Sunday, January 3, 2010

El Naschie: Nature lawsuit is "almost won"

That's what he says in this December 31 interview by Ayman al-Hakim.

In this latest interview, El Naschie pours scorn on ElBaradei and Zewail, both of whom are Nobel Laureates, and both of whom have been mentioned as possible successors to Hosni Mubarak for the Egyptian presidency, in addition to Mubarak's son Gamal. El Naschie likes the Mubaraks, undoubtedly because he sees them as the front runners, and enjoys sucking up to power and prestige.

Let me quote the last and most interesting part of the interview:

Spare dialogue phone call that she clearly important and long awaited d. النشائي وكان واضحا انها من وراء الحدود.. Alnchaii and it was clear it from across the border .. ورد د. Dr. WordPress. النشائي وتحدث مع المتصل بلغة المانية بليغة.. Alnchaii and spoke with the language relating to Germany seriously .. وطال الحديث بينهما.. It was a long talk between them .. وانتهي بعلامات سعادة علي وجه الرجل.. And ended with signs of happiness on the face of the man .. فلما سألته عن السبب قال بلغة عربية بليغة: تقريبا كسبت القضية التي كنت قد اقمتها ضد مجلة «ينتشر» العالمية الشهيرة قضية سب وقذف كانت شخصية مصرية عالمية معروفة قد دست علي المجلة معلومات مغلوطة عني وشوهت تاريخي، وشككت في ترشيحي لجائزة نوبل وأنني اتاجر بهذا الموضوع.. When I asked him about the reason he said the language of Arab seriously: almost won the case that you have a magazine Aqmtha «spread» world famous libel case was personal and global well-known Egyptian were planted on the magazine wrong information about me and distorted history, and questioned my candidacy for the Nobel Prize and I Atajer this topic .. فاقمت دعوي تشهير مطالبا بتعويض قدره عشرة ملايين جنيه استرليني وان تعتذر لي المجلة، وليس علي صفحاتها فقط، وانما في عدد من المطبوعات المرموقة في العالم كله.. Aggravated defamation suit, claiming the amount of ten million pounds sterling and to apologize to me the magazine, not only on the front page, but in a number of prestigious publications in the world .. وهذه اول مرة في تاريخ المجلة العالمية العريقة التي تذهب فيها إلي المحكمة وتدفع مثل هذا التعويض وتعتذر بهذا الشكل القاسي. This is the first time in the history of World Sacred magazine that goes to the Court and pay such compensation and apologize so harsh.
سألته: وهل المجلة قادرة علي دفع هذا المبلغ الهائل؟ I asked him: Does the magazine is able to pay this huge amount?
اجاب: طبعا.. He replied: "Of course .. المجلة تابعة لمؤسسة ماكميلان العالمية التي تمتلك عددا ضخما من المؤسسات الاعلامية في العالم ورأس مالها يزيد علي مليارات الدولارات Magazine affiliated to the World Macmillan, which owns a large number of media institutions in the world and capital of more than billions of dollars
سألته: وماذا ستفعل بهذا المبلغ الكبير؟ I asked him: What would this large amount of money?
اجاب ساخرا: اكيد مش هتبرع به لحملة البرادعي؟! He replied sarcastically: definitely not Htbura by the campaign ElBaradei?!

If I am reading this very bad machine translation right (correct me if I'm wrong), El Naschie got an important, long awaited phone call in German during the interview. When the phone call was over, El Naschie was happy, and told the interviewer in Arabic that the Nature case is almost won. He expects a front-page apology in Nature and other prestigious publications, and he expects ten million pounds from Nature for defamation. The interviewer asks El Naschie what he'll do with so much money, and El Naschie says snarkily that he certainly won't contribute it to ElBaradei's campaign.
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