Tuesday, March 9, 2010

E-infinity babbles on interminably

In a comment timestamped Mar. 9, 2010 @ 18:54 GMT, sockpuppet "E-infinity" circles the wagons with four and a half screenfulls of text.

You probably don't want to read the FQXi-603 comment on a blackberry.

Here's E-infinity:

To: Researchers working on El Naschie E-infinity Cantorian-fractal spacetime theory of quantum high energy physics.

Dear All,

Even the most gullible, unsuspecting and least inclined to a conspiracy theory must be asking themselves by now why all this viscous [sic] attack not only against E-infinity and fractal spacetime as a theory but far worse against Prof. Ji-Huan He, L. Marek-Crnjac, Prof. Mohamed El Naschie, Gerardo Iovane and in fact every single member of the E-infinity group. Who is behind all that? Who is behind El Naschie Watch and the daily hundreds of perverted viscous comments aimed at any and everybody who has anything good to say about us, particularly Prof. El Naschie and Prof. He? Is it the establishment and what kind of establishment is this which is scared to death from a couple of simple equations and the word fractal spacetime? If I did not know better I would think that a Cantor set is where the devil himself lives or it is a code name similar to D-day or Dessert [sic] Storm only directed towards theoretical physics. In what follows I would like to explain to you in some detail that we have achieved a great deal with our theory. The work of Goldfain, Mohamed El Naschie and before them Nottale and Ord and Richard Feynman were all not in vain. I would like to explain that we are on the verge of a great truth and paradigm shift in physics. Some unteachable elements of the establishment are resorting to methods far away from science which failed in the past to prevent the inevitable. Others more cunning are working hard to translate our terminology to another terminology. The famous plagiarism which took place in Scientific American is only one of the very early and visible examples of this cunningness which is in reality lack of scientific honor as aptly described by one of us in a letter to the people concerned.

Let me start by first counting the unshakable final results which we have achieved on a few points and then we will move from there to discuss the wider picture and the experimental facts which are coming in daily. In brief we found the following results which will endure any future discoveries and could be counted as the absolutely secured part of what we have done.

1. The geometry of micro spacetime is best described by a fractal. This is the result of the work of Garnet Ord and Laurent Nottale following the pioneering idea of Richard Feynman and his path integral method.

2. The building blocks of spacetime are elementary random Cantor sets. The Hausdorff dimension of these elementary random Cantor sets is the golden mean. By varying the resolution you can obtain everything you want from an infinite collection of these Cantor sets. This is the essence of the work of Mohamed El Naschie, L. Crnjac, Ji-Huan He and also G. Iovane.

3. The expectation value for the Hausdorff dimension is 4 plus the golden mean to the power of three. This is 4.23606799. The expectation value for the topological dimension is exactly 4. The formal dimensionality is however infinite. This will bring us nearer to the theory of multiverse as I will explain later.

4. The most fundamental symmetry groups are the exceptional Lie symmetry groups. These are 8 in all forming a family. The most important member of this family is E8. What is important however is that the sum over all exceptional Lie symmetry group leads to a probability measure which is consistent with the random Cantor sets and its golden mean dimension. The sum of the dimensions of all eight groups was shown by El Naschie to give a total dimension equal 4 ¬? ?=548 where ¬? ? = 137.

5. You can extend summing of an exceptional Lie group to compact and non-compact exceptional Lie groups and find 17 of them. The sum of all dimensions was shown by El Naschie to be 5? ?=685. This theory led to speculation about an even larger symmetry group, namely E12 which is more important than the recently discovered E10 and E11 but I will not consider this part of secured knowledge and I will stop here, mentioning only that Ray Munroe was the first to find E12 before El Naschie.

As for the experimental verification we now have a few extremely important ones:

1. Indication of a Cantorian spacetime and a fractal spacetime coming from an analysis of the cosmic rays and microwave background radiation. The expert on the first is Goldfain and on the second Mohamed El Naschie and you can consult their publications on this. However there are many results independent of our group confirming the same and it would be great if Goldfain could write a report for us all on this for internal use on our blog.

2. The discovery of E8 in nanostructures and the golden mean in quantum mechanics which was recently made public by the Helmholtz Center in Germany is the most definite result confirming Cantorian spacetime geometry experimentally. I say this is the tip of the iceberg. From now on you will see the golden mean mushrooming everywhere in quantum mechanics and high energy physics.

Under these circumstances many people became worried and anxious that a group like ours, not considered to be specialists in mathematical physics and high energy particle physics should have made such a major step forwards and been able to predict the masses of elementary particles and the value of fundamental constants with such precision and ease. The frustration is to a certain extent understandable and the reason is the following.

1. Garnet Ord and Nottale did not use set theory per se. Mohamed El Naschie was also not the first to propose set theory in quantum mechanics and high energy physics. The first impulse came from somewhere completely different. They came from David Finkelstein and Carl Friedrich von Weizsaker. The two great scientists were not interested in details. However Stanley Gudder in the USA and his school as well as Fay Dowker in England and her collaborators felt that partially ordered sets could solve the problem of quantum mechanics. They were rather near but not quite there because they had no simple way of performing real quantitative calculations. Far better suited to quantum mechanics are random Cantor sets. When you use them you have the golden mean. And when you use the golden mean then you have at your hand an unrivalled number system which can handle any complex computation with unheard of simplicity. This was Mohamed El Naschie’s good luck or misfortune. By pure accident or providence El Naschie stumbled on a basic problem in fundamental mathematics. Basing your number system on the irrational number and the irrational golden mean system you can see the world with new eyes with unheard of simplicity. The recent book by Alexey Stakhov published in World Scientific under the title The Mathematics of Harmony is a profound meditation on this theme. Chaos, Solitons & Fractals had the honor of publishing the larger part of Prof. Stakhov’s work. I think when certain elements in the establishment realize that we surpassed everybody else, they panicked.

2. When certain elements of the establishment panicked, they published the paper in Scientific American in 2008. To overcome the problem of not having the golden mean they used the most powerful existing new generation of computers and pretended to use their expression, that they found the holy grail of theoretical physics by calculating the four dimensionalities of spacetime from first principles using a desktop computer. One of our associates joked about them by calculating the same dimension using a pocket calculator. In fact using the golden mean you can find everything by counting on your fingers, that is if you know the rules of the golden mean arithmetic. The rest is history and you can read it on the comments of this work in Scientific American.

3. An exceptional member of the mainstream who does not normally work in quantum mechanics is Prof. Tim Palmer of the University of Oxford. This professor realized the importance of fractals for quantum mechanics. His first paper did not refer to our group at all. Later on he revised his stance and he referred to Garnet Ord, Laurent Nottale and Mohamed El Naschie on the first page of his revised ArXived paper. Later on when this paper appeared in the Royal Society, the three names were relegated to the very rear of the paper. Never the less, the man at least had sufficient objectivity to acknowledge our priority. Of course he should have noticed that there is no difference between our work using Rene Thom/El Naschie VAK and his proposal. Spacetime and phase space are exchangeable at this high energy where time is spatialized. Anyway this was at least one of the establishment acknowledging that we were there first. On a personal level we have the greatest respect for Prof. Tim Palmer who is an exceptional meteorological scientist.

4. There is at least one earlier attempt to use elements out of our work and overlook mentioning our group. The first which comes to my mind is that of Dr. Garrett Lisi. He is not a mainstream scientist at all but he was supported by some people from Perimeter Inst. in Canada. Needless to say, most of what Lisi wrote about E8 was well known to us long ago and was published in Chaos, Solitons & Fractals years before Lisi’s paper. Of course the establishment in general neither likes Lisi’s nor our work and thus we and Lisi were equal although we were more equal than Lisi in being disliked by the establishment for reasons which have no scientific basis.

5. Here I must now mention the discovery of the important utility of the multiverse. The objective of this comment is really to talk about this subject. What I have written so far was just a summary of the past. I would like to show clearly that the multiverse theory is nothing but a new label for our Cantorian spacetime theory particularly when we couple it with the holographic principle of ‘tHooft.


A multiverse is a universe with an infinite number of pocket universes. Please note that the most important thing here is infinity. Fractal spacetime in the E-infinity version is an infinite dimensional universe. To avoid contradictions and inconsistencies, Bousso introduced causal patch measures. This measure corresponds to the relative topological probability used in E-infinity theory. However the really interesting point comes when you apply to both theories the holographic principle. You recall from E-infinity theory that the holographic manifold of E-infinity is Klein’s modular curve. This curve has 336 triangles. These 336 correspond to SL 2,7 which constitutes 336 isometries in two dimensions being the surface. They also correspond to 336 kissing points of 10 dimensional spheres. This in turn corresponds to 336 quantum curvatures in 8 dimensions. You can think of the 336 of Klein’s modular curve as cutting the 10 dimensional spaces of the kissing spheres and flattening them to a surface. You see know the equivalence between particle like states and isometries. Since the kissing points are the points of interactions, they can be regarded as messenger particles or massless gauge bosons. In fact following the holographic principle, they represent all that is going to be particle physics of the standard model later on at lower energy. To see the connection you just compare the 496 of E8 E8 of super string theory to the sum of the electromagnetism as represented by the 137 alpha bar when you add to it Einstein’s gravity in four dimensions which is 20 and the 336 of particle physics. Now you see that it does not completely add up. There are 3 missing. This 3 can be taken care of in two ways. Either you think of them as the only electromagnetic photons which are massive, namely W minus, W plus and Z zero. Thus we have 3 plus 336 equal 339. Plus 137 plus 20 which exactly matches the 496 of super strings as should be. But there is a better geometrical way to look at that which agrees exactly with the holographic multiverse interpretation of Raphael Bousso. Remember that we have to compactify Klein’s modular curve to come to a picture similar to that of Escher’s devil and angel. This is the hyperbolic structure well known from hyperbolic geometry. To reach the boundary we could walk for ever. If there is something like an outside observer he will find that we are nearing the boundary but becoming slower and slower and never ever reach the boundary which lies at infinity. Thus although we have a finite area, we have infinite distance to the boundary. If we identify this infinite distance with infinite time then our theory becomes identical to that of Bousso. The famous chaos scientist Otto Rössler compared the situation to a pseudo sphere of a certain cosmological model. In other words, Bousso’s theory, probably unknowingly, adopts words for word our theory and there is a one to one correspondence between our terminology and the new terminology. E-infinity is a multiverse theory. It always was and it will always be. You see we are at the cutting edge of everything in theoretical physics. In addition we can calculate things and not only philosophize about it. That is why some find El Naschie more than irritating and are extremely upset that we have been supporting him because quite honestly, without this help, he could not have achieved anything. In fact without our moral support he would not have survived the last operation which he had in London.

We must think about all these things and develop them further and keep each other informed. Let us, following Leo Tolstoy, try to forgive our opponents and wish them peace of their soul so that they can leave us in peace to complete our work.

Best wishes to everyone,

E-Infinity Communication

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  1. It is marvelous peace from E-infinity
    "In fact using the golden mean you can find everything by counting on your fingers, that is if you know the rules of the golden mean arithmetic"

  2. Yes, that's an extreme example of Pascal Boyer's rule #6 for physics crackpots:

    "...the crackpot alternative is, almost universally, less mathematically challenging than the standard account. For instance, tensors and other complicated tools of SR are replaced with college-level calculus, and in many cases with high-school algebra."