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Chemistry Nobel Laureate Ahmed Zewail, readers will remember, is El Naschie's enemy. It would be misleading to say rival, for it would imply a parity that doesn't exist. Mohamed El Naschie is a scientific nobody. His success comes instead from his inherited fortune, his erstwhile vanity journal Chaos, Solitons and Fractals, and his sycophants in the Egyptian press. Cairo-based Almesryoon must be among the worst of these.

The name Almesryoon, or المصريون , means The Egyptian. Check out this article from June 5, 2009 in the original Arabic or in Google English. It's a vicious hatchet job on Ahmed Zewail. El Naschie's name isn't mentioned in the article, but his sockpuppets remedy that lack, like an undead zombie army subjugating the comments section. To find El Naschie bits, look for " النشائى " or "Alnchaiy".

Summary of the article:

  • Although Egypt nurtured him, Zewail founded a scholarship for Israelis, not Egyptians.

  • He forsook Egypt for America.

  • President Mubarak, unlike Zewail, took a principled stand and didn't visit Israel.

  • Zewail spouts a false proverb that "science has no homeland" to justify working with the West rather than with Egypt.

  • Zewail opposes scientific cooperation with Egypt, and he helped Israel's weapons program.

In connection with the third bullet point, I should mention here that El Naschie sometimes boasts feebly of having visited Israel "only once". Now there's a man of principle!

Tidbits from the comments:

  • A sockpuppet under the heading "The fact Zewail" claims to be an Egyptian student who wanted to study under Zewail, but was turned down because Zewail wanted an Israeli. He says this happened to colleagues of his, too. Yeah, sure.

  • An "Egyptian professor in the science of laser" calls shenanigans against "The fact Zewail". He says the American university system encourages researchers to get the best qualified persons regardless of nationality, and he himself was assisted by an American Jew. He's exasperated with "attack and slander and issuing Fatwas in everything". Good call, bro! But you'd better keep a low profile now.

  • One nutcase under the heading "Do you know how it happened to Jews Balfour Declaration" says Israel was created as a reward for a Jew who gave Britain a secret formula for explosives.

  • One sockpuppet's subject line "Zewail creature of the West" summarizes his thesis quite well.

  • Zewail defender Salem al-Masri makes a good point against those who complain that Zewail didn't form his scientific partnerships in Egypt: He says Egypt doesn't have the technological expertise to enter into a plausible partnership, and Israel is one of very few who do. Even the Russians want Israel's technology.

  • Sockpuppet Hafiz Muhammad, anxious to focus attention on El Naschie, gets the ball rolling by pointing out that El Naschie, unlike Zewail, is an Egyptian patriot and a critic of Zionism.

  • Sockpuppet Abeer Ahmed is impressed that El Naschie is faithful to Egypt and Islam.

  • El Naschie sockpuppet Safinaz says Zewail is "greedy to be president of the Republic and supported by Israel in it."

  • El Naschie sockpuppet Eid Aslam says Prof. Dr. Hammad Hammad, Cairo University, wrote an open letter to El Naschie and Zewail inviting them to debate, and El Naschie accepted immediately but Zewail didn't respond. Well, duh! Why debate a moron?

  • Sockpuppet Fayez Khalil says El Naschie is a world-class authentic Egyptian, unmatched in his love of Egypt, is the subject of slanders, and is a modest man who does not seek fame. LOL. Really, he says that.

  • Sockpuppet Ibrahim Sharif says the "scientific integrity of Dr. Ahmed Zewail is questionable to say the least" and is appalled that Zewail robbed lectures from El Naschie, and leveraged them into a Nobel.

You can't make this stuff up.

The Roman numeral in the title of this post means that at least one more is coming on Almesryoon.

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