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Mohamed El Naschie by Winter Sonata Egypt Love

(Part II is here.)

The best El Naschie video I have ever seen! I have embedded a small player, but it looks great even full-screen. Over 23 minutes long.

UPDATE: See it with subtitles.

The show is Elbeet Beetak ( البيت بيتك ) or "make yourself at home". Here's a Wikipedia article about Elbeet Beetak in the original Arabic, or Google's English translation.

The video was uploaded November 4, 2009 and aired in Egypt around October 27, hence before El Naschie's surgery. Readers describe the interview, which begins with "random anecdotes loosely connected to vague arguments", in the comments below.

The interviewer is Khairy Ramadan ( خيري رمضان ).

I have downloaded the whole 93 megabyte .flv so if it disappears we should be able to re-host it on YouTube or somewhere.

Click the pic for bigger:

This is funny: At the bottom of this page they have taken a sarcastic El Naschie Watch graphic I created, and used it to support El Naschie's claim to greatness.

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  1. Oh my god, I can't believe the audacity of this asshole.
    Just to answer your questions:
    This is on a program called "Elbeet Beetak", which is very famous on Egyptian National TV. I don't know the name of the interviewer.

    Elnaschie first talked about all sorts of stuff. It's basically random anecdotes loosely connected to vague arguments. Add lots of sucking up to the interviewer, telling him he's charming and clever, etc. He talked a lot about how he has been threatened by Israel

    When asked if he was nominated for Noble, he said it's a secret and wouldn't say even if he knows, but he heard he was nominated from "influential" people, and claims his work deserves several Noble prize. Of course, he also says he is very modest, I shit you not.

    He mentioned that some websites on the internet started a defamation campaign against him, and that he is being watched 24 hours a day. He says he heard the website was started by the Israeli Mossad. He talked about a court case in London, and something about how some woman reporter who works for one of his friends published false claims against him.

    Then he went back to talk about how he is extraordinary, and that his work caused a paradigm shift in physics.

    An interesting part is when Sabry Abdel Motaleb, presented as professor emeritus at Ain Shams University, asked very firmly in a recorded video how Elnaschie was informed he is nominated for Noble. Naschie answered by mentioning that Prigogine was his supervisor, had a Noble prize, and would let Naschie sit on his chair. Bulletproof logic.

    The interviewer asked Naschie if he publishes most of his work in his Journal! Naschie just answered by saying that this is not true and that he created a new field of science.

    I just have to say, this interview is a shift in how this asshole is perceived in Egypt. It seems the interviewer did his research before the show, and knew Naschie is a fraud. This is definitely a step forward.

  2. WOW! Thanks so much for the analysis. Is there any clue as to the date that it aired?

    I can't think of who he could mean by the woman reporter. I must investigate.

    Best regards,


  3. It was before 4th November 2009, since this is the date it was uploaded. How great is this! Such nice new footage!

  4. >>He talked about a court case in London, and something about how some woman reporter who works for one of his friends published false claims against him.

    OK, I'm as sure as I can be without understanding the interview that I know who El Naschie is talking about.

    From looking at the SCIAM archive, I think the woman being referred to is Fay Dowker. She's not a reporter, but is attacked by the Naschie Party in the same context as reporters Quirin Schiermeier of Nature and Christoph Droesser of Die Zeit. A sockpuppet named "Kassim" claims Dowker was enlisted to attack El Naschie by Renate Loll and El Naschie's "friend" Gerard 't Hooft, the latter referred to cryptically as someone whose name Kassim is "not at liberty to mention".

  5. I think the program was about 27 October 2009.

  6. OMG! What a douche bag (both of them)

  7. At around 21'30" he says "distinguished fellow". We really have to find somebody to make a complete transcript. Maybe I can find somebody. Any reader here? You can just take one minute or two, and write the partly transcription/translation into the comment. Any help is appreciated!

  8. Good idea, Martin. In the US at least, comparable television shows often have transcripts you can ask for! If we can get or if somebody makes one as a text file (English or Arabic, it doesn't matter) I'll make a version with English subtitles!

    Alternatively: If one of our readers who knows Arabic and English has an hour to spare, this method would also work, and be easier for you than providing a text file: Watch the whole video. Pause after each sentence. Record your English translation as you go, into an audio file. Send me the file. I take care of the rest. I won't post your voice online, just use it to make text for subtitles.

    PS We also are still hoping to get the missing pictures in Who are the members of the E-infinity group?.

  9. 0:1 When he was 15 he wanted to be an artist. His dad told he had better become an engineer or nothing would come of him. He did what his father said, and traveled to Germany to study engineering. He got a bachelor's in architectural engineering and then the PhD in applied mechanics. But his like took an unexpected turn when he went to the US. He specialized in a rare (sic) branch of physics. We then heard a lot about the new concept, "nanotechnology", and a lot of talk of his nomination for a Nobel prize. Some have said these are empty claims. He has stated that he has received Israeli threats: a stray bullet on the Cairo Nile shore that would end his life.

  10. 1:2 He says Dr. Zewail is an experimentalist while he is a theoretician. Many exchanged charges under the surface, but mostly coming from I am talking about Dr. Eng. Mohammed El Naschie, my guest tonight, who will direct many questions to himself, and when he is done, I will have some questions for him myself. (Music and stock articles about the douche from Egyptian newspapers)

  11. 2-3 (from an old interview with the douche) Together with Dr. Medhat Elmeseiry from Cairo University, (inaudible) Department, twelve years ago, a conference on nanotechnology that I funded mostly by myself. Three years later Israel entered nanotechnology and started its own 'development' (in English). And here we are still talking. (Picture) When it comes to nanotechnology, we are asleep, because Saudi Arabia, Israel, and India have surpassed us. In Saudi Arabia, India, and China, in general in backward countries relatively speaking, the ministry for scientific research is under the authority of the president and not the prime minister.... This is science fiction (sic).. (music gets louder)
    (New interview with the douche) Good evening. My guest today is Mohammed El Naschie, Prof. Dr., nominated for the Nobel prize, and many things about his personality invite a dialog and conversation. Dr. Mohammed El Naschie, we are sitting on the usual seat of "Ask Yourself", but my guest Dr. Mohammed said that there wasn't anything really that he would ask himself. I asked him, there is nothing at all that you ask yourself, and he said, 'never' (the douche laughs).

  12. Wow, superb! Please continue when you can. This can be directly converted in a subtitle version. We can ask the guy at youtube to host the subtitled version. The subtitles can also be added as comments in youtube, and we can make them clickable, so that they point to different places here in the blog for further elaboration.

  13. 3-4 He told me, "I know you won't believe it. That's what's on the inside". (The douche continues laughing). When a scientist stops asking, he must be dealing with data, with information, with Science ... (with a dramatic turn) good evening doctor.
    The douche (laughing): good evening
    Khairy: Ahlan wa sahlan (welcome)
    The douche: I liked the way you introduced me. So I am a "person that invites discussion". A dialectic mind, not an argumentative one. [In Arabic, the word for dialectic "el-gadal" is close to that corresponding to arguing, "al-gedal"]
    Khairy: Some scientists only listen to what they want to hear, and ignore any other point of view, so I will respect that
    The douche: On the contrary, "el-gadal" is "dialectic" in English, and I know German better than I know Arabic, and "dialectic" was invented by Friedrich Hegel. Friedrich Hegel founded the idealistic school in German philosophy, which followed up on Kant, and Kant was the theorizer for Newton, even though Newton was a scientist and Kant was a philosopher, and this school of "idealism" is what brought about communism (the douche smiles in self satisfaction)
    Khairy (incoherently): When you lay awake at night, have you ever thought.. when you were 15, you were in love with art and creativity .. didn't you want to be an artist?

  14. 4-5 The douche: That's true
    Khairy: You didn't want to be an engineer with all those complications. You were an imaginative person
    The douche: That's true
    Khairy: And that imagination didn't lead you, I won't say to dream of the girl next-door [in Arabic that doesn't necessarily imply a plain girl], but at least did it make you dream of the type of artist you wanted to be?
    The douche: In fact I did dream of the girl next-door .. and I married her. But there is a nice saying about dreams, and that will tell you a question I ask myself while lying awake at night, and the question is also inspired by German idealistic philosophy. There was this German man, who was very famous, that said, I'll tell it to you in German then I will translate it, "Denk ich an Deutschland in der Nacht, Dann bin ich um den Schlaf gebracht". Which means, when I lay awake at night thinking of Germany, the guy was Heine by the way, I can't sleep. Germany was unified. Germany was divided. The Germans where at war with each other. That was Germany before Bismark, when things were horrible. So when I think of the Arab world at night, and think of our scientific backwardness, and especially of the greatest country in the world, which is the country we are right this moment, when it lags behind in science, that's the question that saddens me when I ask myself ..

  15. I meant, "Germany was not unified"

  16. 5-6 Khairy (interrupting the gibberish): At last, at last it came out ..
    The douche (laughing and pointing): And I brought it out in the 'idealistic' tradition, and I will know confess to you that you are the best introducer in Egypt
    Khairy (a little embarrassed): May God bless you. And how do you, doctor, answer yourself about how we got to be this way
    The douche (rambling): Because people don't want to believe that all the problems, including the political scares going on at the moment ... I believe in this country, and I believe it can advance, and I'm sure that, God willing, none of the collapses that some are "insinuating" [sic], that the solution to all this is scientific research and education. University education, higher education, and scientific research, will solve everything, including the political fear-mongering that we hear about
    Khairy: Do you ever ask yourself, was the path I took worth it? Should I have not listened to my dad who said you become either an engineer or a ...
    The douche (interrupting): .. a donkey?
    Khairy: eh..
    The douche (laughing): You see he was an officer ...

  17. 6-7
    Khairy: I know ..
    The douche: And I did become a donkey. But you know, in the end, when I became rich through engineering, and with the help of may father, if it weren't for him I would have been in a pitiful state, I truthfully thank God I did what he told me to, because Science is worthless in this country of ours, in fact in most countries, science doesn't really pay. You here of one guy getting a prize, a million dollars, but that is only one guy from three or four million scientists. They are all more or less the same, but there is only one prize and you have to give it to one person, this guy is nice and the other is a bore, so you give it to the nice guy and the bore gets nothing
    Khairy: It's about how nice you are?
    The douche: Oh yes, and it depends on where you were born, your passport, who you know ... but what I want to say is that we don't really believe that it (science) is worth a LOT of money on ..
    Khairy (interrupting): But we don't really have money ..
    The douche: Not really, on the contrary .. and by the way you are a wonderful interviewer ... the direction of the conversation has completely changed ..
    Khairy (quasi-sarcastically): All thanks to God ..

  18. And you are a great interview translator. That's pure gold!

  19. The douche: And let me tell you something. Nehru said, we are a very poor country, and yet we cannot afford not to generously spend money on Science. And they were poorer than us. And there's another country that will go unnamed, they came to the guy ..
    Khairy (inteerupting): A bad country?
    The douche: No, a good country, but I don't want it to be publicity for them. The peasants came to the guy and said, "we need a hospital", the guy, the mayor, said, "you people have been living for 50 years without a hospital, make it 55 years. Instead I will build you a school, because in the hospital ..." Of course, I am retelling a bit imaginatively, not as someone in the seat of responsibility, but someone who has the luxury to think like I do ..

  20. 8-9:
    The douche: The guy said, I'll take a sick patient and treat him in the hospital, costing me millions, until he's healthy, then let him leave and go back into the life that got him sick in the first place and brought him to the hospital ..
    Khairy: yes
    The douche: But if the people were instead educated, "We'll teach them to help themselves" [in English], how to take care of themselves and not be a burden to others. So when now you have a state with incredible levels of intelligence .. I will confess that my wife was better than me at school and ahead of me in class, which is the first thing I'm embarrassed about ..
    Khairy: It seems you spent your time thinking of her and she was studying
    The douche (laughing): Secondly, I was not one of those top students that left Egypt, I was not one of them. But when we [sic] went abroad, we excelled and got laurels and became important and started talking, but the best ones are those who stayed back. I believe in the genius of the Egyptian mind, just educate it ...

  21. The story about building a school instead of a hospital sounds familiar. El Naschie has told it before. If I recall correctly he was talking about Malaysia.

  22. 9:10
    The douche: Why? You now have something called the "computer". Can a computer work on its own? The Egyptians are the best computer in the world. But you need "software" to out into it, which is education, so that the computer works and is prodcutive, instead of being a piece of metal on the pavement rusting ..
    Khairy": If you were not the Dr. El Naschie sitting in front of me now, the famous scientist, which type of artist would you have liked to become?
    The douche: (sighs) The most important thing in my life at this moment .. I have a friend, and I am sorry to say he's a friend, he's Israeli, but he dropped his Israeli nationality and took upo the Palestinian instead ..
    Khairy (interrupting, inaudible)
    The douche: Barenboim, yes, I really would have liked to become a musician. Unfortunately the only thing I can play are CD's or "records" ..
    Khairy: Do you like stardom Dr.?
    The douche: .. but ..
    Khairy: Do you like stardom? Do you like the type of stardom that artists enjoy?
    The douche: No, in fact .. This was forced upon me, that I now appear with embarrassing frequency, too often probably

  23. 10:11
    Khairy (interrupting): The camera changes you
    The douche (continuing): .. too often on TV ..
    Khairy: No, just minutes before rolling you were a completely different person, and the moment the lights came on, you became .. eh .. a person fabricated [the douche smiles uneasily] or existing purely for the camera ..
    The douche: That was because of you. You introduced me in a way that disturbed me, but then I found you to be a very nice person so I relaxed. So I came to meet someone I don't know who introduced me in a way that disturbed me, but I found in you a person who is extremely intelligently, who is asking me the questions that I would like to ask ..
    Khairy: I was just slowly pulling you in
    The douche: Exactly, and then "I relaxed", and then I loved you, so I am comfortable. You know, my whole life, by the way, is founded upon love, I'm a very emotional person
    Khairy: But shouldn't the scientific person study the situation first instead of loving or hating right away, which is very important, what you are saying applies to an emotional and not a scientific person
    The douche: I am an emotional person "one hundred per cent", and I'll give you a story about David Hilbert, the greatest "mathematician" in the history of the world ..

  24. I am working on the subtitles, so please do keep them coming.

  25. All subtitles so far are incorporated.

  26. 11-12 The douche: They came and told him, so-and-so is no longer continuing his PhD with us. He asked them, "What will he be doing instead?", and they said, "He wants to be a poet,"and so he said, "I thought so from the beginning, he wasn't emotional (sic) enough to be a mathematician." The real scientist, the talented scientist, dreams up the solution of a problem while he's asleep, and then awake continues "reconstruction" of the solution backwards .. [the douche's cell phone rings and he takes it out to silence it]
    Khairy: You're going to respond to the call Dr.?
    The douche (laughing): No ..
    Khairy: It's no problem if you want to, may be we get news on the air ..
    The douche (regaining composure): People misunderstand science, in science only one thing is important: for one to be honest with oneself, you can be emotional but dishonest .. science requires that you be emotional and yet honest with yourself, and in my case, emotion is the most important thing in the world ..

  27. 12-13 Khairy: How much do you speak on your mobile phone Dr. on a daily basis, approximately?
    The douche: First of all I hate mobile phones a lot, the last person who used a computer and cell phone was I, and until now I don't really know how to use a computer. Now I have a different phone for each country I'm in contact with, so now I have five phones ..
    Khairy: Five?!
    The douche: Yes, five
    Khairy: In your pockets?
    The douche: Yes and I sit on them and they bother me
    Khairy: In your pockets .. you're an important scientist, isn't the radiation dangerous?
    The douche (laughing): Everything is dangerous ...
    Khairy: Has the mobile phone changed anything in your behavior?
    The douche: Yes, in some things. You know, from the standpoint of a philosopher, artist, and poet we say that we have progressed, but I ask myself, have we really progressed? In fact, when I was young I used to 'make fun' (he uses a slightly archaic word) ..
    Khairy: 'Make fun', that's peasant talk, and I'm from the countryside
    The douche: Me too, I'm a peasant through and through
    Khairy: Where are you from?

  28. Hooray! Shortly we will post a preliminary version of the video with subtitles through 10:11 only.

  29. Please, Arabic speakers -- won't you help us by providing subtitles from 13:03 onward so we can keep working? Martin's making a glorious high-definition version with viewer-selectable subtitle language.

  30. 13-14: The douche: I'm from Fareskour
    Khairy: Fareskour?
    The douche: Yes
    Khairy: Near Domyat
    The douche: No, near Mansoura
    Khairy: I'm from Dhakahlia
    The douche: .. you guys put us near Domyat but we're not miserly, we're very generous (laughs)
    [Egyptians tend to believe that people from Domyat, who are more entrepeneurial than the average population, are miserly. I can't attest to the veracity of that claim. Mansoura is the city that was built on the site of the battle with Louis the ninth during the crusades.]
    Khairy: Dr., I have a question, and then we will go to a break and you can answer afterward.
    The douche: Sure
    Khairy: Is Israel hunting you down and has it deprived you of a Nobel, or had a role in that, and are you in fact nominated for a Nobel, and why does Israel consider you a "target", to the point of threatening to kill you with a stray bullet on the river Nile bank. I'll listen to your answer after the break
    [The douche smiles as music takes us to the break]
    Khairy: Welcome back. I was asking Dr. El Naschie about the Nobel prize: was he really nominated and why did the Israelis object and stand against him. And, Dr., why are they threatening to kill you?
    The douche: The truth is, I have never said that I was nominated for a Nobel prize. In fact I would be ignorant to claim such a thing

  31. The interview just gets better and better.

    "The truth is, I have never said that I was nominated for a Nobel prize."

    This is a total lie.

    "I was nominated about 4 times to get the Nobel Prize"

    That's just one example. He says it in every interview except for the few in which he denies saying it.

  32. 14-15: The douche: Even if I knew, I wouldn't tell you. If I knew this moment, I still wouldn't tell you. It's not allowed. Nominations come from your professors, your friends, your followers, and they're secret. Even if a freind or follower told me, and I am not saying that any of them have, I still wouldn't tell you.
    Khairy: You've never said that you were nominated?
    The douche: I have never said that I was nominated. However, I know that people have said that constantly, and I have heard it myself all the time, from people that have the right to nominate for the Nobel, that I was nominated ..
    Khairy (interrupting): What about the interview in (Egyptian) TV Guide magazine two days ago that I just read ..
    The douche: I haven't read everything, there may be some lack of prceision in the quotes. I know that some people have said that I am a nominee, and I know that my work deserves more than a Nobel prize..
    Khairy: Worthy of being nominated?
    The douche: No, more than that by a mile. You are now forcing me to not be modest, this is not the way I usually speak
    Khairy (laughing): You are not modest at all Dr. ..
    The douche (also laughing): Fine ..
    Khairy: It's your right ..

  33. 15-16: The douche: This is new to me, people always describe me as being modest, so i am very happy with this..
    Khairy: It's your right to be happy about it
    The douche: (laughing) It's your right also, because you're not modest either. On the internet, I've been told, their is a site that talks about El Naschie 24 hours a day. On there you will fnd all the threats I've told you about, and .. and by the way, I don't care for them at all, these folks are all lunatics.. some people have said the Mosad is behind this.. I don't know; some have said that they are jealous of me.. what is known for certain is that their is a court case in the "High Court" in London, "the Old Bailey" and I am repsresnted by top lawyers. The case began when a very famous journal in the US published my work under the name of a woman that works as an assistant to a good friend of mine who is very famous. Of course all hell broke loose and the case moved to the UK and then to Germany

  34. 16-17: The douche: And finally, in order to put an end to this, and I can't talk about this any further, I had to litigate ..
    Kairy: But you haven't met any of the Israelis directly, or any of them have sought you out, or have received any threats from them directly?
    The douche: They can't. All they can do is to write on the internet, send things under fake names to my kids, put on google swears at my daughters, put pictures on the internet that you can't see without feeling nauseated ..
    Khairy: You have surprised me Dr., because I went on the internet to read about El Naschie, and you are a name well known to the media, what I noticed most ..
    The douche (interrupting): Don't say well known to the "media", because I am more well known to the scientific quarters than to the media.
    Khairy: But the media notoriety is what is available on the internet and in newspapers. while scientific notoriety would be in scientific journals and research centers

  35. Martin, in the subtitles I'd add in square braces where appropriate to explain what El Naschie's talking about: [El Naschie Watch], [Renate Loll], [Gerard 't Hooft].

  36. I'm at it. Great! I'm too excited to know how it's continuing! Thanks so much anonymous for taking the time!

  37. 17-18 Khairy: So in the media your name is always associated with the statement: "He was nominated for the Nobel prize but was not awarded it". And in many interviews you say that you have been nominated but that it was given to someone else. And at some point it was said that a scientist, a physicist, that was awarded the prize in a subsequent year and you said that you're not upset, because you deserved it the previous year while he deserved it that year. Even Mr. Salah Montasser [he is a well-known journalist who has written a daily column in the Al-Ahram newspaper for the past three decades almost] wrote asking why Dr/ El Naschie's name is always associated with being nominated for the Nobel prize. So you are now surprising me by saying in all clarity and honesty and respectability that it's not true.
    The douche: No. I haven't said that it's not true, or that it's true. I haven't said anything at all. And like I said earlier, I will not tell you. You yourself know how words can be twisted. The very words that I am saying now, without typos, and they can be many, even in a prestigious publication like Al Ahram ..

  38. 18-19 The douche: So I will not go into the thousands of things written on the internet about me. I want just to go back to talk about the Mossad. The brutal attacks against me are interpreted by people through many theories. Personally, in order to not to disturb the viewers or yourself, or even disturb myself, I won't go into these things, because they are well known to everyone. People know very well that I am not an individual that achieved something mundane, but in fact something they call in science a "paradigm shift", in other words, I changed all the existing concepts in the science that we call "high energy physic" (sic). And some very famous people write to me saying they don't understand (what I'm doing) but afterward write signing with the utmost modesty thanking me and heaping upon me laurels, but when I say that you'll say again that I am not humble, although I am well known for being humble

  39. 19-20 Khairy: I think you are well-known for lack thereof
    The douche (laughing): No this is an "allegation", you know "council"..
    Khairy: I was just saying that to get it out of you
    The douche: "Council allegation are (sic) no proof", that's what the lawyer in England says. The accusation you are leveling has no proof, bring me the proof first
    Khairy: OK. Do you mind, we have with us Dr. Sabry Abdel Moneim ... eh ... Sabry Abdel Motelib, who would like to direct a question to you and then we will listen to your answer, as we always do on this program
    Sabry [emeritus professor of chemistry, Ein Shams University]: As for the Nobel prize, as far as I know .. here is a nomination form sent out, these things are very secret, as written explicitly here ..

  40. 20-21 Sabry: So was Dr. Mohammed El Naschie informed about his nomination to the Nobel prize by someone who received a form like this, and so is one person amongst thousands, or was he informed by a member of the Swedish academy, whose members are also a secret, did one of the members of that committee inform the Dr. that he was nominated multiple times as he said?
    Khairy: So there is the question ..
    The douche (interrupting): I think I have already answered that question, even if I knew I won't say, that first. Secondly, I have never said anything to that effect

  41. 21-22 The douche: It was written in Al-Ahram, that this person in Germany, and AL-Ahram was present ... who is the editor of El-Shorouk [A new Egyptian newspaper]
    Khairy: Mr. Abdel-Azeem El-Hammad
    The docuhe: yes, Mr. Abdel-Azeem El-Hammad, I was with him a few weeks a go, and he remembered the celebration held in my honor at which several Nobel prize winners were present and I was honored by being given the title "distinguished fellow", and that is somr\ething very high over there, and then read what was written in Al-Ahram about the guy who said a speech about me, but them you'll say I'm not humble, so what can I say ... I have only heard these things, I have never said that someone has shown me a letter. And, furthermore, it is secret, and if someone confided in me with this secret, I'm not telling..
    Khairy: The last question for you Dr.
    The douche (interrupting): My professor, Ilya Prigogine, who is known all over the place ..
    Khairy: Jewish?
    The douche: Oh yes, of course, Jewish ...

  42. 22-23 The douche: Prof. Prigogine, my professor, who was awarded the Nobel prize, used to love me quite a bit, and would let me sit on his chair, so you guys can think what you want. By the why, I know what the source of all this is, it's all part of the campaign against me
    Khairy: That is being waged be some unnamed individual?
    The douche: Yes, some individuals, but I know who they are (smiles)
    Khairy: My last question in thirty seconds because our time is up ..
    The douche: That's it?
    Khairy: Yes, that's it
    The docuche: But I'm happy and want to continue to talk with you
    Khairy: Next time then, but you'll have to direct questions to yourself
    The douche: No, next time I still won't ask myself any questions
    Khairy: How many research papers have you published?
    The douche (uncomfortably): .. eh .. I don't know, I don't count .. a lot
    Khairy: Were most of them in a journal you were its editor in chief?
    The douche: No, that is not correct at all
    Khairy: Not true?
    The douche: Not true for a simple reason, I'm the editor in chief for a journal on "Nonlinear Dynamic" (sic), and when I became the editor in chief I was already a chaired professor

  43. 23-end The douche: And an editor in chief is not chosen by an international publisher unless he's already in a very high position
    Khairy: Of course
    The douche: And then the quantity ... before that I was an engineer, and all my papers were still in engineering, and the number of papers published made me qualified for the job. And another thing, I am not just the editor in chief, I started the journal, "founding editor". And not just that, I founded the science that the journal focuses on and I lead that science and everyone knows that I am the top person in the world in that science
    Khairy: Thank you for being here
    The douche: Thank you.
    Khairy: Good night everyone, and see you tomorrow on "elbeet beetak"

  44. Are you getting all this Martin? It's devastating. I am shocked at how badly it ended for El Naschie. It just got worse and worse.

    And the lies. Big, obvious ones. How can he think he won't get caught?

    1. Never said he was nominated? It's all he talks about!
    2. Humble. Haha.
    3. Most papers not published in his own journal? Google scholar disagrees.
    4. Chaired professor? No university lists him.

    All our readers thank you, Anonymous, for your yeoman's work.

    Soon we'll have the whole thing in high definition with English and German subtitles.

  45. This... is... remarkable.
    Subtitles in the second video are done until minute 16, in English and German(!), and I prepare all the rest now. So check out the second video on youtube to get an idea how the final result will look like. Please also tell us if we got something wrong somewhere, timing or something.
    Anonymous, I can tell this is some tedious work, wow! (the subtitling too by the way) which is why I heard some friends said that we have been nominated for Noble Prize for our work! But I myself would not say that :)

  46. Anonymous's paradigm-shifting translation deserves several Nobels, but unfortunately it's about your passport and who you know.

    When they're done the three parts will be featured in a dedicated post, of course. I can't wait. WOO HOO!

    I wonder if Francis the Mule would like to create Spanish subtitles. I should ask him. And perhaps Marcelo Leite of Ciência em Dia for Portugese.

  47. I think we should address the languages of his friends/colleagues/partners first, since they might not know what bullshit he is telling in the Arabic media, I think particularly of his French accomplices.

  48. Khairy: How many research papers have you published?
    The douche (uncomfortably): .. eh .. I don't know, I don't count .. a lot

    According to Science Direct, he has 346 journal publications

    Khairy: Were most of them in a journal you were its editor in chief?
    The douche: No, that is not correct at all

    3. Most papers not published in his own journal? Google scholar disagrees.

    According to Science Direct, 323 of his 346 publications are in CSF (that's 93%)

    The douche: And then the quantity ... before that I was an engineer, and all my papers were still in engineering, and the number of papers published made me qualified for the job.

    He started CSF in 1991 [Editorial, Chaos, Solitons & Fractals, Volume 1, Issue 1, 1991, Pages 1-2], and according to Science Direct had only 7 publications before CSF started.
    In 1991, he also began his series of articles on "Cantorian space-time".
    He has no training in physics, and none of these articles has discernible scientific content.

    According to Science Direct, his 346 publications are distributed in the following journals:
    Chaos, Solitons & Fractals (323)
    Mathematical and Computer Modelling (4)
    International Journal of Mechanical Sciences (3)
    Journal of the Franklin Institute (3)
    Journal of Sound and Vibration (3)
    Applied Mathematics Letters (2)
    Computers & Mathematics with Applications (2)
    Physics Letters A (2)
    Biosystems (1)
    Physica D: Nonlinear Phenomena (1)
    Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors (1)
    Vistas in Astronomy (1)

    By year, the 346 articles are distributed as:
    2009 (17)
    2008 (57)
    2007 (18)
    2006 (24)
    2005 (39)
    2004 (14)
    2003 (9)
    2002 (13)
    2001 (24)
    2000 (29)
    1999 (17)
    1998 (18)
    1997 (11)
    1996 (7)
    1995 (7)
    1994 (13)
    1993 (10)
    1992 (6)
    1991 (6)
    1990 (1)
    1979 (1)
    1976 (2)
    1975 (2)
    1974 (1)

  49. More interesting information about the great man concerning his engineering papers

  50. In the above mentioned database (previous comment)
    One can find 8 papers
    1-Exact Asymptotic Solution for the Initial Post-Buckling of a Strut on Linear Elastic Foundation
    ZAMM - Zeitschrift für Angewandte Mathematik und Mechanik
    Volume 54, Issue 10, Date: 1974, Pages: 677-683
    M. S. El Naschie
    M. S. El Naschie *

    *Correspondence to M. S. El Naschie, M. S. El Naschie, 3 Cromer Court, Streatham High Road, London S. W. 16, England
    Stability Research Croup Civil Enginering Department University College, London.

    The great man had two addresses, and one of them is like home address.

    2- An Estimation of the Lower Stability Limit of the Free Edge Orthotropic Cylindrical Shell in Axial Compression
    ZAMM - Zeitschrift für Angewandte Mathematik und Mechanik
    Volume 55, Issue 11, Date: 1975, Pages: 694
    M. S. el Naschie
    M. S. el Naschie *

    *Correspondence to M. S. el Naschie, Faculty of Engineering, Civil Eng. Department, Riyadh University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
    Department of Civil Engineering, University College, London.

    The great man was connected to Riyadh University
    (Now king saud university)

    3- The Role of Formulation in Elastic Buckling and the Stability of Spherical Shells
    ZAMM - Zeitschrift für Angewandte Mathematik und Mechanik
    Volume 55, Issue 9, Date: 1975, Pages: 533-534
    M. S. El Naschie

    M. S. El Naschie
    3 Cromer Court, Streatham High Road, London, S. W. 16, Großbritannien
    Department of Civil Engineering, University College, London.

    I think these are his research paper during his Ph.D

    4- A Note on the Conservativeness of a Certain Type of External Pressure
    ZAMM - Zeitschrift für Angewandte Mathematik und Mechanik
    Volume 56, Issue 12, Date: 1976, Pages: 557
    M. S. El Naschie

    Dr. M. S. El Naschie
    3 Cromer Court, Streatham High Road, London, S. W. 16, England

    Notice the like home address and the title Dr. and the date 1976.

  51. 5- A Note on the Accuracy of the Nonlinear Shell Equations in the Post Buckling Range
    ZAMM - Zeitschrift für Angewandte Mathematik und Mechanik
    Volume 57, Issue 11, Date: 1977, Pages: 673-674

    M. S. El Naschie, A. F. Hosni
    Dr. M. S. El Naschie, Dr. A. F. Hosni
    Faculty of Engineering, Civil Engineering Department, Riyadh University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

    Notice Riyadh university address and the title Dr. and the date 1977.

    6- Nonlinear Isometric Bifurcation and Shell Buckling
    ZAMM - Zeitschrift für Angewandte Mathematik und Mechanik
    Volume 57, Issue 6, Date: 1977, Pages: 293-296
    M. S. El Naschie

    Prof. Dr. M. S. El Naschie
    Faculty of Engineering, Civil Eng. Department, Riyadh University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

    Notice within two years, the great man got a Prof. title in Riyadh university. That could not be achieved nor in England and Saudi Arabia according the standard there. That means fake Prof. title. Even in USA he can't got Prof. title with these kind of ordinary papers.

    7- Post-Buckling Analysis via Crotti-Engesser Theorem
    ZAMM - Journal of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics / Zeitschrift für Angewandte Mathematik und Mechanik
    Volume 68, Issue 12, Date: 1988, Pages: 649-651
    El M. S. Naschie

    Prof. Dr. El M. S. Naschie *
    51 Pitt Place, Church Street, Epsom, Surrey KT17 4PY, England

    *Correspondence to El M. S. Naschie, 51 Pitt Place, Church Street, Epsom, Surrey KT17 4PY, England

    Notice the date 1988 and the like home address.

    8- On the Susceptibility of Local Elastic Buckling to Chaos
    ZAMM - Journal of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics / Zeitschrift für Angewandte Mathematik und Mechanik
    Volume 70, Issue 12, Date: 1990, Pages: 535-542
    M. S. El Naschie

    Prof. Dr. M. S. El Naschie
    51 Pitt Place, Church Street, Epsom, Surrey KT17 4PY, England, U.K.
    Again home address and Prof. title.

    It is clear that the great man claimed Prof. title too early even after getting his Ph. D by two years. Also the great man was connected to Riyadh university (Now king saud) from 1977.

    It would be interesting if one of the readers of this blog can obtain a copy of the El naschie's Ph.D.
    System number: 014720109
    Cataloguing level: Minimal record
    Author - personal: El Nashie, M. S.
    Title: The roll of formulation in elastic buckling.
    Publisher/year: [S.l.] : University of London, 1974.
    Physical descr.: pp. 348.
    Dissertation: Doctoral Thesis - University of London.
    Reproduction note: Microfilm. 35 mm.
    Added name: University of London.
    Holdings (All): Details
    Shelfmark: D11176/74 DSC Request

    I have the doubt that the great man has a
    fake Ph.D or some body else has done for him the Ph.D. In fact his paper style in CSF reveals that this guy has no scientific training at all, whatever in physics or even engineering. I think also the great man worked
    in Saudi arabia during 1970's and 1980's in civil engineering where he earned a lot of money (remember the price of oil got high after 1973), and a lot of projects were going on during that period.

  52. Good point. I'll summarize it in a blog post.

  53. I called the university once and they said, there's not a big chance to get hold of his thesis.

  54. Ah, in fact, now I remember, I asked them if they can just confirm at the phone the title and date of his thesis or send a copy. That's when they said, that's not possible. I take it, you will get whatever you want when you go there personally.