Saturday, February 20, 2010

El Naschie's Arabic Wikipedia entry vandalized

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The article on El Naschie used to have a link to El Naschie Watch. All negative information about him has been removed, probably by a vandal named Hisham Diab, though I can't quite tell because I only see the history of edits back to February 3, 2010.

The article now says El Naschie's theory is 100% true because of the golden ratio business.

It also says incorrectly that he's a professor of theoretical physics at Cambridge University. El Naschie Watch readers know, of course, that El Naschie has gotten in much trouble for making that fraudulent claim.

Overall, the article says very little, and what little it says is wrong. If I were an Arabic Wikipedia expert I'd go in there and revert everything.

Original Arabic, or Google's English translation.

The historical discussion on El Naschie Watch that I linked to in the first paragraph probably deserves to be placed inline here:

The arabic wikipedia page about El naschie has link to elnaschiewatch blog and you can check this in following link.

Even on the discussion page related to El naschie
What is written there in this page is surprising, here we just qoute from there

"This is the Wikipedia and not some of the Arabic media El Naschie has under control.
The article should therefor not be used to praise him, but to collect facts about his life and his role in scientific scandals.

He is most popular outside Egypt not for his scientific achievements but for his scientific abuse, pseudo-science, abuse of his own journal, manipulation of media and lawsuits against bloggers and newspapers and threatening journalists. He is furthermore popular for the massive use of fake accounts on many blogs. Whether or not these statements are true has to be evaluated. This can be done in the Wikipedia article, e.g. by collecting sources, interviews, newspaper articels from the west (e.g. nature) etc. The Wikipedia article should not be a place where "standard El Naschie praise" is posted as can be found in many other Arabic media under his control. Wikipedia is not under his control. It must stay objective and search the truth."

The case of El naschie has been recognized long time ago in the arabic world before John Baez discovered his case. But these news can't be revealed in the arabic media due to the huge curruption existing there.

Moreover, the astonishing thing that El naschie
could survive for a quit long time in Europe and remained as a Cheif editor of CS&F for almost nearly twenty years. I think he managed to damage the reputation of Cambridge to some extent. Even, he damaged the reputation of Nobel luerate G. Thoft when he dedicated some of his non sense papere to G. Thoft - (On quarks confinement and asymptotic freedom
Chaos,Solitons and Fractals 37 (2008)1289–1291)-
, who kept silent about this. I think even a third class physicist wouldn't be happy if El naschie dedicated one of his non sense paper to him, and for sure he would coplain and sue El naschie.

It is a tempeting sugesstion to invoke the issue to sue Elsevier and El naschie for damaging the reputation of scintific puplishing. I think that the respctable instiutions, universities and research centers that paid for that junk CS$F must sue Elsevier and El naschie.

I hope that Jason and Martin can play an important role in this issue of suing Elsevier and El naschie.

There is no English Wikipedia entry for El Naschie.

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  1. To the Arabic Wikipedia page for El Naschie I have added a link to the German page and vice versa. The way this is done is to add [[ar:محمد النشائي]] to the very end of the German one and [[de:Mohammed El Naschie]] to the very end of the Arabic one. That causes an "Other languages" category to appear in the leftmost column. Both changes are pending review by an editor. I don't know whether my changes will be accepted. By all rights they should be accepted, but pages about the Great Man are battlegrounds. See for example El Naschie's brother Amr vandalized and El Naschie's Arabic Wikipedia entry vandalized.