Thursday, March 11, 2010

The paranoid fantasies of M. Tolba

If you haven't been over to the FQXi-603 thread for a while, you should. It's very active. Since I wrote E-infinity babbles on interminably, E-infinity has left three more screeds. More interesting than those, however, is this brain-fevered rant from sockpuppet "M. Tolba", shown here with my links and red comments:

M. Tolba wrote on Mar. 10, 2010 @ 19:52 GMT
Dear Ray,

Have you ever seen anything as fanatic as these guys calling themselves Anonymous? I am sure you would like to know who has the energy and will to go on at such time consuming and over years sustained campaign of indescribable hate and poisonous fury. You and the other victims of these people have earned a reasonable answer. There are three people who have been harmed by their own actions to the extent that they cannot stop. The first is an editor in Die Zeit in Hamburg called Christopher Drosser [sic. Christoph Drösser]. This man has a great deal of chips on his shoulder. He earned a diploma in Mathematics in Germany but could not land a job. By writing a paid for defamatory article about Mohamed El Naschie in Die Zeit., he thought he could earn a great deal of fame which eluded him all his life. He thought he helped John Baez and Querin Schermeir [sic. Quirin Schiermeier] along the way. Well El Naschie took lawyers in Germany against him and Die Zeit. He attempted to intimidate Mohamed El Naschie as well as the family [El Naschie Watch has written about Anke Böhm, to whom El Naschie's Web site is registered.] of Dr. Bohm [sic. Dr. H.G. Böhm, a spokesman for El Naschie]. He misjudged the situation because Mohamed El Naschie does not know the word FEAR. It is his weakest point. Mohamed El Naschie is very afraid to be afraid so he always says what he wants to say no matter what. Drosser using pseudo names, Martin Klicken [Accusing Martin Klicken of being Drösser's sockpuppet.] threatened in German using Die Zeit online as his own private blog that unless El Naschie withdraws his case in the Hamburg Court, he will watch him day and night and get at him one way or another. That is how El Naschiewatch and Jason Hosten came into existence. [Accusing me too.] Everybody knows or at least suspects that Jason and Martin Klicken are pseudo names for Christopher Drosser of Die Zeit. Christoph Drosser is understandably furious because his career in Hamburg has been damaged quite a bit. The second person who is a big loser is Querin Schermeier of Nature. He is spreading rumors about Prof. Walter Greiner and Dr. Bohm thinking he can intimidate them to not appear in court in London. I can assure you he is daydreaming. The third person is Said Elnashaie. He is a mentally handicapped person. He was in psychiatric treatment in London paid for by Mohamed. Said’s wife, Shadia [Al-Shishini], was convicted for forgery and theft. Said has no children of his own. Shadia controls him through her daughter, a third class Egyptian actress, name Jehane [sic. The lovely and talented Jihan Fadel] and I will omit the last name out of courtesy. These are the three people who are so badly damaged and are responsible for this sustained attack. Behind them are other who although have been damaged as well in their reputation and scientific integrity, they are intelligent enough to shun continuing this losing battle. The first is Renate Loll [An author of the SCIAM paper.] from Utrecht. The second is John Baez of the N-Category Café. The third is a respectable person who has been dragged in this scandal and I have too much scruple to mention his name [Nobel Laureate Gerard 't Hooft]. Around these main figures there are parasitic personalities such as a Nobel Laureate in Chemistry [Ahmed Zewail] and a current Minister of Higher Education [Hani Hilal] for whom the angels are weeping day and night. Finally the scandalous defamation is financed by Egyptian businessman who is totally corrupt and related to Said. I have no scruple mentioning his name. His name is Ahmed Gaber. [I have never heard of him. So this guy owes me money? Sweet!] Dr. Ahmed Gaber. A chemical engineer and an owner of a corrupt company specialized in environmental problems. Ahmed Gaber has siphoned millions of dollars of American aid to Egypt into his pocket. He has corrupted the Ministry of Environment of Egypt and when the scandal explodes, it will engulf well known personalities in the Middle East. Ahmed Gaber is a true international crook and he is extremely afraid of Mohamed El Naschie for the very reason I mentioned earlier on. Mohamed El Naschie is rich, influential and does not know the word fear and he knows everything about Ahmed Gaber. For an American living in Tallahasee, Florida, I think this is more than enough for today.

Best wishes and apology for the hassle and keep on the good work.

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