Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Great Man called "completely hardened crook"

and "famous swindler".

Shrink calls my attention to this post in Russian from blogger Misha Verbitsky, who points to Chaos, Solitons and Fractals as evidence of impact factor being worth shit.

An anonymous poster parodies El Naschie's numerological ramblings about the fine structure constant, but misses the mark slightly by forgetting to mention (1 + sqrt 5)/2.

Commenter "Kouzdra" wonders whether the impact factor includes a parameter for likelihood of legal threat.

Here's the Google Translate version.

We have loads of page hits coming from Russia today.

Ukraine as well.
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  1. Ouch, that hurts! :D

    BTW: Did you know Slovenia qualified for the 2010 Soccer World Championships (eliminating Russia - no offence to our Russian readers) and will play against USA in the 1st round? :)


  2. Congratulations, Slovenia! :) I love little countries beating big ones in sports. They get so excited. I remember when Cameroon came very close to winning the world cup. The country was delirious with joy. And in the Beijing Olympics when the Jamaican runners kicked everyone's ass.

  3. What a thriller the USA vs. Slovenia game! :)

  4. I missed it Shrink, but I've been reading the headlines and comments. Some of my countrymen are saying the ref robbed them of a final goal ;)

  5. Serbia beat Germany! OMG

  6. Congrats to USA. Really bad luck for Slovenia (we were in the next round until the end). :(

  7. TY Shrink. I attribute the outcome to my aggressive use of the vuvuzela.

  8. Go Germany! I've always supported the "elf" at the World Cup (if Yugoslavia or Slovenia was prematurely eliminated) since childhood; one of my favorite players was Karl Heinz Rumenigge. :)

  9. Thanks shrink! Let's see, we play England at Sunday - a classic.