Wednesday, March 10, 2010

No Nobel for El Naschie since he's a Muslim

He solved the mystery of quantum mechanics, but on account of his religion, someone else must be found to receive the Nobel Prize.

That's what sockpuppet M. Singh says in the latest comment in our archive The Sockpuppets Soldier On, which came in just today.

Here's what he says:

The experimental discovery of the golden mean should come as no surprise to anyone who is familiar with the VAK. The VAK attractor of Kolomogorov is a conjecture made by the great French topologist Rene Thom. It is nothing more than applying KAM theorem to quantum mechanic. KAM theorem states that the most stable stationary states which are called periodic orbits correspond to the most irrational winding numbers. The most irrational number is the golden mean. Applied to quantum mechanics, this means that the most stable particle which can be observed experimentally will relate to the golden mean. That is all folks. You see we theoretical physicists have always a minimum of new ideas. Our ideas are always extremely simple. We tend to prefer making very difficult computations rather than strenuous thinking using new ideas. All what distinguishes Mohamed El Naschie from the rest of us is that he was less lazy with regards to new ideas and extremely lazy when it comes to strenuous computations. That is how he came to the VAK and he tried it out. The discovery of the golden mean in quantum mechanic in Helmholtz Centre must be a triumph for the VAK. It is not a triumph for Mohamed El Naschie because no one person has ever done anything on his own. It is always the collective effort of humanity. If Rene Thom would be alive today, he would have bagged a Nobel Prize in physics besides his field medal in mathematics. If you do not want to give Mohamed El Naschie a prize because he is a Muslim, I assure you many Christians, Jews as well as atheists worked on the VAK. I am sure you will find somebody suitable who is not offensive to the establishment to give a Nobel Prize to for solving the mystery of quantum mechanics.

M Singh (not verified) | 03/10/10 | 14:03 PM

El Naschie frequently blames his lack of a Nobel on being Muslim, being named Mohamed, being an Arab, having an Egyptian passport, etc. He also says the Nobel is decided not in Stockholm but in Israel.

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