Tuesday, January 12, 2010

To topple The Great Man, we need more like this

An excellent comment in Arabic. My attempt to clean up a computer translation to make a good English translation is below the fold, but there are some things I wasn't sure of. I would be delighted to have the author contact me, hasten dot jason at gmail dot com, to correct my translation, just to say hi, or for any reason. I sent a message to the email address in the header, but it was broken. The author of the comment may want anonymity, and I will certainly keep any communication confidential.

Original Arabic:
صابر - 2010-01-11 06:44 (GMT)
نتمنى من القراء أن يطلعوا على المقالات المذكورة لاحقا والكاشفة لزيف النشائى وهى منشورة فى مجلة الجارديان البريطانية والتايم الألمانية ونيتشر العالمية. الرجل من الناحية ألاكاديمية يساوى صفرا كبيرا وأبحاثه لاقيمة لها هى هراء ودجل من وجهة نظر العلماء المحترمين. لقد تم طرد النشائى من المجلة التى كان يرأس تحريرها والتى كان ينشر بها أبحاثه والتى ينظر اليها الغرب كأبحاث زائفة لاتصلح أن تنشر فى مجلة أطفال. وقد كتبت عن فضحيته مجلة ألجارديان البريطانية ويمكن الرجوع ألى http://www.guardian.co.uk/education/2009/jun/30/improbable-research وكتبت عنه مجلة التايم الألمانية بوصفه دجال العلم http://www.zeit.de/2009/03/N-El-Naschie?page=3 وقد كتبت عنه مجلة نيتشر العالمية NATURE |Vol 456 |27 November 2008 والمقالة موجودة على http://ce.sharif.edu/~ghodsi/PaP/nature2.pdf وقام الرجل برفع قضية على المجلة لأنها تشهر به بدلا من أن يرد عليهم بالحجة وهذا يؤكد أنه عالم مزيف بل ليس عالم على الأطلاق. الرجل أفاك دجال ونصاب ولايعرف ألف باء العلم. الرجل بارع فى أستخدام بعض الصحفيين والأعلاميين الأرزقية الجهلة من أجل تلميع صورته وأضفاء هالة مقدسة عليه وبل وخدع بعض الأكاديميين والمسئوليين الكبار فى كل من مصر والسعودية وذللك لتدنى وضعف مستواهم ويجب إقصاء كل هؤلاء لأنهم غير جديرين بمناصبهم. والرجل برع أيضا فى أستخدام أسماء وهمية فى فضاء الأنترنت وتكييل المديح لنفسه والثناء على عبقريته الفذة. الرجل بارع فى الخداع لقد خدع وزير التعليم المصرى الحالى هانى هلال والسابق عمرو سلامة وذلك لهشاشة مستواهما العلمى بالرغم من كونهما وزيرا التعليم العالى والبحث العلمى. لقد كتب عنه وأبحاثه الزائفة Jhon baez العالم الفيزيائى الرياضى الشهير فى مدونته التى تجدونها على http://elnaschiewatch.blogspot.com/2009/02/that-hard-to-find-baez-material.html

English translation:
We hope readers familiarize themselves with the articles cited below, revealing the falsehood of El Naschie, from the Guardian of Britain, Die Zeit of Germany, and the Nature site. The man in academic terms is equal to zero. His large body of research has no value, and is nonsense and quackery from the standpoint of distinguished scientists. El Naschie has been expelled from the journal Chaos, Solitons and Fractals, of which he was the Editor-in-Chief. He used it to publish his own research, which is such rubbish it couldn't otherwise have been published even in a children's magazine.


Nature, Vol 456, 27 November 2008:

Die Zeit:

In response to the Nature article, El Naschie, rather than replying with argument, instead sued for defamation, and this confirms he's from the fake world, not the real world. The man is an imposter, an imposter who doesn't even know the ABC's of science. The Great Man uses journalists and media, hoodwinking the ignorant in order to burnish his image and give it a sacred aura. He has as allies some academics and poorly qualified senior officials in both Egypt and Saudi Arabia. They should be removed from their positions, of which they are unworthy. He also excels in the use of false names in cyberspace (sockpuppetry), and calibration of praise for himself and praise for his genius ability. The Great Man in his deception has tricked the current Egyptian Education Minister Hani Helal and former Amr of safety [Is Amr a name? A Ministry-related title? -Ed], showing the fragility of their levels of scientific understanding despite being ministers of higher education and scientific research. John Baez, world-famous physicist, wrote about El Naschie's falsity on his blog, which you will find archived at

Quiz for readers: What language is this? It's a real language used today.


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محمد النشائي El Naschie Watch محمد النشائي El Naschie News محمد النشائي
محمد النشائي All El Naschie All The Time محمد النشائي



  1. Excellent. That shows again, that we should try to find a volunteer who speaks and writes Arabic and occassionally acts in these blogs and articles like you, shrink and I do. That would help a lot! It is hard to see how safe he can still feel in his web of corruption, propaganda and lies in the arabic media. He obviously feels so safe there that he even gets as bold as brass when attacking clarifying comments at arabic websites. And he uses this "WE muslims" concepts, that is an annoying thing to hear from a deserter who betrayed on his own country and in fact does his best to line his pockets and insults people pointing to him of racism and zionist conspirators etc.

  2. Well said, Martin. I agree 100%. We need an Arab co-blogger to join us. Right now, I am studying huge comment threads on Almesryoon.com (Almesryoon, or المصريون , means Egyptian) and it's very rough going. The material is extremely important, and deserves to be archived here, but machine translation doesn't do it justice, and I am at a loss as to how to proceed. My first thought was to hand-polish the machine translations into proper English, but it's just to difficult for me. I'm getting frazzled and burned-out.

    What I may do as a stopgap measure is to create our first 100% Arabic archive. When and if we get an Arab partner, we can add translation or at least commentary in English. It's not ideal, but the risk of that material being lost is too great. It's as good as any of our existing major archives, and has tremendous explanatory value to show how El Naschie controls the narrative in Egypt.

    PS By the way, here are our names in Arabic, if I'm not mistaken:

    Jason جايسون
    Martin مارتن
    Shrink انكماش


  3. :) I wonder how our names look like in Chinese.


  4. Here they are:

    Jason 傑森

    Martin 馬丁

    Shrink 收縮

    Maybe Ji-Huan He will soon join our blog. LOL


  5. No one will guess this language:

    Jason ᏤᏐᏅ
    Martin ᎹᏱᏅ
    Shrink ᏥᏱᏅᏋ

    It's a real language, and still in use.

  6. Ha, in fact my browser does not support the characters.


  7. I will add a graphic to the post.

  8. Wow, I have two consecutive characters in common with shrink!? Amazing. Let me investigate on that :)

  9. Shrink, did you find it? I have the solution. You have to consider Jason's background and his hint: a real language, still in use today. Check for stuff like Canadian Aborigines or Cham (austronesian) or some other aboriginal people of places that Jason may connect to.

  10. Yeah, I've found it. I've googled for one of the characters and one hit revealed the name of the language. :D

    I know, a solution for dummies, but it worked. :D


  11. Heh, you both got it? You guys are good. And Google isn't cheating.

  12. Oh, I thought googling the characters might not work. That is of course clever! I deduced that the symbols represent a kind of syllables with the 'n' maybe similar to Japanese 'ん' and looked at the syllabary article in Wikipedia and a language list. Then I found the match.

  13. "amr" in the article might be "administrator". not sure tho. keep up the good work!

    - Josh

  14. hm... I meant to say Amr is a name :D

    - Josh