Saturday, November 28, 2009

Naschie Party historical revisionism

Don't play the clip until I tell you.
There's a new tone among El Naschie's supporters. In the old days it was furious and threatening. Today it ranges from mealy-mouthed to self-pitying.

Here are three examples of the old style. (Read some context here.)

I have seen the trash written by Jason and this is a message to his paymasters... [El Naschie] will be more than delighted to meet you in court. are the one who will end up behind bars.

and remember the threat to kill me?

The people responsible may want to recall some incidents in California. Do you remember the Sharon Tate tragedy? Do you want something similar to Mason [sic - referring to murderer Charles Manson] and his sister to strike in Seattle [where I live]?


You are playing with fire and you are ignorant and narrow minded and crazy enough to not realize how bad this will end for you. This is a coded message to the lunatic hairy monster of the M4. His current address is:


Compare with the new girly-style Naschienal Socialist:

Here is what a great Swedish scientist Tonu Puu said about Mohamed El Naschie or M.S. El Naschie in his beautiful book Art, Science and Economics published by Springer in 2006. The last paragraph of the preface says I was most honoured when some time ago Professor Mohammad El Naschie, Editor-in-Chief of one of the most exciting and successful journal publishing ventures (Elsevier) I have ever been involved in, suggested to publish this essay in parts in the shape of articles, though I naturally prefer the present connected publication form. This does not sound like a man who is a fake or imposter.


And this from wistful sockpuppet "highenergy" signing as "Buddy":

Mohamed El Naschie was of course quite naïve. He is an engineer. High energy physics is not his professional work. He practices it in a gentlemanly manor [sic - manner] as a hobby. He was woken up in a bitter way. Unlike engineers prizes are the only way for theoretical physicists to come to big chunks of money. Do I need to say more? Good luck with your litigation. You will need all your savings, El Naschie that is, to pay your lawyers.

That brings tears to my eyes. (Here's where you should play the Sponge Bob clip.)

Wait a minute, "Buddy". Go read the front page of El Naschie's Website. Full professor, check. Theoretical physicist, check. Affiliated with numerous universities, check. But he completely forgot to mention the part about being a hobbyist and an amateur! Totally slipped his mind.

So, "Buddy", which characterization of El Naschie is correct? Yours? Or El Naschie's?

LOL. Yours is, of course! El Naschie is a rich hobbyist who founded Chaos, Solitons and Fractals as his personal vanity journal. Unlike most of El Naschie's critics, I don't have a problem with him doing that or with him being the silly amateur he is. There are lots of fine hobbyists and amateurs. But very few of them put up Websites claiming to be full professors. And give media interviews blaming racism for not getting the Nobel Prize. That's what annoys me.

I preferred the old style in-your-face Naschienal Socialists. They had balls, at least.
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