Tuesday, November 17, 2009

If at first you don't succeed

Try, try again.

I've just sent this:

Dear Collyer Bristow,

First of all, we here at El Naschie Watch beg your pardon for sending this email so broadly. It is not our intention to spam you. On November 12, we emailed cblaw@collyerbristow.com, the address given on your Website; but sadly, no reply has been forthcoming.

Will you please tell us who at Collyer Bristow is handling El Naschie's case against Nature, so that we may communicate with those persons directly?

Thanks very much! And again, congratulations on representing Dr. El Naschie, whose unique blend of silliness and wealth makes him the client sine qua non.

Please do let us know if we can help you in any way. Our interest in Dr. El Naschie is as great as yours, and we hope our relationship can be long and mutually beneficial.

Best regards,


Mailing list:

janine.alexander@collyerbristow.com, alexander.cochrane@collyerbristow.com, joe.cohen@collyerbristow.com, tania.goodman@collyerbristow.com, victoria.greig@collyerbristow.com, steven.heffer@collyerbristow.com, jane.hughes@collyerbristow.com, sushma.kotecha@collyerbristow.com, gavin.kramer@collyerbristow.com, matthew.marsh@collyerbristow.com, dan.mccormack@collyerbristow.com, Peter.Pratt@collyerbristow.com, Stephen.Rosen@collyerbristow.com, patrick.wheeler@collyerbristow.com, clive.woolf@collyerbristow.com, ayesha.yousaf@collyerbristow.com, peter.daniel@collyerbristow.com, rebecca.dawe@collyerbristow.com, andrew.dixon@collyerbristow.com, colleen.higham@collyerbristow.com, roy.jordan@collyerbristow.com, emma.king@collyerbristow.com, suki.loftus@collyerbristow.com, rosamond.mcdowell@collyerbristow.com, francis.merritt@collyerbristow.com, angharad.palin@collyerbristow.com, John.Saner@collyerbristow.com, Daniel.Simon@collyerbristow.com, staff@collyerbristow.com, cblaw@collyerbristow.com, joe.cohen@collyerbristow.com, oliver.drennan@collyerbristow.com, silvia.fazio@collyerbristow.com, Stephen.Rosen@collyerbristow.com, Paul.Sillis@collyerbristow.com

All but two were successfully delivered.
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  1. I like this one! So friendly and forthcoming that they certainly can't imagine anything else than the beginning of a beautiful friendship here.

  2. In fact, Martin, El Naschie Watch and Collyer Bristow have much in common.

    Not only are we both "interested" in him, as I said in the email, but in a sense our interests in him are complementary or synergistic: They want to charge him lots of money, and we want him bankrupted.