Thursday, November 19, 2009

Relationship with Ahmed Zewail (part 1: background)

(Part 2 is here.)

There have been four Egyptians to win Nobel prizes. Anwar al-Sadat won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1978, as did Mohamed ElBaradei in 2005. Naguib Mahfouz won it for literature in 1988. And Ahmed Zewail won it for chemistry in 1999. This made him a superstar in Egypt.

As our readers are aware, El Naschie loves to insinuate himself into photos of Nobel Laureates. His Website features a gallery of photos of himself with laureates Gerardus 't Hooft, David Gross, Frank Wilczek, Gerd Binnig, Naguib Mahfouz, Murray Gell-Mann, Anthony J. Leggett, and Douglas D. Osheroff. He has also been photographed with Horst Ludwig Störmer, Nobel 1998, physics; but surprisingly he has forgotten to post the pic on his Web site.

El Naschie frequently intones respectfully on the memory of Nobel Laureate Ilya Prigogine, his "teacher", but it's not clear how closely they were associated. In any case, Prigogine wasn't his thesis advisor.

El Naschie's supporters think he deserves a Nobel. Here's Ji-Huan He, for example:

the experimental verification of El Naschie's theory will certainly lead to a Nobel Prize, which we all expect. It would be a great triumph for non-linear science, chaos and complexity theory as well as our dear Egyptian friend.

We here at El Naschie watch of course think that's hilarious.

Here's one "Islam Abdullah" babbling about racism or something:

...I ask you all if they would not have published a long article if his first name would not be Mohamed and his passport would not be Egyptian and his main concern peace in the Middle East? Try to be honest with yourself and answer this question and then you will hopefully write to the New Scientist that they should be ashamed of themselves for not at least publishing another point of view. The opinion of the majority of the world’s population, the opinion of what they call the third world. A Nobel prize for a Mohamed – that would be the day!

El Naschie himself frequently brags about having been nominated (completely unbraggable, since anyone can nominate anyone) for the Nobel, and whines about its being witheld. Poor quality machine translation:

...Valhaiz the Nobel prize in physics this year, my teacher [apparently referring to Ilya Prigogine -Ed]; but in recent years has been to withhold the prize from me, although I deserve it, this does not deny that those who have it do not deserve it; but the Nobel committee dealing bias against scientists from the two types; because I am an Arab and a Muslim, and not only that they were exposed from the persecution; but there is an Israeli researcher Obhathi publication of his name and lost my right. [A Jew. -Ed]...

On the other hand, he also denies that he does this. In the recent interview whose amusing impersonated comment I blogged about, the interviewer asks El Naschie vis-à-vis the Nobel "Do not you see that the title of «candidate for the Nobel Prize» hurt you?" to which he responds presumably with a straight face

I do not know, but I did not give myself that title is a proven fact...

We have seen his supporters or sockpuppets or whatever they are imply, to our great merriment, that 't Hooft owes his Nobel to El Naschie:

Nobel Laureate Gerard Thooft Came To Deterministic Quantum Mechanics After Meeting Mohamed El Naschie

Mon Apr 27 19:44:07 BST 2009 by M. Santa Elia

Dissipative quantum mechanics is not identical but related to deterministic quantum mechanics which was recently suggested by Gerard tHooft. It is the least promising of all the three roads to a fundamental quantum theory namely that of T. Palmer and M. El Naschie. Interestingly tHooft started his research on this topic only after meeting Mohamed El Naschie some fifteen years ago...

And that's the background. The point is that El Naschie's relationship with the Nobel and with Nobel Laureates is emotionally fraught; and it is interesting to ask what relationship, if any, exists between El Naschie and the only Egyptian ever to win in a scientific field. We'll examine that in part 2.
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