Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Sockpuppets Soldier On

They never give up. The thread started December 24, 2008 and the latest post, in German, was posted today, November 15, 2009, less than two hours ago.

A tiny archive, but a good read.

The original post is here; this archive is of the comments only. Sockpuppets are in green:


The link to John Baez page doesnt work anymore. Something is going on there, it seems like El Naschie is trying to intimidate people. There is a copy though and collection of material at in case it disappears somewhere else.

Anonymous (not verified) | 02/11/09 | 16:47 PM

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Thanks for the update! That's one of the perils of linking to other sites; who knows how long they'll stay live.

Becky Jungbauer | 02/11/09 | 16:49 PM

El Naschie Watch is in fact my blog. Thank you for pointing to it!

Jason (not verified) | 02/14/09 | 05:05 AM

It is really a hopeless situation to talk to somebody in a sensible way who is in the habit of unleashing all sorts of insults on suspicion without a shred of a proof. It is mean to call somebody mean only because someone else has said something mean about him. You have no idea who is El Naschie nor what he has done. You are taking the word of people who are acting in bad faith. The whole campaing against him was materminded by a german lady who is now working in Holland. The reason is money, a great deal of money. There is also an element of vendetta and malignant jealousy. If you check your facts you will find that Nature has removed the defamatory article against El Naschie. If you research your subject you will find that John Baez has withdrawn his allegations, closed his blog and went into hiding. If you check in the court in Hamburg, you will find a court case. You will also find a big scandal. Someone has pulled the leg of Nature and several other publications and journals owned by the same company namely Macmillan. El Naschie is totally innocent. He is a victim of unscrupulous people who have no fear whatsoever from slandering, defamaing and even threatening innocent people to achieve their despicable aims. When you check with the Old Bailey in London, you will find even more perturbing news about the standard of the internet today. You can practically destroy the life of anyone if you are mean enough. If you are not, you should take off this despicable heading of your article.

Jean Pierre

Jean Pierre (not verified) | 05/13/09 | 12:08 PM

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"If you research your subject you will find that John Baez has withdrawn his allegations, closed his blog and went into hiding."

I assume by 'hiding' you mean he hasn't written anything in the last 4 or 5 days. Hardly a sign that El Naschie's Eye of Agamotto (he inhabits a world of magic, after all) caused him to disappear from the planet.

Hank Campbell | 05/13/09 | 12:37 PM

Jean Pierre said "insults on suspicion without a shred of a proof". LOL

It is almost certain "Jean Pierre" is an Egyptian. The Naschienal Socialists are famous for their extensive but inept use of sock puppetry.

Best regards,


Jason (not verified) | 05/13/09 | 12:31 PM

The story about El Naschie is complete fabrication and deliberate defamation by those who are hoping to benefit financially from it. You are totally out of date. In fact you are totally out of touch even with the internet. John Baez has closed his site. Nature has withdrawn its article. There are two Court cases pending decisions. There is no doubt that some heads will roll. If you have any decency you will remove all these despicable comments which are baseless. Alas this is the internet. If you do not have a scandal, you invent one. What is extremely worrying is the extent of viciousness characteristic for those who write behind false identities. Before the internet this was not possible. Now the animal inside the human being is taking over. If it goes on like that there is no doubt that there will be draconian measures against internet vandalism. The ultimate winner will then be dictatorship and real criminal organizations. You are bringing about what you have always been trying to avoid. Anarchy which is the present status of the internet and blogs always ends in dictatorship and state controlled everything. By the way you should see the site of Mr. Jason. If you vomit you have been warned. This is the kind and standard of those who are defaming El Naschie. That alone raises the man in my eyes. Many respectable blogs have banned him and these types from posting there. As for John Baez it is meant of course that he no longer comments on El Naschie and his infantile mathematical jokes about El Naschies analyses turned against him. By denying that there are eight exceptional E line Lie groups and that there is nothing called two Stein and three Stein spaces he officially declared his ignorance and incompetence. He stopped talking because he is ashamed of himself having been exposed as what he really is. A one man internet army he calls himself. True. An army of mercenaries being unemployed lazy internet layabouts.
G. Wyte

G. Wyte (not verified) | 05/14/09 | 07:10 AM

Hi Becky,

Jean Pierre and G. Wyte are Naschie Party sockpuppets. I have extensive experience identifying them. I am sorry if these creeps are bothering you; some bloggers kick them off. But if you have the stomach to put up with them, more power to you.

El Naschie denounced my El Naschie Watch blog by name recently in an Arabic language media interview. They post here because they're afraid to enter the lion's den by posting on my blog.


Jason (not verified) | 05/16/09 | 02:43 AM

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I looked at your blog a few days ago. That is funny stuff.

Hank Campbell | 05/16/09 | 09:23 AM

Thanks Hank!

Jason (not verified) | 05/16/09 | 10:21 AM

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I agree with Hank - good stuff. Thanks for posting here!

Becky Jungbauer | 05/16/09 | 11:31 AM

That is what you are good at you guys. If the webmaster or Mr. Hank find the stuff of Jason and those characters fun and fine then that speaks only for their character, education and the milieu in which they grew up.

Mathias (not verified) | 08/03/09 | 05:54 AM

Cute. Another sock puppet.

Jason (not verified) | 08/03/09 | 13:43 PM

Mohamed El Naschies name is featuring in a brand new Royal Society Article just published. The paper is titled The Invariant Set Postulate a new geometric framework for the foundations of quantum theory and the role played by gravity. Proc. R. Soc. A published online 19 July 2009. Prof. Palmer is a theoretical physicist who participates in a sort of technology transfer bringing the mathematical methods of high energy physics and quantum mechanics to bear on weather forecast. Inspired by the work of Mohamed El Naschie he seems to have seen the light. He put his case succinctly using the following apt description. He said quantum mechanics is blind to fractals and this is the source of all paradoxes and contra intuitive interpretations of quantum mechanics. Many leading scientists regard Palmers paper as a milestone and blatant admission of the mainstream that they have been missing the point for decades. If this is the only good thing which came out of the work of Mohamed El Naschie then he was more than justified in publishing all his work in his own journal which is incidentally untrue. He has published in many other journals than Chaos, Solitons and Fractals. I was pleased to see that Palmer as befitting an Englishman and scientist acknowledged his indebtedness to the work of Ord Nottale and Mohamed El Naschie. He clearly is scornful of the cheap propaganda which has been conducted now for far too long against Mohamed El Naschie and his associates. I think it is time for the proprietor of this blog to change the titled of his article and acknowledge the bitter truth that the campaign against El Naschie was malicious deceptive and intended to serve the purpose and hidden agendas of certain quarters.

Tengelin (not verified) | 08/29/09 | 10:55 AM

With all due respect to you Hank if you find that the crap written by Jason funny in the sense of amusing, then you should as a matter of urgency see your shrink as soon as humanly possible. If you however mean by funny malignant suspicious and downright unappetizing then of course I agree with you up to a point. The best thing and best policy of dealing with the scum of American industrial product is to ignore them. It is conduct unbecoming to let a creep like Jason or for that matter his paymasters advertise their smelly blogs in your blog which according to its name is devoted to science. I hope you can take these remarks in the same spirit in which they were written. I apologize for the harsh tone of my comment but the situation is from my perception intolerable at least for scientists. Incidentally I was directed to check in the High Court of England and there is a huge case filed by El Naschie against Nature and Macmillan. I understand that he is requiring a minimum of 10 million pounds compensation for the harm caused to him. The sad thing is that an ordinary professor could not possibly take arms against such malicious campaign as that launched against El Naschie. We are equal vis a vis the law provided we can pay the bill of lawyers who are capable of representing us, It is a sad sad story for science and scientists. How long can we remain on the receiving end and how long can we tolerate this internet and blogging anarchies.

Darryl (not verified) | 09/08/09 | 05:26 AM

It is a matter of public document that Mohamed El Naschie alias M Saladin Al Nashai as the correct Arabic spelling is, has taken Nature to the High Court. The writ against Nature is a public document which anyone can inspect by visiting the webpage of the High Court of London. The writ must have taken Nature by surprise and they have not been able to file a defence until this point of time. M S El Naschies lawyers are a big name in the UK and internationally. They are asking in private negotiations for a settlement in the order of 10 million pounds sterling. In news which have leaked through the lawyers offices of Nature. The only conclusion is that John Baez has misled Nature and he himself is in a trap of his own doing. I sincerely hope El Naschie wins his case so that this internet disgrace and anarchy could be tempered in the future for the benefit of all of us. We have seen the big scandal of banking in the US and elsewhare. I hope the media moguls like McMillan and Elsevier should be the next in line.

Scott (not verified) | 09/26/09 | 06:36 AM

Scott is right and the readers of this blog may like to have a look at Sarah Limbricks article dated 2 Nov 2009. It is clear from this article entitled Editor of Scientific journal sues Nature that El Naschie has taken serious legal steps against the subject matter of your blog. Mohamed El Naschie has hired one of Englands leading libel experts and a well established firm Collyer Bristow of London. It will definitely be a long and costly legal battle. However it is now clear to any level headed person that M.S. El Naschie must have profound reasons to take this step in the High Court. I think it is the new culture of internet defamation which must be stopped. Without the internet the allegations made by N Category Cafe could not have been possible and consequently this entire regrettable affair.

Anonymous (not verified) | 11/05/09 | 15:49 PM

Sarah Limbrick would surely be interested to know what the leading libel expert in England had to say about the Nature article complained of. He said he is in a state of disbelief that the worlds most respectable scientific journal Nature should publish an article which bears all the hallmarks of the tabloid press. Another interesting point is the conspiracy theory linking the plagiarism of El Naschies work published in Scientific American with the Nature article as well as a far worse article published in Die Zeit. Interestingly all of these three publications are owned by Macmillan. I understand from confidential sources that a mega surprise will be released at the trial engulfing highly reputed names some of whom are Nobel laureates. The site is

Anonymous (not verified) | 11/06/09 | 12:39 PM

I must disappoint you as Sarah Limbrick is not interested in anything. Sarah Limbrick is part and parcel of the John Baez internet army. She does not allow any comments on her half page article except if they defame Prof. El Naschie. Incidentally all the three comments which Sarah published are bogus. The last two are from the same crackpot Said Hamad. You can read about his background and conviction at I am afraid Nature will have to pay for all that. Of course Nature belongs to Macmillan who are so large that they may think they are above the law. However we have seen what happened to Leeman Brothers. No one is above the law.

Anonymous (not verified) | 11/07/09 | 13:22 PM

Sehr geehrter Herr Blog-Intendant,
anscheinend machen Sie sich ernsthafte Gedanken über Islam und Wissenschaft. Ich nehme an, dass Sie nicht an einer Verleumdungskampagne teilnehmen wollen, denn dafür gibt es im Internet genügend Personen die ihr Leben damit vertrudeln andere Menschen aus Frust zu beschimpfen und ihnen alles Mögliche in die Schuhe schieben. Wenn ich in dieser Annahme richtig bin, dann möchten Sie sicherlich folgendes wissen.
1. John Baez ist kein ernsthafter Mathematiker und noch weniger Physiker. Er hat sich lediglich durch seine große Klappe einen Namen gemacht.
2. Renate Loll hat viele Arbeiten veröffentlicht, die letzte in Scientific American, die nichts anderes sind als eine Reformulierung der Theorie von Mohamed El Naschie, Laurent Nottale und Garnet Ord. Dies ist eine wissenschaftliche Unehrlichkeit in größtem Maße.

3. Als Rache an EL Naschie hat Loll die mit Baez sehr befreundet ist ihn beauftragt die Verleumdungskampagne zu inszenieren. Nature, Quirin Schiermeier und Christoph Drösser waren nur Werkzeuge von John Baez.
4. Rückenstärkung bekommt Professor Renate Loll von ihrem Chef dem Nobellaureat Geradus `t Hooft. Schließlich wird das Preisegeld zusammen geteilt.
5. Geradus `t Hooft ist ein enger Freund und Kollege von El Naschie. Was für eine Freundschaft. Der Rest ist Schweigen.
6. Wenn Sie im Obergericht in London nachfragen, werden Sie wissen, dass El Naschie Nature, Quirin Schiermeier, DIE ZEIT und Scientific American vor den Kadi genommen hat. Das ist das erste Mal in der Geschichte der renommierten Zeitschrift Nature, dass sie vor Gericht stehen. Glauben Sie im Ernst, irgendein Professor wird diesen Schritt wagen wenn er im Unrecht wäre. Sie müssen auch wissen, das die größte Anwaltskanzlei Londons Professor Mohamed El Naschie repräsentiert. Diese Kanzlei würde niemals jemanden gegen Nature repräsentieren wenn er im Unrecht wäre. Die haben einen Namen zu bewahren.
Das sind die Tatsachen und wenn Sie es unverändert in Ihrem Blog veröffentlichen dann helfen Sie dabei die Wahrheit ans Tageslicht zu bringen.

Michael Wachonski (not verified) | 11/15/09 | 13:34 PM

The time of Huxley and Darwin were the golden age of science. Now we have funding, American style. Once you have money playing such a fundamental role, as is the case in big science, then for better or worse, ethical standards change. You remember a theorem a day means promotion and pay. Mohamed El Naschie was of course quite naïve. He is an engineer. High energy physics is not his professional work. He practices it in a gentlemanly manor as a hobby. He was woken up in a bitter way. Unlike engineers prizes are the only way for theoretical physicists to come to big chunks of money. Do I need to say more? Good luck with your litigation. You will need all your savings, El Naschie that is, to pay your lawyers.

Anonymous (not verified) | 11/17/09 | 07:20 AM

The time of Huxley and Darwin were the golden age of science. Now we have funding, American style. Once you have money playing such a fundamental role, as is the case in big science, then for better or worse, ethical standards change. You remember a theorem a day means promotion and pay. Mohamed El Naschie was of course quite naïve. He is an engineer. High energy physics is not his professional work. He practices it in a gentlemanly manor as a hobby. He was woken up in a bitter way. Unlike engineers prizes are the only way for theoretical physicists to come to big chunks of money. Do I need to say more? Good luck with your litigation. You will need all your savings, El Naschie that is, to pay your lawyers.

Anonymous (not verified) | 11/17/09 | 07:20 AM

The case of El Naschie versus Nature has progressed quite a bit since the last article in the Press Gazette by Lyssa Limrick. You should check the High Court. El Naschie is a victim of a well planned defamation campaign to divert from a scandal in scientific American caused by an article on Fractal spacetime in 2008. We in the Gulf area know exactly what this is all about. When you in the West want our oil, you take it by force. Now you want to take our pride. You want us to doubt our people. You will not get what you want. Whether Prof.El Naschie wins this case or not, we believe him. We have no trust whatsoever in those who are behind the Nature tabloid article.

A. Hammad (not verified) | 12/08/09 | 15:57 PM

Mr A. Hammad: Your ideas are intriguing to me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

Jason (not verified) | 12/08/09 | 19:54 PM

Taylor Wessing is the solicitor firm defending Nature against the writ issued by Prof. El Naschie. As far as the records go this is a respectable law firm. A solicitor should be leading his client and not the other way around. This is an important principle regulating the relation between client and solicitor. Naturally I am referring to a respectable solicitor. As this case drags on people start questioning the reason or reasons. The case of El Naschie is straightforward. There is very little doubt if any that Nature is guilty of publishing a tabloid article way beneath its dignity. The proper way of dealing with that is to issue an apology and make an out of court settlement. Curiously Taylor Wessing has so far been driven by the unreasonable requirement of a client who doesn’t want to concede the truth. I was told that Taylor Wessing are upset about certain negative publicity which Nature is receiving in the Middle East. That is exactly what I expect from Taylor Wessing namely a clean end to a rather unpleasant and unnecessary state of affair. Publicity works both ways. If Taylor Wessing or indeed Nature shun negative publicity then they should realize the damage which they caused to the other side and that unless this damage is alleviated then the other side will give them a taste of the same. This is a well meant advice from a knowledgeable and experienced person .

A. S. (not verified) | 02/15/10 | 13:34 PM

One has to be totally blinded by hatred not to acknowledge that the golden mean in quantum mechanics is the greatest surprise ever confirmed experimentally in the recent history of quantum mechanics. I for one was skeptical about El Naschie’s golden mean quantum mechanics. I was skeptical because I did not do the calculations for myself. I relied on hearsay and that there are many extravagant claims made in science based on the golden mean. That was my prejudice and my mistake. Doing the elementary calculation of the two slit experiment with quantum particles using El Naschie’s golden mean topological probability was a unique experience. See this confirm now in the laboratory is almost a divine experience. This is Paul Dirac’s criteria of beauty taken to its ultimate. It is breathtaking to know that nature is that subtle and that beautiful. Even someone who is as down to earth as Gerard ‘tHooft must admit that El Naschie’s quantum golden field theory is breathtaking in its simplicity and aesthetics. Maybe I am being over the top for the moment but you do not get every day an exact irrational value such as the golden mean coming out of a laboratory testing a fundamental theory.

Charles (not verified) | 02/18/10 | 19:24 PM

Dr. Ray Munroe, a theoretical physicist with some understanding of El Naschie’s theory recently said on one of his comments I think in the Fqxi blog that only time will tell if El Naschie’s theory is correct. This is a sentence which is lovely and vague. It is a political sentence, not a scientific one. I guess Munroe knows very well that El Naschie’s theory is correct. He just finds it politically risky to identify himself with a theory about which he himself has written in Chaos, Solitons & Fractals when the author of the theory is under attack from Nature’s tabloid article. When science changes to politics then it is time for scientists to take arms against politics. The difference between politics and science is that in science you do not need to wait for time to prove it. All that you need is to compute it. A simple back of an envelope calculation would immediately show that a golden mean topology and geometry is the only logical solution for the two-slit experiment. If the building blocks of the geometry and topology of quantum spacetime is governed by the Hausdorff dimension of these blocks, then no wonder that this Hausdorff dimension will manifest itself in everything physical. The Hausdorff dimension is the golden mean. Consequently the most fundamental theory, namely quantum mechanics must be based on a golden mean spacetime. Such spacetime differs completely from the classical spacetime. It differs also from spacetime of general relativity. I cannot say that it also differs from the spacetime of quantum mechanics because classical quantum mechanics is not a spacetime theory. Therefore El Naschie’s E-infinity theory elevates quantum mechanics to a spacetime theory just like relativity and classical mechanics. Interestingly depending on the resolution you can obtain all geometry of all the three fundamental theories. You can move from 0.618033989… to a rational value of 0.5 and under circumstances unity and find all the limiting behavior you wish to discover and explore. It is that complex and yet that simple. In fact cellular automata is just another form of the above based on computers. Nature consists of very simple rules. You reiterate these rules trillions of times and then you obtain the complexity which is visible in the classical world. The simple rules discovered by E-infinity are that using the golden mean Hausdorff dimension which represents an elementary random Cantor set can produce the result of a cellular automata with infinite capacity. In other words you do not even need a computer. The universe possesses an infinite computer because it possesses the golden mean. You probably recall the work of Renate Loll popularized in a Scientific American article published in 2008. What Renate Loll, Jon Ambjorn and their colleague did in this remarkable paper was reproducing some aspects of Mohamed El Naschie’s work without using golden mean Cantor sets. They replaced this powerful mathematical tool by the best computer capacity they have at present. If they want to find precisely the same result found by El Naschie, then all what they need is to find an infinitely strong computer. I am sure the reader sees that this strategy is misguided and upside down. Instead of finding an infinitely strong computer, we should find a theoretical solution. This theoretical solution happens to be the golden mean geometry and topology of E-infinity theory.

Anonymous (not verified) | 02/20/10 | 13:13 PM

Nottale is surely an original researcher. Why else would they attack him so viciously. It is not because of his association with Garnet Ord or Mohamed El Naschie. It is because of his originality and his daring to question conventional wisdom. Besides how would the establishment explain the experimental confirmation of the golden mean as the basis of quantum mechanics. Richard Feynmann, Garnet Ord, Nottale and El Naschie were the first to discover fractals for quantum mechanics. By using golden mean fractals better known as random Cantor sets, El Naschie went one step further providing a means for performing complex computation with unheard of simplicity and without using a computer. This is the advantage of the golden mean binary. The golden mean in quantum mechanics is now a fact. It is an experimental fact and no amount of defamation and distortion will be able to blind true researchers from using the work of Nottale and his colleagues.

Anonymous (not verified) | 02/21/10 | 09:33 AM

The experimental discovery of the golden mean should come as no surprise to anyone who is familiar with the VAK. The VAK attractor of Kolomogorov is a conjecture made by the great French topologist Rene Thom. It is nothing more than applying KAM theorem to quantum mechanic. KAM theorem states that the most stable stationary states which are called periodic orbits correspond to the most irrational winding numbers. The most irrational number is the golden mean. Applied to quantum mechanics, this means that the most stable particle which can be observed experimentally will relate to the golden mean. That is all folks. You see we theoretical physicists have always a minimum of new ideas. Our ideas are always extremely simple. We tend to prefer making very difficult computations rather than strenuous thinking using new ideas. All what distinguishes Mohamed El Naschie from the rest of us is that he was less lazy with regards to new ideas and extremely lazy when it comes to strenuous computations. That is how he came to the VAK and he tried it out. The discovery of the golden mean in quantum mechanic in Helmholtz Centre must be a triumph for the VAK. It is not a triumph for Mohamed El Naschie because no one person has ever done anything on his own. It is always the collective effort of humanity. If Rene Thom would be alive today, he would have bagged a Nobel Prize in physics besides his field medal in mathematics. If you do not want to give Mohamed El Naschie a prize because he is a Muslim, I assure you many Christians, Jews as well as atheists worked on the VAK. I am sure you will find somebody suitable who is not offensive to the establishment to give a Nobel Prize to for solving the mystery of quantum mechanics.

M Singh (not verified) | 03/10/10 | 14:03 PM

Herr Blog-Intendant ...

"Fräulein“ sagt man heute nicht mehr, aber "Herr"? Das ist extrem lustig.

Hi, 'Herr' Becky! ;-)

The posts in support of Mr. El Naschie get longer as the arguments get poorer.

The longer and more boring the comments, the less inclined I am to go to the links and citations. After all, if the comments are long and boring, how much longer and boringer must the articles be?

Once I saw a little blog
quite brief, and not obscured with smog,
it raised but few, yet simple points,
and kicked some people in the joints.

Sockpuppets came from far and wide,
all ganged together on one side,
and growing wild just like a tumor,
flung their bile on Becky's humor.

(Just a few simple thoughts from me
on multiple sock-puppetry.)

Patrick Lockerby | 03/10/10 | 15:50 PM

A tip of the virtual hat, Mr. Lockerby. :)

Becky Jungbauer | 03/10/10 | 16:09 PM

El naschie is a real spark in the human written history, he is startling. Al his predictions based on E-infinity theory are well verified. Among many and just to name:

1-The well experimentally verified results about fiber wool pioneered by Huan. Who showed that the Hausdorff dimension of fiber wool is to be about 4.2325, very close to El Naschie’s E-infinity dimension, 4.2360. According to Huan this reveals an optimal structure for wool fibers. This is an easy proved fact and it doesn’t need high energy.

Hierarchy of wool fibers and its interpretation using E-infinity theory

Chaos, Solitons & Fractals, Volume 41, Issue 4, 30 August 2009, Pages 1839-1841

Ji-Huan He, Zhong-Fu Ren, Jie Fan, Lan Xu

2- A remarkable achievement of El naschie is his unique extra ordinary talent in revealing a deep connection between double slit experiment and particle physics. That is really a breakthrough in the field has never been acheived.

The two-slit experiment as the foundation of E-infinity of high energy physics

Chaos, Solitons & Fractals, Volume 25, Issue 3, August 2005, Pages 509-514

M.S. El Naschie

3- El naschie is gifted in doing simple calculations and getting non-perturbative results. While ordinary people can get results by using supper computer in a one year, El naschie get the same results straight forward by counting on his fingers without using computer at all. These are due his GOLDEN FINGERS.

On quarks confinement and asymptotic freedom

Chaos, Solitons & Fractals, Volume 37, Issue 5, September 2008, Pages 1289-1291

M.S. El Naschie

Quarks confinement

Chaos, Solitons & Fractals, Volume 37, Issue 1, July 2008, Pages 6-8

M.S. El Naschie

4- With a simple rope with knots El naschie could derive the spectrum of possible Elementary particles, and realy this is the discovery of the century.

Any one can just bring a rope with knots and could easily testify El naschie’s conjecture.

Fuzzy multi-instanton knots in the fabric of space–time and Dirac’s vacuum fluctuation

Chaos, Solitons & Fractals, Volume 38, Issue 5, December 2008, Pages 1260-1268

El naschie may be the greatest thinker in the history of mankind and his theory is the most important discovery since the invention of wheel. El naschie maybe the most remarkable event after cosmic big bang. His theory can describe every thing after big bang and I’m sure El naschie will extend his theory to accommodate what has been before big bang. Please don’t wonder it is an E-infinity theory that could deal with such a long history of time.

Anonymous (not verified) | 03/11/10 | 03:37 AM

Said is that your new name - Anonymous? You are a sickening parasite and your hate has no end. It will consume you and all what will remain from you is a big lump of meat which is sitting with no job, no function and no honor in the 6th of October beside Jihan and her bastards. What a downfall. Dr. Said is an ex convict. You have disgraced the whole nation not only your family. Have a look in the mirror and see your own site:

anonymus (not verified) | 03/13/10 | 11:50 AM

You're mistaken, Anonymus. That's not Said. As far as I know Said has never been involved in the various El Naschie discussions that are to be found around the Internet. I could be wrong about that. But I am 95% certain that the person you just addressed is not Said Elnashaie.

Are you now extending your venom not only to the lovely and talented Jihan Fadel but even to her children? Why? And I don't think her children are illegitimate.

Also when you called Said an ex-con did you mean Shadia Al-Shishini?

Jason (not verified) | 03/13/10 | 12:24 PM

It is really disgraceful to call somebody mean although you don’t have a clue what is the whole thing about. Blogs teach cowardice. All what you need is to be unemployed and have all the time in the world to get your inferiority complexes compensated for by playing the master and insult everybody else. Revolting. Revolting.

Marten (not verified) | 03/13/10 | 11:55 AM

It is really mean to call somebody disgraceful.

Jason (not verified) | 03/13/10 | 13:18 PM

Becky, this thread has drama, comedy, pathos... I love it. Thank you for putting up with the commenters.

Jason (not verified) | 03/13/10 | 12:11 PM

It is definitely entertaining. :)

Becky Jungbauer | 03/13/10 | 13:08 PM

I just need to start reading something like El Naschie is a real spark and so on and so forth and you notice that these guys looming around in your blog have loads and loads of chips on their shoulders. If something is mean it is this and similar blogs which allow this and similar trash to multiply. You are a mean one Mr. Blog Master although you are still miles away from the sewer parasites who are writing in your blog with pseudo name Jason.

Anonymous (not verified) | 03/15/10 | 13:47 PM

Anonymous, Email me links to some of your publications and I'll reciprocate. You have no self-awareness and a poorly developed sense of irony to proclaim as "Anonymous" that my actual name is a pseudo name.

Jason (not verified) | 03/15/10 | 14:13 PM

Unbelievable! El Naschie won his lible case against nature. This will have consequences for the whole scientific community I guess. I can't believe it. We cover it here in the blog:

Martin Klicken (not verified) | 04/01/10 | 09:32 AM

You have to see this El Naschie video interview:
This is a real paradigm shift in how El Naschie is seen in the Arabic world.
They are more advanced than we knew!

Martin Klicken (not verified) | 04/12/10 | 15:40 PM

Please check the facts and bubbles later. Fact No 1: Jason Rush is a mentally unstable man. He was assigned the job of defaming Prof. Mohamed El Naschie via an obscene blog by an American Professor in California and a German journalist somewhere in North Germany. Second: Mohamed El Naschie has solved the measurement problem. This is probably the most important and the only realistic and causal resolution of the measurement problem. It is twenty five thousand leeches ahead of Everitt, many worlds interpretation of quantum mechanic. You probably know the life of Everitt. He was a drunkard. He was a sex maniac. He was an addict of all sorts of things and he destroyed the life of his daughter. Nevertheless he was a great scientist and his interpretation is logically sound. It is only not credible. By contrast Mohamed El Naschie is a morally upright person and his resolution of the measurement problem is not only sound but it is also credible. His interpretation is based on set theory and he also uses the work of Alain Connes on Penrose tiling. That is how he settled the problem at long last. What is worth debating is his work. What is not worth mentioning not even once is this mud slinging of certain quarters against innocent people.

Jessica (not verified) | 10/19/10 | 13:05 PM

You are right Jessica. Jason Rush was kicked out of the University of Seattle long ago. He is unemployed at present. He used to work at Microsoft but he was sacked. He is 54 years old. He is mainly in the business of internet defamation. He lives with his wife Monica who is also 54 years old. I think he lives on her account. If Monica does not watch out, she will lose her job as well. Jason Rush is right now harmless however it happened quite frequently that initially harmless maniacs turn into terrorists and mass murderers. So watch out.

anonymus (not verified) | 10/19/10 | 13:11 PM

What is wrong with you guys? You are still going on about this El Naschie gossip business. Do you have no shame? Can’t you find a less trivial pursuit? Why don’t you study for instance El Naschie’s latest work on the wave collapse or the state vector reduction on measurement in quantum mechanics. That is something worthwhile. At least it is not this unworthy gossip. You can be for him or against him but this should be for scientific reasons, not just gossip and things which have nothing what so ever to do with science.

Martin (not verified) | 10/28/10 | 17:20 PM

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