Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ray Munroe accused of cowardice or disloyalty

There's a lot of action on this FQXi thread, which I pointed to in Golden Ratio extravaganza after Ray Munroe alerted me to it. There's much craziness, numerology, and El Naschie sockpuppetry. Nobody is able to understand anything Steve Dufourny says, but all are too polite to say so. An El Naschie supporter named Mark, in a post timestamped Feb. 23, 2010 @ 19:24 GMT, brags he has enough personal pull with the Great Man's wife to get El Naschie reprints.

Ray Munroe has said in comments on this blog "I don't know El Naschie personally" and "Professional physics is very political - given El Naschie's current situation, it would not be wise to overly quote or reference him." Mark's numerology-laden post says of Ray "He was close to El Naschie once before he became worried about the wrath of the establishment."

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  1. Dear Jason,

    To clarify my prior statement. I have never met El Naschie personally or had a telephone conversation with him. I have exchanged e-mails with Nasr Ahmed, and possibly with El Naschie and Boem. I say 'possibly' because there are so many sockpuppets that I am never certain who is real and who isn't. In the Summer of 2008, El Naschie and I exchanged information. He sent me many of his papers, and I sent him copies of my book. We were 'close' enough that El Naschie agreed to publish Len Malinowski's (a Chemist in Pennsylvania whom I've never met) ideas based on my review and recommendation.

    For over a year, I developed E12/ K12' (see http://www.fqxi.org/community/forum/topic/520 ), which has significant similarities with El Naschie's E-Infinity. My longer paper references El Naschie. Admittedly, my shorter paper does not reference El Naschie. I wanted to win that FQXi competition (my essay was the 5th most popular prior to the Judges' decision although it did not make the Judges' top 19), and didn't want my El Naschie connections to work against me. Last May, I asked Prof. Jacques Distler for an arXiv endorsement for my larger paper "A Case Study...". Distler gave four reasons not to endorse me, and Lisi and El Naschie were two of the four reasons. People see my connections with El Naschie and Lisi and don't bother to look at the differences between our ideas.

    But I refuse to quit, and I have a strong ally/ collaborator with Dr. Lawrence Crowell.

    Have Fun!

    Ray from Florida

  2. p.s. Steve Dufourny is one of my FQXi friends. He is a Belgian with a background in Botony and Geology. English is his fourth language behind French, Dutch (German?) and Spanish. I understand that he has a serious thesis of a Grand Unified Theory based on Spheres, but I have never seen this thesis. I understand much of what he says, but not all.

    Have Fun!


  3. Ahh, ok, thanks for the explanation, Ray.

  4. Ray, sticking to your guns is laudable generally, but in defense of El Naschie...? Anyway, yes, associating yourself with him is inadvisable if you want your publications to be taken seriously.

    Speaking of Distler, see


    Not a stick-to-your-guns type in my opinion.

    Question about Nasr Ahmed. Did his email come from Newcastle in England?

    Did Boehm's email come from Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany; and was it H.G., or was it Anke?

    Nasr and the Boehms are real people.

  5. ahahah interesting all that , well well well.
    Keep quiet scientists, your loose your time with "not utile things".
    When my sciences center will be created, I don't think this kind of discussions are relevant.
    The individualism or the universalism, it's the real question for a scientist.....

    Steve Dufourny ,

  6. Steve, no offence, but you sound like typical crackpots I deal with all the time.


  7. I can understand,you know personnally I give no importance for offenses. indeed the sciences community becomes a bizare place of confusions,I eat crackpots,stupidities and ironies....hihihihi
    The most important is to distinguish.
    I am an universalist and All competent scientists are welcome for the sciences center focus on priorities for forgotten, simply.(ps whe I will success to create it ,I am a bad administrator hihihi but the synergies are important everywhere.)
    Don't complicate the simplicity dear scientists.
    The quantum spheres...the cosmological spheres...inside a beautiful universal sphere in evolution where it exists a center where all turns around .....all is perceived differently thus....the evolution and the increasing of mass is essential.
    (Ps the serie for one quantic system is the same than for our number of cosmological spheres(like a code of becoming if I can say), the serie is finite in its uniqueness, ...)


  8. BTW, Steve, this blog's topic is El-Naschie: all posts and comments must be somehow related to him - as Jason warned you once.


  9. Yes Steve, please talk about El Naschie, not your own theories. Thanks.

  10. Jason ,

    In french,

    Je n'en ai rien à faire de vos conneries en fait , rien à battre de vos allusions, rien à foutre de votre incompétences .....donc rien à faire ici , vous êtes des rigolos et c'est tout.Des frustrés de la physique sans aucun sens global de la réalité.
    Vous êtes à des années lumières du pragmatisme.
    Vous savez ou vous pouvez vous la mettre donc ma théorie hihihihi bande d'incompétents, à part parler dans le vide, nada, c'est de la politique ici rien d'autre.Et la politique je lui crache dessus.A bon entendeur ,salut les incompétents.

    Merde à la fin marre des cons, évoluez c'est pour votre bien .

    Traduis si tu comprends quelque chose, transcendent t'as tout l'air .....

    Steve de Belgique et fier de l'être .

  11. Je veux bien être gentil ,tout ce que l'on veut mais bon j'ai mes limites.
    Vous devenez tous cinglés avec vos théories de E par ici E par là, non mais je rève avec ces idioties.
    Mr El Nashie est bien plus haut que ces conneries, locales, sans fondement global.
    Je vais pas perdre mon temps avec ces suppositions.Chacun sa route.Ciao.

    Ps don't compare the water and the fire please , I eat stupidities.




  12. Veuillez fermer la porte en sortant...

  13. Yemon, Nice to have you here. I liked your comments in the Hard-to-find Baez Material archive.

  14. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  15. Deleted Steve Dufourny's off-topic message after repeated warnings that El Naschie Watch is about El Naschie. Am I being unfair?

  16. Not at all.


  17. Vous n'osez pas lire mes mots en français, vous n'êtes même pas transparent, vous avez peur de mes vérités et de mes phrases qui vous feraient passer pour un idiot.Vous n'aimez pas avoir tort et encore plus que quelqu'un vous donne du retour avec des mots rationels.
    Vous n'êtes pas un homme donc car un homme parle en toute transparence.Effacez puisque de toute façon vous ne savez pas répondre .

  18. "Des mots rationels"? From you? Let me express my response in your words so that you understand: hihihihi hihihihi ,hihihi ,hihihi .

    You also write: "Vous n'êtes pas un homme donc car un homme parle en toute transparence." This said by you, who tends to write in riddles. Do you expect us to feel insulted now or unmanly?

    You are invited to contribute here as far as you refer to El Naschie, because this blog is not about you. You will know that a blog is about you when the title reads "Steve Dufourny Watch Blog". This is not the case here. So please stick to the topic. It is El Naschie, in case you forgot again while reading the last two sentences.

    Have fun here!

  19. Steve, the only reason I'm not deleting your last comment is that Martin bothered to respond to it.

  20. Haha Martin, you even got Steve's comma style just right. :)

  21. Ray Munroe (AKA Super-Cosmic Ray at FQXi.org) does and says what benefits Ray (his agenda in physics). Where my ideas are concerened, Ray's comments and clever badgering/insults are certainly questionable. He still denies and hates the following:

    Inertia (as resistance to acceleration) and gravity/acceleration are now fundamentally unified in/as dream experience, as they may be properly understood as follows:

    This is the unification of gravity with inertia: Inertia relates to immobilization, and this fundamentally relates to distance in space/scale. Inertia is key to generally balanced attraction and repulsion.

    Gravity relates to mobility ultimately. So, we seek the middle to unify them.

    Gravity is key to distance in/of space.

    Full gravity=full mobility. Full inertia=full immobility.

    Semi-immobilized in dreams is balanced and equivalent inertia and gravity/acceleration.

    Accordingly, both gravity and inertia are equally reduced in dreams, so that they meet in the middle. The semi- (or half) inertia/immobility in dreams is a relative increase in inertia, however, that balances with/offsets reduced gravity and provides generally stabilized and fundamental distance in/of space in conjunction with generally balanced attraction and repulsion.

    Acceleration is known to be equivalent to a uniform gravitational field, and gravitational and inertial mass are known to be equivalent.

    Nobody can explain this, but I now have:

    F=ma (Force = [inertial] mass multiplies times acceleration) can fundamentally be understood as involving balanced and fundamentally equivalent inertia and gravity/acceleration in/as what is the essentally uniform and basically constant force/energy of dream experience.

    I have successfully demonstrated all of the following in/as dream experience. Quantum gravity requires that gravitational contraction be offset by/balanced with electromagnetic repulsion. Space is then stretched/expanded and contracted/flattened on balance. This involves generally balanced attraction and repulsion. Inertia and gravity/acceleration are ultimately linked and balanced in dreams, so there is fundamentally balanced attraction and repulsion in conjunction with both quantum gravity and space manifesting as electromagnetic/gravitational force (or energy). This provides generally stabilized and fundamental distance in/of space in keeping with what is generally the typical/average/middle distance of space in dreams. Increased inertia is balanced with/offset by decreased gravity in dreams.

    In generally controlling for motion/mobility, I have demonstrated fundamentally equivalent inertia and gravity/acceleration in conjunction with generally balanced attraction and repulsion. This unifies gravity and electromagnetism/light.

    Author Frank Martin DiMeglio
    Also see http://radicalacademy.com/studentrefphilfmd13.htm
    which Dr. Christian Corda says is "philosophically excellent".

    I clearly lead unification theory in physics.

  22. And here is Frank M. DiMeglio's link made live:


    Thank you, Frank. I will have a look.

  23. You've become a strange attractor for crackpots

  24. http://depletedcranium.com/frank-martin-dimeglio-author-great-thinker-ass/?cp=all

  25. http://depletedcranium.com/frank-martin-dimeglio-author-great-thinker-ass/?cp=all

    That's interesting. But his comment about Ray Munroe was on topic, so I give him a pass.

  26. Why do Ray Munroe and Jason (and FQXi.org)continue to deny and oppose the following?
    Gee, I wonder why?! Think about it folks.

    Quantum gravity requires the fundamental averaging of both gravity and inertia. It is important to grasp this most significant idea.

    It is critical to understand that the fundamentally interactive nature and extensiveness of being, space, experience, and thought is central to any unified understanding of physics.

    Indeed, space must be EQUALLY contracted (semi-detached from touch) AND expanded (again, semi-detached from touch) in conjunction with equivalent/balanced inertia and gravity and equivalent/balanced gravity and electromagnetism. Therefore, space manifests in accordance with the middle/typical distance in/of space. This balances/unifies repulsion and attraction as well. I have clearly demonstrated ALL OF THIS in/as dream experience.

    This post goes a very long way in fundamentally explaining why modern physics is so generally and thoroughly lost.

    Dr. Christian Corda (Head of the Galileo Institute in Italy) says that my published article entitled "The Dream Fundamentally Balances and Unifies Gravity and Electromagnetism" is "philosophically excellent". Please see: http://radicalacademy.com/studentrefphilfmd13.htm

    by Author Frank Martin DiMeglio

  27. Frank, what is your opinion of the work of Dr. Mohamed El Naschie?

  28. Hi Jason,

    To my knowledge, Frank knows nothing about El Naschie. Frank and I first 'bumped heads' in the 2009 FQXi essay contest. I was smart-alec towards his ideas, and he didn't appreciate it. I have since tried to give him some pointers on how best to present Physics (his backgrounds are geography and psychology) but he continues to ignore me - perhaps he doubts my sincerity.

    p.s. - Frank, I'm working on my next FQXi essay. I had a lot of ideas involving Nottale's ideas, and it took time to organize them all.

    Have Fun!

  29. "Frank knows nothing about El Naschie."

    Frank doesn't know anything about anything. But I don't hold that against him. I don't require expertise on El Naschie matters for people to post here. All he had to do was make a token effort. Really, our publication policies are the same as El Naschie's CSF: Mention the great man and you're home free.

    Good luck with your FQXi essay, Ray.

  30. http://www.answerbag.com/a_view/9702997
    DiMeglio has generally unified physics.

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