Thursday, February 18, 2010

Some now call it Nature defamation weekly

So says sockpuppet Andreas.

There are six new comments on the FQXi archive. Five are from the Naschie Party, and one is from an anonymous critic.

First up is the famous Brad, who reposts a tl;dr screed that he spams all over the Internet.

Mark makes a valiant numerological defense of El Naschie's theories.

Anonymous ridicules Mark, mentioning Ji-Huan He's theory about wool, and El Naschie's astute observation that ropes get shorter when you tie knots in them. El Naschie has used that fact in the context of particle physics, and clearly Anonymous finds this amusing.

Morsy rails against Anonymous, Said Elnashaie, John Baez, Christoph Drosser [sic], and Ahmed Zewail.

Andreas agrees with Morsy, and adds Querein [sic] Schermeier [sic] and Hany Helal, the new Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research in Egypt to the blame list. Andreas does not like Nature one bit.

Khalifa spells Helmholtz incorrectly, but at least has learned to combine the syllables into a single word. Baby steps, Khalifa.

These latest comments are here.

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