Saturday, February 20, 2010

Backlash at Martial Culture

When I last wrote of the Martial Culture blog, on my post Helm Holtz or Helm Holz yet again, there were only six reader comments, all from Naschienal Socialists. Suddenly the count is up to thirteen.

Elsheshtwi, or an Anon who has adopted Elsheshtwi's unique fighting style, has entered the fray with a vengeance. He is taking no prisoners.

The Naschie Party is not happy about it. Scorpion300 or a student of his martial arts school writing under the name Annonymous delivers a stinging counterattack, accusing Anon of being Said Elnaschaie! Ouch! Check it out.

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  1. It seems the debate at Martial Culture culminated and the blog master decided to close comments. LOL

  2. So sad. El Naschie Watch is one of the few blogs that would put up with their comments, but they can't get up the nerve.