Sunday, March 7, 2010

Four recent sockpuppets on FQXi-603

This is a collection of four extraordinary sockpuppet posts from FQXi-603. The first two are at risk of disappearing from FQXi, having been automatically flagged for moderation for using the word "idiot" (to describe me).


MT wrote on Mar. 4, 2010 @ 23:03 GMT [deleted by FQXi mods]
If you ask me I would bet my bottom dollar that this Jason and his El Naschie Watch are an invention by no one else but El Naschie supporters themselves. No one has pushed the cause of Mohamed El Naschie and gained him sympathy in the Arab world like El Naschie Watch. Victimizing a major or even minor figure of the Islamic world in such a way does not go down well in the Moslem psyche. As a result El Naschie gained incredible support and was able to collect vast amounts of money to further his cause against what is unanimously portrayed as racism and religious discrimination. John Baez tried to convince this idiot Jason that in doing what he doing he is effectively helping El Naschie. The idiot is persisting and ultimately I am persuaded that it is El Naschie or his supporters who are behind this site. Of course Martin Klicken is nothing else but Christoph Drosser of Die Zeit newspaper in Hamburg, Germany . However this is only a cover up. I think this Mohamed El Naschie is far sleeker than most of us think and it is better to attack him in a different way if you think attacking him is a cause worth pursuing. I just do not like Jason and his methods because they are counterproductive. I spoke once with Jason on the telephone. Believe me it is a waste of time. He is either one of those E-infinity fans masquerading as an enemy of El Naschie or he is an absolute mad man. I hope some of you think about this a little before we bring about what we are trying to avoid.

Anon wrote on Mar. 4, 2010 @ 23:36 GMT [deleted by FQXi mods]
I agree Jason is an idiot. He is really helping El Naschie more than anyone else. El Naschie should be grateful to him but I find it difficult to think that he is being paid by El Naschie supporters. Of course his latest discovery is a wonderful birthday present to El Naschie. He says Mohamed El Naschie’s picture with three Nobel laureates is a forgery. This is not only wishful thinking, this is lunacy. He has now made it clear that El Naschie was indeed invited by Gerard ‘tHooft. There are dozens of Mohamed El Naschie and Gerard ‘tHooft pictures everywhere. There are pictures in Cairo as well as in Riyadh and Italy apart of on the beach in Alexandria. There are pictures of Gerard ‘tHooft in El Naschie’s home. In addition there are pictures where the great Jewish scholar David Finkelstein is hugging El Naschie and giving him brotherly kisses. Similar pictures depict El Naschie together with Nobel laureates Leggett and Ashcroft. It is idiotic to show this new so called evidence as something against El Naschie. When you remember that this site is a pirate site not owned or operated by El Naschie, then the stupidity of Jason becomes evident. Whatever he did, he helped El Naschie by dispelling any doubt that these pictures are genuine and that El Naschie was one of a selected elite who had the privilege of being invited by Gerard ‘tHooft to a private island in Holland. I agree with those who will consider El Naschie Watch a source for validation of El Naschie in the Middle East and in Egypt. I would go even further and predict a major international scandal, latest when the trial of El Naschie versus Nature starts in London.

Ben wrote on Mar. 6, 2010 @ 17:02 GMT
A few days ago I was accosted by an article entitled A multiverse of probabilities published in Physics World by the author Ben Freivogel (see p.40). I claim that the basic idea of the multiverse proposal is fractal. More precisely the idea is implicit in the work of Laurent Nottale and Garnet Ord and explicit in the work of M.S. El Naschie. If the readers could bear with me I would like to make this assertion plausible. A fractal implies infinity. In its simplest form it is the infinite ability of magnifying and zooming exactly as explained in the excellent World Scientific book of Nottale. A four dimensional fractal implies infinite numbers of concentric four dimensional spaces. Whether you think of the resulting structure as one Cantorian spacetime as presented by El Naschie or alternatively think of the structure as an infinite amount of four spacetimes connected together, it is only a matter of semantics. The way El Naschie adds probabilities together in an infinite series implies an infinite number of universes constituting a multiverse albeit an infinite one. The mathematics is very clear here. The simplest way to think of it is to put a four dimensional cube insider another four dimensional cube and so on ad infinitum. When you do the sums correctly which resembles a continued fracture, then you find that the final dimension is four plus the golden mean to the power three. E-infinity implies multiverse. The correctly weighted multiverse is a fractal spacetime with an expectation value for the topological dimension exactly equal four and an expectation value for the Hausdorff dimension exactly equal to four plus the golden mean to the power three. Some have suggested a connection to a Hilbert cube for instance Prof. Ji-Huan He from Shanghai. It is interesting to realize that there is now real experimental verification for the preceding theory. Finding the golden mean in quantum mechanics in the Helmholtz Centre in Berlin is a major discovery with incalculable consequences for the further development of fundamental physics. Nottale and Garnet Ord exactly as Richard Feynmann had the right haunch. Fractal spacetime is the answer. This is also obvious from the work of Tim Palmer which was published in the Royal Society a few months ago. Of course the establishment is not amused. Never the less science is not about being amused or not. Science is about being right. The New Scientist seems to have sensed the change of tide. Its newest edition carries the title Touching the multiverse, first hint that it really exists, Vol. 205, No. 2750. To be candid the idea is not that brand new. Feynmann’s path integral is the first version of this fast breaking idea. Everet’s multiuniverses theory which was championed by Murray Gellman is another version. However the discovery of the golden mean in the laboratory as a basis for quantum mechanics puts the whole thing in a completely new perspective. We are not philosophizing or theoretizing. The golden mean and thus El Naschie’s E-infinity theory is not a mere theory any more. You could say Nottale, Ord and El Naschie following Feynman discovered the real building blocks of quantum spacetime. These building blocks for which Gerard ‘tHooft searched for a long time are elementary random Cantor sets with a golden mean as a Hausdorff dimension. Similar qualitative ideas not using the quantitative golden mean approach is due to Fay Dowker and are called partially ordered sets. To go deeper than that in this theory will take us too far. I just wanted to give the unbiased reader a taste of the deep meaning of Nottale’s theory of fractal spacetime and what it really implies.

Ahmed wrote on Mar. 7, 2010 @ 17:43 GMT
Dear Ray,

You put an advertisement for this site everywhere claiming that it is a respectable scientific site. I admire your patience and your politeness. It is not your mistake when parasites intrude on the site. However you could ask the Blogmaster to remove those comments that devaluate you and the ongoing discussion. You are doing yourself no good by getting mixed up with some of these parasites floating around on the internet. You cannot always take a middle road. In science mid-road is more often than not mid-riocrity. Mohamed El Naschie could be Moslem, black, green or Buddhist. This has nothing to do with science. He could be whatever he is as a private person but this has nothing to do with science. Richard Feynman was a scandal as far as his sexual life was concerned but this had nothing to do with his science. Science is only about science. I do not expect the parasites floating on this site to understand what I mean, but you should. Appeasing parasites is really promoting them. There is nothing called promoting Mohamed El Naschie. He is either right or wrong which is a matter of computation, consistency, logic and experimentation. The VAK hypothesis implies the golden mean already. You know very well Ray that Mohamed is right on this. Whether he has fake pictures or real pictures with Nobel laureates or gorillas in the mist, is of no consequence to the VAK. I have far too much respect for you and you remember I helped you on an occasion or two to see you devaluating yourself by exchanging even polite good mornings or have fun with the parasites which you and I know exactly their names.

Best regards,


Two recent posts from FQXI-395:

spartan wrote on Mar. 2, 2010 @ 18:59 GMT
I thought trash is recognized by anybody as trash. I did not think that a magazine like Nature should reduce its role in the scientific community to writing defamatory articles excused by the existence of trash. This is would be natural trash. As far as the libel case is concerned the important thing is that the journalist lied. He willfully and intentionally gave false information. Schiermeier did not lie for the first time and neither Christoph Drosser. They have a history of giving false information. This is clear from the complaint made against Nature and against Schiermeier in particular from other scientists. The question is why did you single out Mohamed El Naschie? Mohamed El Naschie was a member of the mainstream all his life. Of course he is an engineering scientist as well as being a Moslem. I do not think Nature will find that sufficient grounds for finding him eccentric. There is much that does not meet the eyes here. Remember the discovery of the golden mean in the laboratory by the Helmholtz Centre. Remember all the fuss that John Baez, a friend of Renate Loll, made about the golden mean. He said the trade mark of any crackpot was to write about the golden mean. A few months later when he at last understood what El Naschie was doing, he gave a lecture in Scotland called My Favorite Number. Without a trace of shame he singled out the number 8 and the golden mean as his favorite numbers. You should read this paper and admire the nerve of this guy or perhaps label him a crackpot!

Annonymous wrote on Mar. 8, 2010 @ 14:50 GMT
The proposition that E-infinity people should be responsible for El Naschie Watch does not stand scrutiny. Jason is an idiot none the less. He is an idiot used as a puppet on a string. The people behind him are true criminals trying to obscure the truth. That is the affect of the High Court in London. I had a look at the new picture that Jason put in his site. The poor idiot is reinforcing El Naschie’s image. I agree it is a paradox. He dug out yet another picture of El Naschie with yet another Nobel laureate. I see a beaming Nobel laureate Horst Stroemer [sic. Horst Ludwig Störmer, Nobel 1998, physics] being photographed together with an unusually handsome young man who seems to be from Middle Eastern origin. I guess this is El Naschie although he looks much younger than I thought. In the same picture you have a very attractive young lady standing beside him as well as Professor Martienssen and a stocky fat man, I guess Prof. Walter. I have never seen these pictures before and El Naschie should thank Jason for bringing it to the wider attention of the educated public if that was his intention. It is difficult to understand what the intention of an insect is. I heard somebody say calling Jason bacteria is an insult to the bacteria. I hope the immune system of the healthy reader of this site is strong enough to stand these concentrated attacks of germs.

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  1. In fact both posts are now deleted.


  2. Wow, you're right. The ones where they called me an idiot. See, that's why El Naschie Watch is the best place for El Naschie news and information. :) I will label them as deleted.