Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Impotent rage against "Dirty Martin"...

...for posting a link to El Naschie Watch.

We have updated Who's behind the El Naschie smears? with some new comments at Egystricker.

Anonymous admonishes "Brother blogger Karim" for allowing anti El Naschie comments. As El Naschie's sockpuppets usually do, Anonymous attributes the criticism of El Naschie to the black sheep brother Said Elnashaie (Jihan Fadel's stepdad).

Nasser equates Martin Klicken with the "stepson prison thief" Elnaschaie. He then lashes out at Ahmed Zewail (1, 2) for whom Nasser has contempt like no other contempt "under the sun". Nasser's implication is that the "thief" Ahmed Zewail stole the Nobel that El Naschie deserved.

Several comments favorable toward Ahmed Zewail then follow.

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