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The title of this post is "No.6 = Ji-huan = own magazine = disgraceful". No.6, I am guessing, refers to six papers in his own International Journal of Nonlinear Sciences and Numerical Simulation (IJNSNS). Ji-Huan He of Donghua University in Shanghai, a member of the shadowy E-infinity brotherhood, is a controversial and colorful figure in Chinese academia.


Here are a couple of comments from Hong-Fei Wang's scholarly and popular blog. Original Chinese, or Google's English translation.

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发表评论人: [游客]123abc [2010-2-12 19:08:49] ip:154.5.12.* Comment by: [Visitor] 123ABC [2010-2-12 19:08:49] IP: 154.5.12 .*
何吉欢教授终于被砍了: Professor He Jihuan finally chopped the [i.e., he jumped the shark]:
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No.6= 何吉欢=自己的杂志=极不光彩 No.6 = Ji-huan = own magazine = disgraceful


Ji-Huan He writes a lot about something called the Homotopy Perturbation Method (HPM). That is one of a class of approximate methods for differential equations that have been ridiculed by Francisco M. Fernandez in a paper called On the application of homotopy perturbation method to differential equations (PDF). Fernandez refers to the methods collectively as VAPA, for variational and perturbational approaches. Here are the abstract and some choice quotes from his paper:

We show that a recent application of homotopy perturbation method to a class of ordinary differential equations yields either useless or wrong results... most of the results produced by those methods are useless, nonsensical, and worthless... It seems that one of the greatest feats of many VAPA applications is to produce power–series expansions to simple and trivial problems in a cumbersome and laborious way... In fact, VAPA have produced the worst research papers ever written.


There is not only a question of whether HPM is any good, there is even some question of whether Ji-Huan He actually invented it. According to this article (Chinese or English), the authors M. Sajid and T. Hayat of the paper Comparison of HAM and HPM methods in
nonlinear heat conduction and convection equations
, Nonlinear Analysis B: Real World Application, online (doi:10.1016/j.nonrwa.2007.08.007) concluded that

...nothing is new in Dr. He's approach, except the new name homotopy perturbation method: Dr. He just employed the early ideas of [Dr. Shijun] Liao's HAM [homotopy analysis method].

Ji-Huan He has given a number of responses to this accusation. One of them is his paper Comparison of homotopy perturbation method and homotopy analysis method according to whose abstract

Comparison of homotopy perturbation method (HPM) and homotopy analysis method is made, revealing that the former is more powerful than the later [sic. latter]. Furthermore, the HPM is further developed in this paper by applying the modern perturbation methods.

There is clearly no love lost between the two scientists. Rumor mongering, slander, plagiarism, stealing, forgery. Every accusation you can think of. (Chinese or English.)


Ji-Huan He has a remarkable blog (Chinese or English). It contains much unabashed self-promotion. For example there's a link to a Science Watch page with this table:

Also, this (Chinese or English) describing him as "The world's most popular elected fellow".

And this (Chinese or English) according to which he's a finalist for "the year's most Red Fellow", whatever that means.


His blog contains a great deal of his own poetry in Chinese, whose quality I am not competent to judge.

Leaves no chills, only hope the fruits of autumn
何吉欢 HE Ji-huan
叶儿点点绿 Yeer little bit of green
春姑怯怯来 Regardless of Qieqie to spring
'寒冬还复归? 'Winter has also reverted to?
春寒又似秋!' Spring chill deemed to fall! '
'嫩叶不畏寒, 'Leaves no chills,
只盼秋果实!' Only hope autumn fruit! '

Heaven, Earth,
何吉欢 HE Ji-huan
野旷花逐浪, Kuang Hua by wild waves
河清舟行云。 Qing Zhou Clouds.
登山极目眺, Mountain monastery is surrounded by an audience,
伸手揽天际! Hand football sky!

Zhuji New Year
何吉欢 HE Ji-huan
诸暨晨曦望,一年一复回! Zhuji Chenxi Wang, a one-year recovery back!
树树皆盼春,山山唯生晖! Tree Tree are for spring, Shan Shan Hui Shee!
游子驱车还,学童带礼归! Sons drove further, students with a ceremony of naturalization!
相顾似相识,长歌吟梅花! Phase Gu met like long Song of plum!

His poetry in English is awful.

Modern version of “Tears on Black”
该小诗写于November 28, 2006, 与关涛博士表现节目时所写.

I am but a young Yorker
Coming home from Iraq
Coming home to "the World" of blame

I departed the Baghdad
I'm going home to see my dad
Going home to be treated like a true terrorism

Many days have passed
And maybe at last
Real Americans can finally see

That the real scam
for Saddam
Was neither democracy nor grave threat to peace

But for oil up high
No, Not in the sky
But the place the call M.E. (middle east)

Now, in this place
People walk and face
an endless, long black oil and red “oil"

The red and black blood
Is not from the Baghdad
But from the hearts of Americans.


Finally, we must ask...
...does the unfortunate Liu Liu have a crush on him? (Chinese or English.)

Posts about Ji-Huan He:

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  1. A year since this comment:
    > Others on the editorial board include the almost equally notorious J.-H. He.
    (reprised here), He continues to receive long-deserved increased attention (see also Arnold's SIAM article, with "More posts about Ji-Huan He" at the bottom), and IJNSNS issues (though the comment here could have been stronger, e.g., for starters spell "Bonnie" correctly...).
    Much of MSElN's nefarious behavior and corruption of the literature has been actively facilitated by He, and they deserve a common fate.

    It is also useful to document the lack of content in the entirety of the E-infinity corpus, without exception, and it is ironic that this non-technical site alone has provided more stringent post facto peer review for those articles than ever received prior to "publication".

  2. Heh, I didn't know about that post of Martin's. I like it even if he spelled "Bonnie" wrong. ;)

    It's true we're not a technical blog, i.e., a math or physics blog per se, but we have technical expertise, and our readership is overwhelmingly technical. We are sort of a scandal sheet for eggheads. John Baez of n-category Cafe and Bee of Backreaction chickened out when the legal threats started flying. Erdferkel, and Thilo Kuessner's Mathlog, and some others did better. The Great Man's thugs scared the hell out of me, but I kept it up. El Naschie Watch has persued El Naschie monomanaically. We are willing to wrestle in the mud. We are about as narrowly focussed as a blog can be. It's gotten to the point where we are on Google page one for any search related to El Naschie or any of his cohorts, in any language. Many technical bloggers didn't actually chicken out, and are on our side, but would really rather talk science than scandal. That's ok, but if you're not willing to mudwrestle you're not going to take these guys down.

    We don't get a lot of hits from China, but they almost all go straight to Arnold's SIAM article. And this post is getting some too now.

    Thank you for your comment. I really appreciate it when readers comment. Even negative comments would be appreciated, although the Naschie Party don't seem to want to comment here. I do this blog for fun.

    By the way, Anonymous, let me know if you want to do a guest post. I can supply the graphic, or you can.