Tuesday, August 18, 2009

El Naschie vs. DIE ZEIT bulletin


You may remember the El Naschie versus DIE ZEIT and Christoph Drösser controversy from these posts, listed here from oldest to newest:


We hear from a first class source who talked to Christoph Drösser from DIE ZEIT magazine, that El Naschie has lost certain outstanding court cases that had been pending. El Naschie is probably quite angry. This might be the reason behind the increased sockpuppet* activity in recent weeks, wherein Christoph Drösser is said to have "lied in court in Hamburg" etc.

We'll give details when we get them.

*Sockpuppets: Chris; Brian Seindler, Brad, B.M Sidley, Ali Islam Akbar, Abdullah Bakaseer, et al.
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  1. I even heard rumours that he lost ALL cases in Hamburg against DIE ZEIT. I'd like to check but I don't know at which court the cases had been pending. We should find out or ask the source in contact with Christoph Drösser again. From there the decisions could be looked up at:


  2. Excellent, Martin. For convenience here's a link. I was wondering where one might search.

  3. Hi Jason,
    New blog praising El naschie but in arabic. I think it is created by El naschie himself.

  4. How did you find it? did you actively search for it or follow a link? My first idea was to counter it in some way, but then I thought, if we ignore it, it might not become ranked high enough on google or other places to be noted by people. Therefore, no action would be necessary for now. If we link to it instantly, it might profit from our formidable ranking.