Friday, January 15, 2010

Internet detective sought, must act quickly

UPDATE: The data is rescued and archived. Thanks, readers!

El Naschie may be scrubbing of hostile content.

An alert reader notes that
which was referenced in
Relationship with Ahmed Zewail (part 2) has gone missing, along with the comments, and hopes I have it preserved on El Naschie Watch. I don't! I have only English language archives at this time.

Please, readers. We know who you are and the technical savvy exists among our readership to rescue this lost data. Find the damning information and send it to El Naschie Watch:

hasten dot jason at gmail dot com

so that it can be archived.
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  1. Hi Jason;

    To find this missed page just search in google for

    You will find three results, two of them related to your blog and the other is related to arabnewspress. In that last link (arabnewspress) you will find all the missed part in the cashed copy. Try to do it quickly

  2. Thanks alot!