Sunday, December 13, 2009

Catalog of El Naschie Watch Archives

Valuable El Naschie material you'll find nowhere else. If you don't see what you are looking for, make sure to try our link roundup.

What are the El Naschie Watch archives?
Primarily they are El Naschie discussion threads from around the Internet that cry out for a permanent home here, lest the hosting sites make them unavailable in whole (as for our most popular archive, That Hard-to-Find Baez Material), or in part (as for SCIAM whose moderators went hog-wild deleting comments). Since we grabbed many of the comments before the Webmasters expunged them, our archives are better records than the original threads.

Online publications like NewScientist sometimes take older content offline as a matter of routine, only letting subscribers see it. Our Naschienal Socialist infestation at NewScientist is an example of successful insurance against such eventualities.

Finally, the El Naschie Watch archives keep the most valuable El Naschie material conveniently in one place, whether it's endangered or not, and have their text color-coded to help readers find interesting or pro El Naschie material more easily than on the original host sites.


We list these with the latest additions on top.

I do try to keep the archives here up to date. If readers notice that new comments have appeared and I haven't yet archived them, please let me know.
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