Saturday, January 2, 2010

Naschie Party alleges blackmail!

Zoran Škoda "will most probably be charged" says one El Naschie supporter just today.

Ryan and Anon have written brand-new pro El Naschie comments on the FQXi thread, and I have added them to the El Naschie Watch FQXi archive.

Readers may remember the name Zoran Škoda. He's an El Naschie critic whose comments enrich the Baez archive and who came under much criticism from Naschienal Socialists in the SCIAM archive. He is also one of the people mentioned by Quirin Schiermeier in the Nature article that El Naschie is sueing over.

In his latest comment, Anon says, concerning Zoran Škoda,

This Croatian will most probably be charged with an attempt to blackmail. A letter which he sent to one of Prof. El Naschie’s students in Italy cannot be interpreted in any way except blackmail.

Readers may remember that the Naschie Party has accused Zoran of being in league with John Baez

Disgusted wrote on Nov. 22, 2008 @ 22:06 GMT
Everybody knows for whose account John Baez is working. He builds an army for slander made of Dr. Skoda the intimidator. He allied himself with Loll and her co-authors. It is all about money. It is all about illegal money.

and there's this from the SCIAM archive, in the same vein

John Baez hired cheap puppets like Dr. Skoda from Croatia


That is until Renate Loll contacted her friend John Baez from the University of California, Riverside, USA. John Baez described himself as a one man internet army and he contacted some criminal element in the Middle East, some non entities in the former Soviet Block. A young mathematician from Croatia who got his Ph.D. not long ago named Zoran Skoda from Boscovitch Institute was drafted to forge letters of indignation written in the most rudimentary English making scandalous allegations against Prof. Elnaschie who is the founding editor of Chaos, Solitons & Fractals and the strongest proponent of cantor sets in quantum mechanics. When Baez and Skodas plot failed, they had many auxiliary plans.

Zoran of course has denied it straightforwardly

I do not know who is Renate Loll. Never met her, never emailed with her, saw a web page after one of similar comments like comment above making big conspiracy stories.
I met John Baez once, in 2009, what si AFTER these guys like above started to associate us. Look people who see that trash is a trash do not need to be associated among themselves. They just have to have sane expertise in this field, the good scientific method which is not shown by El Naschie's articles. So as long as those bad papers are out new and new people will find them and laugh at them. If there is indeed 900 laughable articles out there (I have sen much less) there is 900 reasons to laugh or cry for pure paper spent for that and all other resources wasted on pseudoscience.

Posted by: Zoran Škoda | November 25, 2009 5:12 PM

pointing out that just because people have unfavorable opinions of The Great Man's work doesn't mean they're in cahoots.
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  1. Those old posts of El-Naschie sockpuppets really amuse me:

    Croatia as part of Ex-Yugoslavia in the former Soviet Block? Someone missed history in school. Ex-Yugoslavia did not join the Warsaw Pact and was never in the Soviet Block - on the contrary, it was the founding member of the Non-Aligned Movement.