Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thilo Kuessner's "Nichts gelernt bei Elsevier"

If you, dear readers, enjoy El Naschie's ranting sockpuppets as much as I do, then you should drop whatever you're doing and click on over to Thilo's place.

That thread is a true El Naschie Watch style classic, and the only reason the comment section isn't archived here is that Thilo can be trusted to preserve it.

After the fold I'll tell you a couple of my favorite quotes. But they are spoilers, and you may prefer to read them in their full glorious context before you look below.

Here's Doug:
Let me give you a sample of a typical scientific criticism by John Baez of Riverside University, CA in his famous N-Category Café: Oh my God! Oh!Oooh!Wow Yee I cant believe it, Wow and so on and so on…. Some will be excused to think they are passing wrongly near a caravan brothel in the Midwest.

And, as we have seen several times before, an accusation that people steal El Naschie's ideas:
...he copied almost everything El Naschie has said in his paper and called it his own.

So the people who have stolen El Naschie's ideas include

  • Renate Loll

  • Gerardus `tHooft

  • Ahmed Zewail

  • and now John Baez.

Here's Gerhard challenging Shrink at the sockpuppet equation game (a lost cause, Gerhard):
It seems that Christoph Drosser and Martin Klicken may be one and the same person.

Here's Muller asserting that I get paid for El Naschie Watch
There are more people like Jason who are happy to earn a penny doing such dirty jobs.

when in fact, as I have said repeatedly, I blog here pro bono.

There's lots more. Thilo keeps dealing smackdowns. Ruprecht ridicules Michael Wachonski for backticking. Go read it right now! Enjoy!
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  1. All due respect, "Gerhard": "Tears of mirth are running down my cheeks" (quoting Jason). :D


    P.S.#1 Bacio le mani, don Jason! LOL

    P.S.#2 P.S.#1 could be a good idea for a photoshop, e.g., you can use:

  2. A certain "Dr. Sebastian Pfeiffer" threatens Thilo. Jap, just another Great Man's sockpuppet.


  3. It is just another invented name.