Friday, January 22, 2010

Red meat for the Naschie Party

From time to time I invite the Naschie Party to post comments here, but they never do. To make them feel welcome, let's prove we don't suppress El Naschie-friendly news.

El Naschie's supporters will love this. Love, love, love it. They'll start using it in their talking points on blogs and Web sites, guaranteed.

Readers will recall that El Naschie is sueing Nature for ten million pounds over an article by their reporter Quirin Schiermeier. El Naschie's supporters think Schiermeier defamed El Naschie by misquoting or falsely quoting Walter Greiner. Background can be read here and here.

This is the red meat:

In a January 21, 2010 post on Die Klimazwiebel, blogger Hans von Storch writes

Quirin Schiermeier quotes me with "You need to be very circumspect about the added value of downscaling to regional impacts," agrees Hans von Storch in this week's issue of Nature. And: he cautions, "planners should handle them with kid gloves. Whenever possible, they'd rather wait with spending big money on adaptation projects until there is more certainty about the things to come." I have not spoken with Mr Schiermeier about regional modeling, at least not recently; the term "kid gloves" is unknown to me, not part of my vocabulary. I have asked him for evidence that I have said these sentences [and] to whom.

What do you think, El Naschie fans? Does Quirin Schiermeier perhaps make a habit of putting words in people's mouths?

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El Naschie Watch is a single issue blog. All El Naschie All the Time, as we say in the masthead. Personally I know little about, and have no opinion about, Schiermeier's and Nature's conduct in the Hans von Storch case. This is just a morsel to entice El Naschie and his supporters.

Don't say I never gave you anything, Naschienal Socialists.

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