Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Comment of the month

I've just updated The Sockpuppets Soldier On, which is our archive of the comments on Becky Jungbauer's "You're a mean one, Mr. El Naschie".

Today a comment was posted there by one A. Hammad which distills everything objectionable about El Naschie's supporters into a rich elixir of anti-Western hatred, victimology, and misspelling. Even global politics and petroleum macroeconomics are incorporated, as Hammad advances the thesis that market purchase at $73.80 per barrel equals taking by force.

Ladies and gentlemen, here is our commenter of the month, A. Hammad:

The case of El Naschie versus Nature has progressed quite a bit since the last article in the Press Gazette by Lyssa [sic] Limrick [sic... There once was a writer named Lyssa, etc.]. You should check the High Court. El Naschie is a victim of a well planned defamation campaign to divert from a scandal in scientific American caused by an article on Fractal spacetime in 2008. We in the Gulf area know exactly what this is all about. When you in the West want our oil, you take it by force. Now you want to take our pride. You want us to doubt our people. You will not get what you want. Whether Prof.El Naschie wins this case or not, we believe him. We have no trust whatsoever in those who are behind the Nature tabloid article.

A. Hammad (not verified) | 12/08/09 | 15:57 PM

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  1. Man, now I'm jealous. A. Hammad is so much cooler than David, Sharif, Clive and Anon.