Tuesday, February 2, 2010

El Naschie's Google nightmare

El Naschie Watch moves into first place.

In the Google Web searches for El Naschie's name in Arabic
and the one I use, which I recommend
النشائي OR النشائى
we now beat El Naschie's own sites
in Google search rank. (For "El Naschie" he's still number one, and we're number two.)

Here are his auto completes:

Guess where they send you. :)

I have only tried this in Google.com, not the regionalized Googles. But www.google.com is huge. It is used globally even by many non-English speakers since it is so thorough.

I remember when we reached Google page one.

Will he thank us for linking to him? ;)

Translate English to Arabic

محمد النشائى El Naschie Watch محمد النشائي El Naschie News محمد النشائى
محمد النشائي All El Naschie All The Time محمد النشائى


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  1. For "El Naschie" on google.si this blog is (still)number one. :D