Friday, February 5, 2010

His impact on science is incredible

A new comment at welle::erd.ferkel by sockpuppet Jessica contains so many funny lines it's hard to pick one to use as a title for this post.

Lately the Great Man's sockpuppets are trembling with golden excitement, and Jessica is no exception.

Here's what she has to say:

#17 - Jessica 2010-02-05 13:03

Nature is a true victim of an alliance of evil. Mohamed El Naschie is without a trace of a doubt the most original scientist since Newton and Einstein. He is a natural talent. Suffice to know that he never formally studied physics or mathematics. Never the less his impact on science is incredible. Within ten years his scientific impact went from 0.2 per cent to 35 per cent. To appreciate this in a more tangible way you should read the recent book The Mathematics of Harmony by academician Prof. Alexey Stakhov. This book just appeared in World Scientific and has already been nominated for a possible Nobel Prize by Gennady Shypov and Yuri Mitropolsky as you can read on the back of the cover. Another book where El Naschie’s cosmology is discussed on page 180 is The Pea and The Sun by Leonard M. Wapner, published in 2005 by A.K. Peters Ltd, Wellesley, Massachusetts, USA. The book is a testament of the boldness and originality of El Naschie who used for the first time the Banach-Tarski theorem to elucidate the coming of the universe from nothingness. Mohamed El Naschie’s theory is now a fact. It is well known that he found the golden mean to be the basis of quantum mechanics. He was mercilessly mocked for this by the establishment for using something as esoteric as the golden mean in science. The joke is now on them because the establishment in Helm Holz [sic. Helmholtz] Inst. and the University of Oxford have just found the golden mean in quantum mechanics experimentally a couple of weeks ago. Ironically this work is going to be published in Science which is the prime competitor of Nature. Mohamed El Naschie is probably the most envied scientist in the history of science. The reason is that he committed three sins wrapped up in a forth one. He is very affluent and never needed to beg for funding. He has a very happy family life. He is loved by everybody who knows him. This three attributes are then wrapped up in an extremely naïve and straight forward character which many charlatans used to attack him without his realization. The worst attack came from some of his closest so called friends. These friends are in his native country Egypt as well as Holland and unfortunately England. These friends conspired with a well known Nobel laureate in Experimental Chemistry to pressure Elsevier to shut down Chaos, Solitons & Fractals. When they did not succeed they enlisted the assistance of several subsidiaries of the world’s largest publisher, Macmillan. The tabloid article in Nature is just one of several others. It is the worst of them all. I do not need to repeat the details here because you will read it all in the transcript of the trial from the High Court in London. I sincerely hope Mohamed El Naschie wins his case so that this institutionalized bullying of large institutions will be dismantled. It will be the first time that a professor brings a multibillion institution to its knees using the simple sword of truth in the Courts of Justice.

Notice that "a well known Nobel laureate in Experimental Chemistry" has been added to the list of conspirators against El Naschie. That's Ahmed Zewail, of course.

UPDATE: Jessica has posted this also on the FQXi forum, archived here.

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  1. Oh, such typical illiteracy of Great Man's sockpuppets:

    "Helm Holz"? Hey, Jessica, never heard of Hermann von Helmholtz, a German physicist?

    "Max Blanck", "Helm Holz" etc. A trademark for Great Man's cult followers. :D


  2. Jessica write:

    I sincerely hope Mohamed El Naschie wins his case so that this institutionalized bullying of large institutions will be dismantled.

    Huh? I thought the Great Man has won already, or at least, it is sure that he will win? How can she just be "hoping" for that?

    BTW, any news about the proceedings of this case?

  3. Shrink, I think Jessica = Brian = brian300 = Sven Hanson = David = david4910 = Brad = Clive = Sharif = Anon = scorpion300.

    Anonymous, yes, the Great Man has been telling the Egyptian media that he expects to win the case against Nature; in fact that he expects to get ten million pounds sterling. His strategy I think is this: If he loses he'll rally anti-Western sympathy. He'll say he couldn't win because he was an Arab, a Muslim, named Mohamed etc. On the other hand, if he wins millions, he'll use the funds to sue others. Win-win.

  4. Yet another bunch of tasty sockpuppets:

    And "Helm Holtz" can't be missing.



  5. Nice find, Shrink. Ed Nash deserves a post of his own.