Sunday, February 14, 2010

Egyptian physicists who do real physics

There are some at Alexandria University.

Tarek Bahy El-Din Ibrahim Ali is an assistant professor in the physics department at the University of Alexandria. He publishes real physics papers, and in reputable journals.

Tarek Ibrahim left a comment on El Naschie Watch which I reproduce here in full:

I wish to add a comment regarding my university, Alexandria. My name is Tarek Ibrahim and works as physics professor in this school. My special field is high energy theory. I have my papers published in physical review D, reviews of modern physics and physics letters B. I never published a paper in CSF. In fact none of us did. All the papers published there, were written either by Elnaschie or by one of his students.

I know that Mr. Nashchie contribution to physics is meaningless. I said that to my colleagues and wrote a comment in Elmasry Elyom newspaper last November of an interview with him. My comment was removed after 24 hours and someone wrote an apology on behalf of the head of department to Elnaschie. The head of department denied that in another comment. So as you can see I tried to speak up my mind but it did not get through. In fact Elnaschie brought Walter Greiner from Germany to approve a PhD thesis under his supervision. This PhD is of the same kind of his papers in CSF.

There is something strange about him, but I decided to save my time and not to worry about it.
February 14, 2010 3:44 PM

Ibrahim describes having his anti El Naschie comment deleted by the Almasry Alyoum (Egyptian Today) newspaper, and tells of the impersonation of the head of his physics department by a commenter who issued a fake apology to El Naschie. This impersonation came to the attention of the real head of department, who corrected the record.

For Almasry Alyoum to delete a remark of a real physicist for being critical of a fake physicist is not only shameful and stupid, it is bad journalistic policy. It ill-serves Almasry Alyoum in the long run, undermining their credibility. And if your business is journalism, credibility is all you have of value.

The head of the physics department to whom Ibrahim refers is, or was at that time, Mohamed Ali Atia El-Borai.

The interview to which Ibrahim refers is here: Original Arabic or Google English. (You will only see the comments in the Arabic version because of a bug in Google Translate.)

The impersonation first came to El Naschie Watch's attention in this comment originally from Here it is inline:

Anonymous said ...
Request Alnchaiy should stop Alostnta and mockery, and not used to fake names and the names of real people impersonating as was the case in the comments on his dialogue in the Egyptian day نرجو من النشائى أن يكف عن الأستنطاع والأستهبال وأن لايستخدم أسماء وهمية وينتحل أسماء شخصيات حقيقية كما حدث فى التعليقات على حواره فى المصرى اليوم
Vonthal The Head of the Physics Department of Science, Alexandria Mohamed Ali El-Borai and apology made for himself فأنتحل أسم رئيس قسم الفيزياء فى علوم الأسكندرية محمد على البرعى وقدم أعتذار لنفسه

Game has been exposed to impersonate Alnchaiy Fictitious Names لقد انكشفت لعبة النشائى فى إنتحال الأسماء الوهمية
Atif Nadeem, Muhammad al-Sayyid, Mahmud al-Mursi and Saif al-Islam and and the right and the greatest, Muhammad Ahmad, Mustafa Ibrahim, Ismail Ibrahim, etc etc ... عاطف نديم , محمد السيد, محمود المرسى و إسلام و و سيف الحق و على أكبر , محمد أحمد , مصطفى أبراهيم , أسماعيل أبراهيم إلخ إلخ ...

We have almost Alosmealmstarp of Nchaiy We hope to force him to use other names for convenience, we propose the following names لقد أوشكت الأسماءالمستعارة للنشائى على النفاذ فنرجو منه أستخدام أسماء أخرى وتسهيلا عليه نقترح الأسماء التالية

Kaaborp, Oboudan, Alahjas, Abu walnut, the bed, Hirbeyp, Veaskp, Pastrami, sheep, Habashi Oua leg, elbow Rizk كعبورة , أبوودان , الهجاص , أبو جوزة , الحرامى , حرباية , فياسكة , بسطرمة, خروفة , حبشى أوع رجلك , رزق الكوع
November 16, 2009 10:11 AM November 16, 2009 10:11 AM

We wrote a whole post about it: El Naschie "Egyptian Today" interview.

I encourage readers to go read it again in light of Tarek Ibrahim's new explanation.

Tarek, if you have a record or if you can remember what your Almasry Alyoum comment said before the numbskulls deleted it, please tell us so that we can preserve it on El Naschie Watch. This post would be a good place for it. Also, please tell us what relationship exists between El Naschie and Alexandria University. Did someone in your department invite him? Has he ever been on the payroll? Has Alexandria University given him an honorary title of some sort? His name is not listed in your department.

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  1. 1- Unfortunately I do not have a record of my comment. But it was going in the direction of him making a publicity campaign and that he is not a real physicist.

    2- He is a visiting (not working) professor in our school. It is an honorary title. He never gave a course in the school.

    It is a painful experience to attack a person who is facing a medical crisis, but I have to defend the reputation of my school. I wish him well in his upcoming surgery.

  2. Thanks, Tarek. I hope his surgery goes well too.

  3. El naschie was listed in the department of physics (solid state branch, which is so strange), faculty of science, Alexandria university. In the recent list they removed him
    But he was there maybe few months ago.
    Maybe you can look at this link that seems
    Dr.Mohamed Elnaschie Elnaschie (Solid State of Physics) ... Prof. Dr. El-Wahidy Farrag El- Wahidy ... Prof. Dr. Tarek Bahy Eldin Ibrahim (Theoretical Physics) ... [ ]

    It is true that all articles in CSF with alex affiliation are due El naschie and El okaby.

    The non trivial case is that of Mansoura university that had 78 articles distribuated as:
    EL NASCHIE, MS (17)
    ELWAKIL, SA (4)
    YASSEN, R (2)
    EL-SHERIF, LS (1)
    EL-GOHARY, A (13)
    ZAHRAN, MA (4)
    ELGARAYHI, A (1)
    ABDOU, MA (12)
    EL-SHAMY, EF (3)
    AL-RUZAIZA, AS (1)
    HASSAN, SZ (1)
    EL-WAKIL, SA (7)
    ALWASEL, IA (1)
    HE, JH (1)
    EL-DESSOKY, MM (6)
    MOSLEM, WM (3)
    ASKER, SS (1)
    HEGAZI, AS (1)
    EL-LABANY, SK (6)
    SABRY, R (3)
    EI-DESSOKY, MM (1)
    MATOUK, AE (1)
    ABULWAFA, EM (5)
    AHMED, E (2)
    EI-METWALLY, H (1)
    MOWAFY, AE (1)
    AGIZA, HN (5)
    EL-TAIBANY, WF (2)
    EL-ABBASY, OM (1)
    SHALABY, AM (1)
    ELABBASY, EM (5)
    ELHANBALY, A (2)
    EL-AFIFI, MM (1)
    SHALABY, M (1)
    YASSEN, MT (5)
    MAHMOUD, AA (2)
    SOLIMAN, AA (1)
    EL-SHEWY, EK (4)
    SARHAN, A (2)
    EL-METWALLY, H (1)
    TADJ, L (1)

  4. I can't find am old version of with his name, but shows that El Naschie used to be listed as faculty at Alexandria University. Good work. Someone at Alexandria U made the decision to give him a visiting professor title. I wonder who, and how they would justify the decision. Perhaps Mohamed Ali Atia El-Borai would know. Still, if it was only an honorary title with no salary, it's not that big a deal. They probably thought it was a harmless thing to do.

    Alexandria U is in the clear if it's all El Naschie and Okaby in CSF. But the Mansoura U connection with CSF looks bad. CSF is radioactive. Any paper in it should be assumed not to have been peer reviewed. No benefit of the doubt for CSF.

  5. It is harmful to have El naschie associated with any institute or university. I think looking at any data base and found the junk work of Elnaschie affiliated with any university is enough to blacken its reputation.