Monday, August 17, 2009

El Naschie's Birthday Book

Space Time Physics and Fractality

Festschrift in honour of Mohamed El Naschie on the occasion of his 60th birthday

Peter Weibel, Garnet Ord, Otto E. Rössler, editors

Here are several admiring stories and anecdotes about El Naschie that you may enjoy reading. There are also short biographies of some of his acolytes. See pages VII through XXII.

On page XV, I see that El Naschie's birthday is on October 10th. Let's all remember to send him a card.

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  1. Indeed, the foreword could be an inspiration for a Bond novel; if I may dare to propose a working title: "From Egypt with Love". :D


  2. Yes. The only reason I didn't quote material is the injustice it would have done to the rest.

  3. I would rather give 30 EUR to a homeless than spend them on:


  4. Heh. It's not worth 30 EUR to me either. :)