Ul-Harb (Surrey), has certainly never practiced Taqiyya, preferring to be entirely honest with his Surrey neighbors regarding his opinion of them. Without a doubt his frequent declarations to the Arabic media that he doesn't have a Nobel prize because of Western racism, Islamophobia, and being named "Mohamed" are views he shares freely in Surrey. Surely English language interviews with him frankly expressing that opinion in Get Surrey, Surrey Herald, etc., abound, and one's inability to find them is merely indicative of Google's inadequacy.

(By the way, my tests indicate that the second link crashes IE8, but it's fine under IE7 and Firefox. I have contacted the Webmaster.)
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