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Ambassador Ismail Khairat ( السفير إسماعيل خيرت )

Headed by Ambassador Ismail Khairat, Egypt State Information Service (SIS) is the nation's main informational, awareness and public relations agency. SIS has its headquarters in Cairo, and a network of 64 domestic and 32 international offices. SIS is an agency of the Ministry of Information, and advises the Presidency of the Republic and the Cabinet.

One of SIS's online offerings is Egypt Magazine, whose summer 2006 issue includes this profile of Mohamed El Naschie:

An-Nashai [sic. El Naschie]; Nobel Laureate to Be
Egypt’s Einstein

The Egyptian Scientist Nominated by China for Nobel

The extraordinary Egyptian scientist Engineer, Dr. Mohammad an-Nashai; The renounced physician of the new theory of non-linear dynamics and (Deter Miniptic) [sic. deterministic] would soon be the fifth Egyptian Nobel laureate following the late President Sadat, the novelist Naguib Mahfouz, Dr. Ahmed Zeweil and Dr. Mohammad al-Baradei. First, he realized his father’s dream to see him an engineer, then he started to accomplish his own dream; to be a world physician [sic. physicist].

Chinese non-linear dynamics scientists owe Dr. an-Nashai endless love and admiration; he succeeded in constructing a real link between molecules [particles] of super powers [LOL, high energy] on the one hand and non-linear dynamics on the other hand. In December 2005, Chinese scientists gathered to celebrate one of the greatest scholars of the century following Newton and Einstine [sic].

The Chinese scientific circles expect that Dr. Nashai will be soon the coming Nobel Physics Laureate, as he has discovered new molecules [particles] that will be considered a victory in the field of non-linear Dynamics and deter-miniptic in which Dr. Nashai has excelled in. Dr. an-Nashai spent 50 years in Germany. Still, he keeps his Egyptian passport with him. Simply he is Egyptian. His roots belong to Farscour city. He has been brought up in a family whose loyalty to Egypt is great: his father was an officer in the army while his uncle was Eirphan pasha; the then minister of education.

“I became a professor [Did not!] of constructing [structural] engineering in German, England, U.S.A, and Belgium universities; hence, my father’s dream, not mine, has been realized.” comments Dr. Nashai. When I became financially independent, I confessed to my father that I want to study basic sciences being interesting in themselves and not for their practical benefit. In spite of my interest in old philosophy and literature, I was keen to study nature and science. Day by day, enjoying my studies surpassed all limits until I became a physician [physicist] specialized in super powers [high energy] ; namely atomic and nuclear sciences. This was my journey from Farscour world to the atomic world.” He added.

Concerning his theory, Nashai comments: “I have contributed to rediscovering an old science, which is Deter miniptic [sic. deterministic] (limited chaos) In brief, any chaotic matter we see has its laws and we can predict its development to certain limits whereas other matters can never be predicted; not because of our inability but because they are designed in a way that can never be predicted as chaos includes order and vice versa.

To encompass all these issues in one’s mind necessitate a mind that is equal in volume with the universe so as to be identified with it the universe can be placed in one’s mind.

For sure any believer will say that the mind is only God all-mighty and only God who knows the future.”

In his theory, Dr. Nashai concentrates on very minute things where properties of the matter are demolished within the order of electrons in every atom, certain things are placed at random. “Different matters and substances in the nature depend on such a fact, such as wood, iron, copper, gold and living cells, My job was simply to elaborate many things that were not understood by scientists; namely, the theory of quantity [sic. quantum theory] whose rules were so difficult to be even understood by the ordinary person, the talented or the genius.

Like a food recipe, you add certain things to others so as to attain a certain taste but you never answer the question why? Here was my beginning as I wanted to understand. I was preceded by Richard Fine [sic. Feynman], a distinguished American scientist who maintained that quantity [quantum] theory is cleverly used by scientists, however not understood by any of them.

I researched until I understood it was due to different means unknown by scientists of theoretical or quantity [quantum] physics but being an engineer, I understood it thanks to the modern science called “Deter miniptic”. I began to use very complicated geometrical shapes and I wondered if one can unite both points of view of quantity [quantum] physics together with that of Einstein theory.

Such a question was posed 75 years ago during which both points of view were seen contradictory as Einstein theory deals with celestial bodies and the universe as one whole, whereas quantity [quantum] theory deals with small volumes such as atomic nucleus and electrons and the like. When I asked myself why I am keen on bringing them into agreement, I found the answer to be that when a person travels to space, he applies general laws of relativity theory, namely that a human being is created from series of atoms which is the same as quantity [quantum] theory so why we do not unite both theories as large matters will get small until being so minute.

Hence we can first apply theories of Einstein then when things get smaller we can then apply quantity [quantum] theory and vice versa. I could never attain such knowledge but for my study of Deter Miniptic when I reached the theory concerning building real links between physics of super powers [high energy] of molecules [particles] on the one hand and non-linear dynamics from the other hand.”
When asked about the benefit of Deter miniptic science, Dr. Nashai explains that such science could be manipulated in different fields; for example, in predicting traffic problems, meteorology, stock market and political affairs; however, no body thought of its benefit in predicting motion of electrons and beyond atom bodies (too much small than an atom).

He also added that most atom scientists knew nothing about that science because it was not found in their curriculum whether being students or researchers. Due to his different circumstances, Dr. Nashai discovered such science by coincidence. Being an engineer whose work depends on such science, he was able to use such science in the atomic field.

“Having enough time, patience and financial means, I paid all my due efforts to studying the atomic sciences while I was 45 years old and worked in a new field at that age when I was a chair professor [baloney] in engineering.” said Dr. Nashai.

As for being a Nobel physics Laureate, Dr. Nashai comments that not all scientists accept his present theory or else they would have immediately elected him as a Nobel physics Laureate. Some are unconvinced of that theory while others accept it as they grasped its significance. Viewpoints differ from one place to another.

The first person he knew who elected him to be granted such a prize was the scientist, Elia prago Gein [Ilya Prigogine], who was his tutor and owes him great admiration. Gein [sic.] was also a member in the Nobel committee who has the right to elect someone.

A scientist granted such a prize should be a distinguished person but there are also other talented persons but not awarded such prize; the matter has no relation with being the best but for other calculations-for example, Einstein himself was not granted the prize for his own Relativity theory but for another subject although his fame come as a result of that theory as it was controversial.

Dr. Gererad Tuhoffet [sic. 't Hooft], another friend of Dr. Nashai was granted Nobel prize with Dr. Ahmed Zeweil in 1999. He remained 20 years awaiting the prize that was given to him after being granted his Ph D.

As for being awarded in China within a world scientific conference, Dr. Nashai the successor of Einstein comments that a scientific conference entitled by Dr. Nashai and non-linear Dynamics’ was held in Shangahi [sic] in China in December 2005. Such a conference synchronizes with the ceremony of the world Physics Day. The Conference tackled all his researches and the most significant theories he came up to.

Finally, Dr. Nashai asserted that he would live in Alexandria and Cairo and that he would eventually come to live in Egypt within three years maximum. Moreover, he would give lectures in Alexandria University in almost regular times. He would also pay his due efforts till the end of his life to let his country benefit from his science. Dr. Nashai said that he would teach and write books in Arabic.

1st Box:
- Chinese scientists consider him one of the greatest scientists of the century following Newton and Einstine [sic. Einstein] and nominate him to be the coming Nobel Laureate for his discovery of new molecules [particles] in the field of physics.

2nd Box:
- 50 years spent in German, a professor in Belguim [sic], England and U.S.A universities and still keeps his Egyptian passport until today.


So there it is. I encourage readers to contact SIS.

Address: 3 Al Estad Al Bahary St. - Nasr City, Cairo
Telephone: 22617304 - 22617308 - 22617358 - 22617344 - 22617345

I'll be telling them this makes Ambassador Ismail Khairat look rather silly. That's Ambassador Khairat wearing the dunce cap in my picture.

Here's my letter:

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