Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Punctuation issues remain

El Naschie's sockpuppets have historically had problems with punctuation:

In Arabic, quotes are not the same symbols as in Western languages. For example, here's "Benign Dictatorship"

which, by the way, is something El Naschie likes.

I think this sort of difference was responsible for the backtick errors we've written about in the past.

Now his sockpuppets are making a new kind of punctuation error. It's caused by misuse of the Unicode for left and right single quote, and left and right double quote: 2018, 2019, 201C, 201D respectively. So that in the Sockpuppet bait comments we see things like

We should all think about that before making definite unfounded allegations. If we don%u2019t do that we either will have to introduce unheard of restrictions on the internet or we will end in total anarchies.


I think the best theoretical base of his work was laid down in a four-page paper entitled: On Certain %u201CEmpty%u201D Cantor Sets and their Dimensions.

This kind of error is associated with the use of word processors to write comments, rather than text editors.

Take our friendly advice, sockpuppets. You're almost there. First, don't mess with left and right quotes. It's possible, but probably not worth your trouble. Just be content with the straight up and down ones. And second, copy and paste from Notepad, not Word.

Maybe I shouldn't have told them that.

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  1. The incompetence of El Naschie's sockpuppets is well-known:

    One would expect that they learn from their own mistakes, but sockpuppet "highenergy" is not willing to learn:

    Apparently, "highenergy" hasn't noticed that his name appears on the top of each comment, otherwise he wouldn't reply to himself:


    Just for the record (one of several sockpuppet equations):

    "highenergy" = "Buddy" = "NJ" = "E-infinity Group"



  2. BTW: El Naschie or his sockpuppets think Sarah Limbrick has deleted the offensive posts. Well, he's wrong; the posts are still availaible:


    P.S. Jason, maybe you should make another archive.

  3. Hi Shrink,

    In your second comment above, were you referring to a particular assertion by an El Naschie sockpuppet? I don't see where anyone said Sarah Limbrick deleted anything, although I do have a vague memory of someone making a claim to that effect.

    I have been considering making another archive or two. Sarah Limbrick's pressgazette piece is a possibility.

    It's only got 5 posts and no sockpuppets, but hilf's posts are worth preserving.


    may be approaching critical mass for an archive. Any others?


  4. I was referring to the last post available here:

    For the posts of sockpuppets check here:

    If you click on "highenergy's" profile and then on 'View more comments', you'll get the first link.

    The '' is using the 'DISQUS' engine and as far as I can see is behaving very strange on the Limbrick's post (or just maybe the people on pressgazette are not using it properly).


  5. Ah, yes, thank you. Good sleuthing. Yes, the behavior on pressgazette with respect to comments is bizarre. It makes it possible to see only some of the comments at a time, and caused me confusion when I said there were only 5 posts and no sockpuppets. Absolutely, you are right, in fact this DISQUS flakiness makes it imperative to archive all those comments here. The ones I can reach are:

    highenergy, signed Buddy:

    highenergy, signed NJ:



    but for all I know there are still others!

  6. Haha ok,

    is hilarious. All is becoming clear. Awesome work, shrink.

  7. highenergy, signed E-infinity Group:

    highenergy, unsigned:

    I have these saved for archival. They may be at risk of deletion on Pressgazette.