Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Collyer Bristow's Website (part 2)

El Naschie chooses the bargain brand.

This is what Collyer Bristow uses to promote their lawyer Alan Marco; it's only an example. We know nothing about Alan, and he may be a wonderful lawyer and a fine gentleman. But -- here's how it looks to us.

[1] Semiliteracy plus [2] category confusion equals Collyer Bristow.

Let's look at these.

[1] semiliteracy

DIFFUSE: circulate, circularise, distribute, disseminate, propagate, broadcast, spread, disperse, pass around, permeate, pervade, penetrate, interpenetrate, imbue


DEFUSE: remove the triggering device from, calm, settle, cool, contain, smooth, stabilize, damp down, take the heat or sting out of, deactivate, disable, disarm, make safe

He got it wrong. Whose fault is it? If you are considering hiring these guys, do you care?

[2] category confusion

Anyone who has ever had a job understands that the words you use to promote yourself differ when directed to your customer versus when directed to your manager. Except Alan Marco, apparently.

This is humiliating to Collyer Bristow, or should be. Nobody's minding the store. Alan Marco wrote his blurb for his manager and it found its way to the public Website nonetheless.

No offense, Alan Marco. Collyer Bristow is a slipshod operation. Not your fault.

My guess? El Naschie dumped Howrey because Collyer Bristow is cheaper. Reasonable call, Mohamed! It doesn't matter which toilet you flush your money down.
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  1. Oh mein Gott! Wie billig! Und das sind die Anwälte mit denen El Naschie sich jetzt gegen alles und jeden durchschlagen will. Na dann viel Spaß! Collyer Bristow hatten wahrscheinlich schon vorher ein mehr oder weniger großes Imageproblem. Die Frage ist, ob der folgende Imageverlust durch das Schröpfen des Wissenschaftsbetrügers auch wirklich kompensiert wird? Hoffentlich nehmen sie ihm ein Vermögen ab. Sie werden es brauchen, um für alle Kanzleimitglieder eine neue Identität zu schaffen :)

  2. Still no response from Collyer Bristow, by the way.

  3. They wil not respond, also client empahtis.. emphast... being nice is most important. First they have to consold a seperate correcter for spelling and category confusion, but don't tell them, we can bite back.