Saturday, March 13, 2010

Leave Jihan alone!

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Our archive The Sockpuppets Soldier On has been updated with the latest comments on Becky Jungbauer's post You're a mean one, Mr. El Naschie, which has seen a flurry of recent comments.

El Naschie has a brother Said Elnashaie. He is a chemical engineer. His wife is Shadia Al-Shishini. She has two children by a previous marriage. A son, Hesham Fadel; and a daughter, the actress Jihan Fadel.

The Naschie Party don't like the lovely and talented Jihan Fadel one bit. Readers may remember, for example, an FQXi commenter named M. Tolba gratuitously calling her a "third class actress". In fact anti-Jihan sneers are disconcertingly routine among Naschienal Socialists. They accuse Shadia of using Jihan to "control" Said, whatever that means. They call Jihan a soft-porn movie actress, which is a scurrilous lie; she does mainstream drama and light romantic films. They are flaming misogynists.

This comment sinks to a new low:

Said is that your new name - Anonymous? You are a sickening parasite and your hate has no end. It will consume you and all what will remain from you is a big lump of meat which is sitting with no job, no function and no honor in the 6th of October [An Egyptian governorate and city] beside Jihan and her bastards. What a downfall. Dr. Said is an ex convict. You have disgraced the whole nation not only your family. Have a look in the mirror and see your own site: [In Arabic, with news clippings of Jihan Fadel in the sidebar]
anonymus (not verified) | 03/13/10 | 11:50 AM

Jihan's darling children are not illegitimate. She is married to Amr Hamdi ( عمرو حمدي ), a fashion designer.

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