Wednesday, December 30, 2009

December 27 interview with The Great Man I

(Part II is here.)

He's shameless, or he'd shut up and slink way from public life, chastened. But no. You have to read this interview on to believe it.

Main points:

  • He'll vote for Gamal Mubarak if his father doesn't run again.

  • Just because ElBaradei got a Nobel doesn't mean he should get to be President of Egypt. You don't find that office lying in a ditch.

  • Anyway, world-famous nuclear physicist El Naschie was nominated FOUR TIMES for the Nobel. Unfortunately the Nobel for physics "lost its way" because of Israel and George W. Bush and so he didn't get it. And if El Naschie ever did get it, he wouldn't politicize it like ElBaradei is doing.

  • El Naschie corrected Einstein's errors.

  • El Naschie was honored by the Government of China (WTF? I guess he means some silly plaque from Je-Huan He at Donghua University) for being one of the three greatest minds: Newton, Einstein, El Naschie.

There are some breathtaking new claims in the last paragraph of the interview:

  • He's been not merely a nominee, but actually a candidate for the Nobel.

  • His name was submitted by "his teacher" (referring to Nobel Laureate Prigogine).

  • "An Egyptian" (referring to Ahmed Zewail) got a Nobel based on research of El Naschie's that was plagiarized.

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