Sunday, February 7, 2010

Brad lays golden egg at Jatkesha's World

Here's what Brad has to say in a recent Jatkesha's World post, with inline comments by me in red.

It is important to appreciate first what the golden mean means in classical mechanics in order to appreciate how Mohamed El Naschie used it in quantum mechanics. It all starts with the KAM theorem. This is an acronym for Kolmogorov Arnold Moser theorem named after the three eminent scientists. Very loosely speaking the theorem means that the stability of a Hamiltonian orbit in phase space depends on the irrationality of the winding number. Hamiltonian systems are frictionless. That would normally mean that they are extremely unstable. By design or providence nature found a mathematical way of endowing this orbit with a mathematical friction to replace the physical friction. It is the irrationality of the winding number which plays the role of friction. The more the winding number is irrational, the more the corresponding orbit is stable. It is a trivial fact and a well known mathematical one that the golden mean is the most irrational number that there is. Consequently anything which persists as long as possible must be connected as near as possible to a golden mean winding number. Realizing these facts Mohamed El Naschie did two things. Using infinite dimensional topology he converted the non classical quantum mechanics to a classical version in infinite dimensional space. Subsequently he reasoned that the elementary particles which we observe must be sufficiently stable to be observed. This stability he attributes to the golden mean. That is how the golden mean came to be the basis of the mass spectrum of elementary particles. The mathematics cannot be explained here but believe me it is extremely simple. Traditional theoretical physicists have become used to highly complex computations to the extent that they cannot understand simple calculations. [This is Pascal Boyer's Rule 6. I pointed to Pascal Boyer in my post A good article about physics crackpots.] Consequently most but not all of them could not understand the simplicity of El Naschie’s theory because it was not familiar to them. Now that the golden mean has been discovered experimentally in Helm Holz Inst. [See below.] in Germany in cooperation with the University of Oxford, England traditional physicists will be forced to reconsider the situation. Undoubtedly they will start with the familiar but…. but…. but…. However they will not be able to bury these hard core experimental results. They are more likely to hide their heads in the sand like the ostrich but they will not be able to turn back the hands of the clock. Of course there is always the ingenious if highly dishonest approach of some people whose names I do not want to mention here. These people mocked El Naschie on the N-Category Café until they understood that the man was talking sense which their hate made them mistake for nonsense. One of them whose name [Brad means John Baez.] I will also not mention went as a guest lecturer to a Scottish University in the UK and had the nerve to give a lecture entitled My favorable numbers. This shameless person repeated many of El Naschie’s reasoning and declared the golden mean to be his favorable number although one or two months earlier he was filling papers with jokes about El Naschie and his golden mean. It is a sad day when scientists start acting like charlatans in order to snatch the results of his colleagues. If I am mistaken then I should see many of those who were writing in the N-Category Café making formal apologies to their readers. This is the real integrity of a scientist. This is the real scientific integrity which came under attack. This is the real story which the President of SCIAM [Brad is confused here. He means SIAM, not SCIAM.] should have addressed instead of the nonsense which people keep repeating and attributing it to SCIAM in order to remain on the safe side and save their precious little necks from the charge of defamation and the associated legal procedure.

Brad said this on February 8, 2010 at 2:09 am

Readers may remember that Shrink spanked Jessica for calling Hermann von Helmholtz, a German physicist, "Helm Holz".

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  1. Brad posted the same crap on FQXi's forum.