Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Coldea et al. doesn't cite El Naschie

El Naschie's name doesn't appear at all.

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The Naschie Party claim that Coldea et al. confirms El Naschie's predictions requires that those predictions be exhibited by them, because the claim is not supported in Coldea et al. The fact that the paper ostensibly detects E8 through measurement of its golden mean fingerprint isn't adequate. Armwaving "El Naschie's been talking about this for nineteen years" isn't specific enough.

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  1. At Nature this week, they have the chutzpah to run a News and Views item on the Helmholtz experiments, "Solid-state physics: Golden ratio seen in a magnet", and even to illustrate it with a photo of the Great Pyramid of Giza - without mentioning the Great Man!

    It's a shame!

  2. That's something else he can sue Nature about.