Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Wall of text crits for over 9000

I have a level 80 human priest on the Chromaggus realm, so I got a kick out of this reply.

Over at welle::erd.ferkel, the Mehr zu El Naschie, mit ... thread is still going strong.

Just yesterday, sockpuppet "Sharif" wrote in a monolithic paragraph

#6 - Sharif 2009-11-23 18:40 - (Reply)

If there is anybody who should be ashamed of himself it is the owner of this blog who knows nothing about publication, nothing about peer review and yet he finds himself fit to defame people without knowing anything. There is not a single Editor in Chief of a journal who does not publish in his own journal. Prof. El Naschie was not only a full professor and financially independent before he became the Editor in Chief of the journal he founded, but his publications are outside his professional work because he is an engineer not a mathematician nor a physicist. You have no excuse for this campaign instigated by Renate Loll the German professor who works in Holland except coming again and again to the fallacy of peer review. In England we would say peer review, my foot! Are you totally incapable of seeing the merit of a new theory and you just go on repeating any excuses to get Renate Loll out of her hopeless case of plagiarism? Can’t you read the hundreds of papers dealing with Cantor sets in high energy physics based on the work of El Naschie? You may read a recent paper by TN Palmer in the Proceedings of the Royal Society where he succinctly said ‘quantum mechanics is blind to fractals’. It is the serious work of Garnet Ord, Laurent Nottale and Mohamed El Naschie which brought an open minded and intelligent person like Prof. Palmer of Oxford to understand the shortcomings in quantum mechanics formalism using complex numbers. You should stop victimizing Mohamed El Naschie and start educating yourself. If you spend as much time on learning mathematics as you spend on gossip on the internet, there would be no problem. The entire campaign against El Naschie is motivated by a single issue which is a diversion from the plagiarism committed by Renate Loll in Scientific American a year ago. I have no doubt that you will take this comment off your site. That does not matter at all. Just wanted you to know that there are other people who know the truth which at the end always prevails. Those who fear the Court of law must have something to hide and there is nothing dishonorable at all in resorting to the force of the law to protect yourself as has been done by El Naschie. What is despicable is to call on your friend John Baez who calls himself a one man internet army to call on his army of journalists to defame and intimidate an entire family. Not only Mohamed El Naschie was subjected to harassment by a spider’s web of journalists but also his entire family, including his wife and two daughters. I guess that does not bother you as long as you can amuse yourself behind your computer screen.

Commenter "dlg" remarks that El Naschie's followers are "devout, almost religious" which is spot-on. But when commenter "Rictus" dismissed "Sharif" with

2009-11-24 08:13 - (Reply)

Wall of text crits for over 9000. Ausserdem TL;DR und ich habe meinen ersten Kommentar in einem wissenschaftlich orientierten und scheinbar hoch kontroversem Artikel abgegeben. Das erster im Gegensatz zu zweitem keinen bis wenig Gehalt hat macht ja nichts.

I almost fell off my chair laughing. He's dual-wielding the World of Warcraft cliche in the main hand, and the TL;DR meme in the off hand. Epic win, Rictus! /cheer
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  1. Hey! I didn't even know about the "over 9000" meme. Even moar win!