Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Three new Egystricker comments

One against, and two for El Naschie.

The first is from an anonymous El Naschie critic who provides a link to this Arab and International News article, which says

Nobel card is not eligible for the presidency of Egypt
أكد د. Dr.. محمد النشائي عالم النانو تكنولوجي والفيزياء النظرية أن نجاح د. Mohammed Alnchaii world of nanotechnology and physics theory that the success of the d. البرادعي في إدارة مؤسسة دولية مثل وكالة الطاقة النووية أو حصوله علي جائزة نوبل ليست بطاقة مؤهلة لرئاسة مصر، مشيرا إلي تقديره واحترامه للدكتور البرادعي.وأضاف النشائي في حواره مع "نهضة مصر الأسبوعي" أنه يتمني أن يرشح الرئيس مبارك نفسه في انتخابات الرئاسة القادمة، ولكن لو تم ترشيح جمال مبارك للرئاسة فسأنتخبه، لافتا إلي أن مستقبل مصر باهر، ولكن الطريق وعر ويحتاج لعمل. ElBaradei, in the management of an international institution such as the Nuclear Energy Agency and Nobel Prize card is not eligible for the presidency of Egypt, adding his appreciation and respect to Dr. ElBaradei. Alnchaii said in his interview with the "Renaissance of Egypt Weekly" that he hoped to nominate President Mubarak himself in the upcoming presidential election, but Lu has been nominated for the presidency of Gamal Mubarak Vsontbh, pointing out that Egypt's future bright, but the road is bumpy and needs to work. واشار إلي أن وضع البحث العلمي في مصر يرثي له ولن يكون هناك اي نهضة لمصر الا عن طريق الاهتمام به الذي اجده اهم من اي شئ اخر بما فيها الصحة لانه عن طريق البحث العلمي يمكننا حل اي مشكلة تواجه مصر بطرق علمية بعيدا عن العشوائية والجهل ، اما بالنسبة لمن يقولون ان التمويل هو الازمة فهناك الكثير من الحلول العملية للتغلب علي هذه المشكلة وذلك بالاستفادة من امكانيات الدول العربية. He pointed out that the development of scientific research in Egypt is deplorable and will not be any revival of Egypt, but by paying attention to it that I find more important than anything else, including health because it is through scientific research, we can solve any problem facing Egypt scientific methods away from the indiscriminate and ignorance, either For those who say that the funding crisis is there is a lot of practical solutions to overcome this problem by taking advantage of the possibilities of the Arab States.

According to this, El Naschie was interviewed in "Renaissance of Egypt Weekly". He spoke about El Baradei, the United Nations International Atomic Energy Agency head and 2005 Nobel Peace Prize winner. El Naschie said he appreciates and respects El Baradei, but that he isn't eligible for the presidency of Egypt, for which El Baradei is contemplating a run. El Naschie would like to nominate Mubarak. The anonymous El Naschie critic correctly regards this as desperate, brazen political toadying.

El Naschie's make-believe professor act is losing credibility, and he could really use a cushy government appointment to help pay his mounting legal bills.

The next two commenters, Mohamed Mustafa and Asaad Mohammed Ahmed, then fly into an incoherent rage, accusing the previous commenter of being Said Elnaschaie, El Naschie's black sheep brother. They have unkind things to say about Nobel Laureate Ahmed Zuwail, about the talented and lovely Jihan Fadel, and, I am sorry to say, even about my goodself.

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