Friday, February 19, 2010

CSF Volume 25, Issue 4

Readers may recall the El Naschie birthday book. I wrote about it here.

Chaos, Solitons and Fractals has an issue similarly dedicated to honoring the Great Man, but with different content. The special issue has his picture on the cover, and this title and heading information:

Treading the Path of Cantor and Einstein
A collection of papers in honour
of the Egyptian Engineering Scientist

A real collectors item! If anyone has easy access to the foreword by Garnet Ord, or Recollections by his brother Amr Elnashai, please send them to me. The photo gallery would be nice too, in case there are photos I don't already have.

Walter Greiner and Werner Martienssen are among the authors represented in that issue. I attach particular opprobrium to the authors who not only published in that issue, but actually put El Naschie's name in the title of their contributions: G. Iovane, M. Agop, M. Jarcau, A. Stroe, W. Martienssen. For shame.

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