Thursday, February 25, 2010

Strike four

(Earlier post: Three Godwins and you're out.)
Shrink notices that the article Publish Your Work The Easy Way on Derek Lowe's medicinal chemistry blog, Pipeline, has become a Naschie Party playground. For those who don't mind spoilers, I'll put my two favorite comments below the fold, but if you have a few minutes you'll want to read the whole thing.

38. E. Islam on January 11, 2010 6:19 PM writes...

The point which some Moslem scientists in fact most Moslem scientists cannot comprehend is that they will never be accepted in the West as equal. [How's the victim thing working out for you?] This is particularly the case for Mohamed El Naschie. He is not only a Moslem he is an Arab and worse still, he is Egyptian and on top of that, he is an engineer and not a physicist. [And he's named Mohamed, and his only concern is peace in the Middle East. Don't forget that.] Suppose we wake up tomorrow and we find an experimental verification of his theory. Suppose the unthinkable happens and exact measurements show that the golden mean is the holy grail of theoretical high energy physics. Do you think they will give Mohamed El Naschie the credit for discovering the golden mean in quantum mechanics? Never! They will always find an Israeli, an American or a Russian who found it first. Did you see the film about Christianizing Iraq? This is not a film about fanatic Moslems. It is made in Afghanistan. [OK.] It is a film made in Germany [Wait. What?] about fanatic Christians who want to Christianize Iraq. Brothers, will you ever learn? History says Moslems do not learn the easy way unless they start relying on themselves and I can see this happening right now.

39. Tariq on February 13, 2010 8:54 PM writes...

One of the most nauseating experiences for most of us was the false announcement of the demise of Mohamed El Naschie but [sic. by] the new Nazi Zionist site [Strike four!] of a perverted homonculous Jason. [o_O] Most people would simply turn their back shuddering from the obscenity of this creature and what he inundates with on his despicable blog. We all suspect that Jason is no other person but those who defamed Mohamed El Naschie with such criminal vigor. They are the same people behind the despicable tabloid article of Nature and the even more despicable article by Christoph Drosser [sic. Droesser] in Die Zeit, a shadowy yellow paper published in Hamburg, Germany [sic. Afghanistan]. It came to our knowledge that Nature’s lawyers are livid about the negative press reporting on the science magazine Nature throughout the Arab world. What do these characters expect? They destroy peoples’ lives, fiddle with prize money and even scientific fact and then expect that no one moves a hand? The establishment, which is behind those who are behind the criminal actions were mocking Mohamed El Naschie for the use of fractals and the golden mean in quantum mechanics. It must be a shock for them to see that the Helmholz [sic. see Helm Holtz or Helm Holz yet again and Simple Simone Says] Institute in Germany spearhead an experimental program which had as a final result the confirm[ation] of Mohamed El Naschie’s theory. The pillars of quantum mechanics are fractals. More precisely they are golden mean fractals, better known as random elementary Cantor sets. These Cantor sets possess a Hausdorff dimension equal to the golden mean. Heavenly justice indeed.

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