Thursday, January 21, 2010

Goran isn't sure

A Naschienal Socialist has doubts.

New equivocation from the FQXi archive:

Goran wrote on Jan. 19, 2010 @ 11:08 GMT
If my memory serves me right, an Egyptian Professor of Engineering and Theoretical Physics, M.S. El Naschie was the first to predict that elementary random cantor sets which possess the golden ratio as a Hausdorff dimension are the fundamental building blocks of quantum mechanics and consequently high energy physics or more generally Nature. If I remember correctly scores of the members of the mainstream and respectable core from self-appointed voluntary opposition to anything which is new mocked Mohamed El Naschie on this isoteric [sic] conclusion with unprecedented viciousness. If the experimental discovery of the golden mean in quantum theory is correct then it is time to give this man as well as his colleagues, students and supporters the apology they deserve and start a serious sober and constructive discussion about the harmony and perfection of Nature at the fundamental level. A recent book by Alexei Stakhov bears witness to the importance of the golden mean in art and science and discusses the work of El Naschie at length. The work has just appeared in World Scientific with the title The Mathematics of Harmony, if I am not mistaken.

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  1. What a surprise: El Naschie's sockpuppet names repertoire is now enlarged with Serbo-Croatian names. Remember "the great scientist the one and only hero of Croatia Zoran Skoda" or "a total non entity from Croatia, a Dr. Zoran Skoda"? :D


  2. It did sound to me like a Serbo-Croatian name. :)