Thursday, November 12, 2009

My email to Collyer Bristow

Let's see if the new sharks are more voluble than the old ones.

Dear Sir or Madam,


We here at El Naschie Watch understand that M.S. El Naschie has dumped Howrey (or been dumped, we aren't sure) and has hired you instead. Let us be among the first to congratulate you on gaining such an interesting and amusing client, not to mention your opportunity to charge him a great deal of money. Specifically who at your firm represents Dr. El Naschie?

Howrey was awfully reticent. In fact, they never answered a single one of our emails.

Best regards,


I've just sent that along to
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  1. I hope you added a link to this blog and a friendly hint, that we will comment here on their actions and keep a chronological record.
    Maybe we should first ask them, for the record, if they can confirm that they represent him in this case. I doubt they will tell much more about it, but it's good to let them know from the beginning, what they are buying.

  2. ah, yes, there's the link in the first sentence :) didn't see it.

  3. This quoted email, as you see, contains three links. The actual one I sent to Collyer Bristow contained only the first two links. I added the third one later for the benefit of our readers.