Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Brotherhood: Criticizing El Naschie is racist

The video shows the secret handshake exchanged between members of the E-infinity group.

This is from FQXi-395 archived in FQXi part two.

E-Infinity wrote on Mar. 31, 2010 @ 11:24 GMT It is impossible to consider the attack on E-Infinity theory and the personal attack against Mohamed El Naschie as anything scientific. It is not related to Egyptian physics or Muslim physics or Arab physics. It is related to Egyptian phobia, Muslim phobia and Arab phobia. It is also related to jealousy and prejudice as well as to a certain article published 2008 in Scientific American.

E-infinity certainly has drunk El Naschie's Kool-Aid. This unhealthy obsession with race and religion is worthy of the Great Man himself: He was nominated four times for the Nobel, but it "lost its way" because of Israel and George W. Bush. The Nobel is decided "not in Stockholm but in the Weitzman Institute" in Israel. In this Islam Online interview, El Naschie says Cambridge was difficult for him because it was 90% Jews. I could go on and on.

E-infinity doesn't browse through the El Naschie Watch visitors log as Martin, Shrink and I do. We know who his critics are. They are as often Arabs as they are Germans, Britons and Americans. Even from Western countries, our visitors are often highly educated Arab expatriates. When E-infinity blames "Egyptian phobia, Muslim phobia and Arab phobia" he not only implies Western racists are the problem, which is demographically false, but he seeks victim status for El Naschie by fanning a spark of ethnic resentment. FQXi and El Naschie Watch have a sophisticated enough readership that it's not likely to provoke any killings, but ethnic scapegoating like E-infinity's has a long and terrible history.

The truth is simpler and more mundane: El Naschie is under attack by serious scientists from all over the world because his science is nonsense numerology. The only way he could get his idiotic papers published was to found his own journal. His journal has been taken away, and Lo and Behold, he no longer publishes.

I have added the term "Brotherhood" to the list of clichés.

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