Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Simple Simone says

At welle::erd.ferkel, a sockpuppet named Simone has added this comment:

#18 - Simone 2010-02-15 15:44 - (Reply)
For several reasons I must update you about El Naschie. The Helmholz [sic] Inst in Germany experimentally discovered that the golden mean is the basis of quantum mechanics. This is experimental confirmation of El Naschie’s theory. This theory encompasses two fundamental things. First you have a Hausdorff dimension equal to the golden mean for the building blocks of spacetime. These building blocks are random Cantor sets. Each elementary Cantor set possesses the golden mean as a Hausdorff dimension. The second thing is an overall symmetry identical to that of an E8 exceptional Lie group. This Lie group is slightly fuzzy. The dimension of this group is not exactly 248 but a slightly lower value due to transfinite corrections. Mohamed El Naschie is the first to find these two fundamental facts. Based on these two facts he developed a beautiful theory for spacetime at the quantum level. It is only in such golden mean geometry and topology that we can resolve the two slit experiment with quantum particle in a logically satisfying way. These are the scientific facts. Everything else is noise created by those who cannot accept the truth and want to live in a world of fiction designed to suit their unbalanced psyche which reminds of those who were ruling the Third Reich.

Rictus gives a three word response. Go have a look.

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