Thursday, January 7, 2010

The wisdom of Ayman Abdulrahman

Readers: This, like the previous post, is to tide your goodselves over.

We give first the links for background reading, and then Abdulrahman's brand new comment from the FQXi El Naschie discussion archive is posted here in it's entirety because it's so awesome.


This is so much background material, it's not practical to read it as an introduction to Abdulrahman's message. Just refer back to it as needed to understand what Abdulrahman is talking about.

I posted on Poynder's blog (moderated so it has not appeared yet if at all) that Abdulrahman was implying that the reason for Poynder's lack of updates on the El Naschie matter was due to Poynder's fear of getting sued, but reading Abdulrahman's message more carefully, he may not have been saying that. Rather, he may mean that Poynder's lack of updates is due to Elsevier's fear of providing Poynder with information for fear of getting sued themselves. It doesn't matter. Abdulrahman provides us with a barrel of laughs no matter what he means.


Ayman Abdulrahman wrote on Jan. 7, 2010 @ 21:13 GMT
Mr. Richard Poynder, the proprietor of a blog discussing El Naschie was rather diligent as well as accurate in updating his readers about the journal Chaos, Solitons & Fractals and its Founding Editor in Chief, Prof. M.S. El Naschie. Somewhat surprisingly updating stopped at a juncture which is far more interesting and revealing than the rehearsed diffusive information of the spokes lady of Elsevier. It might serve a purpose to complete the picture, in fact to shed light on the picture by pointing out that Prof. El Naschie has successfully issued proceedings against Nature for defamation. This information is on the net since a few months having been posted by Sarah Limbrick. Responsible research journalists should work out the real reason behind what now appears to have been a major nasty conspiracy of one sort or another. Here is some food for thought. After the plagiarism in the Scientific American article which preceded the entire scandal, were El Naschie and his school under pressure to make the wider general public aware of their work? In other words was there a decision taken by the El Naschie group to publish as many papers as possible in order to expose the scientific dishonesty committed in the 2008 Scientific American article about fractal spacetime? El Naschie was the Editor in Chief of Chaos, Solitons & Fractals for almost two decades. He published many papers there but never anything as near as the number of papers which flew into press in Chaos, Solitons & Fractals after the Scientific American article of Renate Loll and her colleagues. There are many other questions which may at least explain part of what is really going on behind closed doors. What is the role of the contract signed between Elsevier and the Minister of Science & Technology of Egypt? I read in the press that there was quite a ceremony with pomp and circumstance in Cairo a few weeks ago. Mohamed El Naschie is the adviser of the Ministry. Everybody knows that Minister Hani Hilal is extremely worried about his ministerial post being one of the least efficient Ministers in the history of Egypt. Did His Excellency have anything to do with the entire affair? Are Elsevier completely innocent with regard to what is now transpiring as being a defamatory tabloid article published in Nature? And what about the Egyptian Nobel laureate Ahmad Zuwail? He is not only an arch enemy of the son of the President, Gamal Mubarak but also of Mohamed El Naschie, his greatest rival. This is not idle speculation when you know how Ahmad Zuwail is involved with Elsevier. In fact he gave them money to establish a prize to be given in his name every year in the hope of promoting his stature in Egypt hoping to become a successor to President Mubarak. Only responsible and serious journalists could shed light on all these issues to find the truth about the scientific counterpart of Watergate. Everybody knows that Obama is not madly in love with the regime in Egypt. He recently appointed Zuwail to be his personal envoy to Cairo. Obama is hoping to use soft power to twist President Mubarak’s hand using Zuwail. Mohamed El Naschie on the other hand is extremely popular and that although he is a supporter of Gamal Mubarak and the President. The Middle East is a strange place with a history full of intrigues. I for one think there is more to this than meets the eye with respect to this Chaos, Solitons & Fractals saga. The truth may turn out to be wholly different to what people want us to believe. What do you think, is that something which Mr. Poynder could find out? Good luck and may the truth come out.

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  1. Uhmmm... wow... what, if the truth already _came_ out??
    Personally I like most about this delirium of conspiracy, that El Naschie made it to become the advisor of the maybe worst advised minister in Egyptian history? Did I get that one right?

  2. He's so spaced out it's hard to tell what he means. On the FQXi thread I left a link to this post. Maybe he'll respond with more details about his many suspicions.