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This surfer is no Einstein

Treasure! A new archive gleaned from a PDF sent to me by a reader. This one contains the no-longer-online reader comments on the January 22, 2008 Telegraph article by Marcus du Sautoy called Garrett Lisi: This surfer is no Einstein. It's sort of a companion to Another archive for your amusement.

You can read the article online. We archive here only the precious comments.

Because of problems with the PDF, bits of text may be missing or misplaced here and there, but overall it's quite readable. There are also places where a commenter has used hard line breaks with a heavy hand to narrow a column of text. In general I have left such formatting alone.


There appears to be a great deal of impersonation going on. Not mere sock puppetry, but actual impersonation of real people. For example, just because He signs a name doesn't mean it's he. (Pun.)


Few years ago, I had the great honor and pleasure of being a Ph.D. student Mohamed. El Naschie. All people who have met Prof. El Naschie share the same him. He really has got a genius mind and a strong charisma. I still remember with him in Egypt and in London. When he speaks in physics, hundreds of brilliant come out of his mind. I haven’t experienced something like that in all physicists except him. For his students, that makes it very difficult to write down all the comments he said in the meeting! His papers represent a great source of inspirations current string theory research in the UK. My advice to people who hate professor
to try to improve their research abilities instead of attacking one of the most scientists in the world. [Nasr Ahmed denies writing this]
Posted by N. Ahmed from UK on June 11, 2008 3:35 PM

If El Naschie is really brilliant, why his citations are equal to 32 while another Edward Witten has 82000 citations. Prof Gerard T' Hooft has 30000
difference, El Naschie has citations ( by himself ) = 32 ( thirty two only
while Edward Witten has 82000 ( Eighty Two Thousands )
Again to see the difference
Mohamed El Naschie has 300 papers = 32 citation = thirty two citations
Edward Witten has 328 papers = 82000 citations = eight two thousands citations
Gerard T' hooft = 30000 Citations = thirty thousands citations
I hope you can see the difference.
Posted by elsheshtwi on June 11, 2008 1:12 PM

Dear Respected Sir,
I hope if Telegraph Editors could check the following site
groups, called E8, as the key to his idea to unify quantum physics and relativity E8 can be thought of as the symmetries of a huge snowflake living in [248-dimensional space.] Lisi believed that inside this he could bind the symmetries of the quantum world relativity.
Unfortunately, the consensus, after investigation, is that it is impossible to use Lisi was hoping and produce a consistent model that reflects reality.
wave - but it is time to knock him off his board and recognise that we are still next Einstein to span the gap between the symmetries of the very small and Marcus du Sautoy is a Professor of Mathematics at Wadham College, Oxford. giving the inaugural 4th Estate lecture at The Royal Society on Feb
'Finding Moonshine: A Mathematician's Journey Through Symmetry' which is Harper Collins on Feb 4 and is available for £16.99 + £1.25 p&p.
Books on 0870 428 4112 or go to

As you could see that Mr El Naschie refers to this page as NEWS about him, main article in telegraph is not talking about him. The only reference to him the comments section. Is this article supposed to be talking about Mr.
the TELEGRAPH news is attempting to reflect? I hope that editors of TELEGRAPH this faking reference. El Naschie is using Telegraph for his special interests that right.
Sincerely Yours,
Posted by son of Egypt on June 11, 2008 1:09 PM

In my comment posted today on your site, I realized that the name of Prof.
misspelt. The correct spelling is El Naschie and not ElNascie as it appears on apologize for this inadvertent mistake and thank you for posting the correct Naschie's name.
Asser Zaky, F.Inst.Phys., LFIEEE
Emeritus Professor
Posted by Asser Zaky on June 10, 2008 6:33 PM

It is close to 40 yers that I have been close friend of ElNascie and with the passage my admiration for him as a person endowed with a 'beautiful' mind and an enormous has constantly increased. His innate talent for numbers and mathematics has acquire virtuosic mathematical skills akin to those of Paganini with the violin. an enormous asset if one is to delve deeply into the realm of theoretical physics. once an engineer but with this talent and a searching and manifold mind he his true love lay in the field of theoretical physics in general and in particular challenging problem of the unification of the forces of nature. He has taken and achievedd brilliant results acknowledged by leading researchers in this the world. That some of his papers have topped the citation list speaks for itself. some who criticize him for his prolific publications; surely this is out of shear envy.For that matter should we scoff at Mozart or Bach for their prolificity?
To be the target of the mudslingers and racists is no novelty.It is a necessary to glory. Many of the great names in science (as well as in other disciplines) endure the slings and arrows of their contemporary rivals- Boltzman,Becquerel,Einstein are just few of the names that come immediately to mind. So be it man who to me, borrowing Blake's words,holds infinity in the palm of his hands eternity in an hour. To him I say, be patient, time will certainly vindicate you.
Asser Zaky, F.Inst.Phys., LFIEEE
Emeritus Professor
Posted by Asser Zaky on June 9, 2008 8:43 PM

i've met Garrett Lisi several times in Maui. He's not
a very good surfer either.
Posted by Jason Sevennod on June 7, 2008 10:01 PM

Hey writer of the slanderous article, I just want others to know that you combine with poor use of the English language to attack one of the World's, and certainly Worlds' premier scientists. Mohamed El Naschie was trained as a Civil Engineer, emphasis on structural mechanics. He achieved international fame, as well short period of time during which individuals like your good self would have cooking up lies about others. Once he resolved a number of critical issues in inquisitive mind led him to start reading in physics. How many researchers transition from structural engineering to pure physics, and achieved international of their work in both within 20 years? ONLY Mohamed El Naschie

degree in physics is indeed his Miracle, not a point to be ashamed of. I was late Ilya Prigogine, Professor at the University of Brussels, I think, and a Nobel (1977), when Mohamed El Naschie was giving a lecture, using the black board chalk. I MYSELF, WITH MY OWN EARS, heard him say "If this is proven completely, Nobel Prize'. Enough said about your slander! And YES, Mohamed [was honored by] China like very very few are, and a whole conference, to which I was invited was held in his honor and named after him. What is the standing of the Conference really not an important issue, but for people like you. Finally, why does [he publish in] his own journal? Simple, if I had a shop selling cars, and I was the best car the world, why bless other shops with my cars? I would place my cars in my [own shop. His] work is simply brilliant, so he promotes his Journal, as if it needs promotion, [with] work in his Journal.
Good luck with your anger management course.
A.El Nashai
Posted by Amr Nashai on June 5, 2008 1:48 PM

Dear Readers,
It is gratifying to see that so many people were appalled by the slander of my Mohamed Salah-eldin Hamed El Naschie (yes each one of the three brothers in Latin differently, but we are all full blood brothers). As I have written in a heard with my own ears, whilst sitting next to Illa Prigogine, I heard him say what he is seeing on the board can be proven fully, it would constitute the basis prize. The speaker he was referring to is Mohamed El Naschie. Mohamed is a true genius. Those who do not recognize this are either prejudiced or too recognize. I think, from what I read, the author of the said comment is actually and prejudiced.
Being the youngest brother of Mohamed is a pleasure, and a pain. A pleasure may or may not meet in a course of a lifetime such a unique individual. But unique individual as my own brother is a chance in many hundreds of millions. thank God and my parents, and the randomness of genetic inheritance, for is a pain because many people tend to compare between brothers, for no logical probably judged by most people or nearly all people as an extremely successful director of two major centers in the Number One civil engineering department big ten university. But whatever I do, my contribution will be a drop in my brother's achievements that touches so many aspects of science, technology and humanity. had a normal brother, in a sense. I do not, I have a genius and a world figure might was well enjoy this :-) and claim that there was some minute chance genius would have come to me. I am so proud of my brother. I am not shocked by the slanderous article, although it deserves these feelings. I feel sorry for There must be a very painful flame inside this character that leads to such unfounded poisoned words. Fire and poison are painful; when they are internal, they may Please join me in asking for forgiveness and some internal peace to the writer article. And pray that none of us is inflicted with the tremendous pain of envy
Posted by Amr S. Elnashai on June 5, 2008 10:45 AM

I, Prof. Ji-Huan He am signing this letter with my own name.
The unfounded cowardly attack against Prof. El Naschie was made by
people hiding behind pseudo names and went as far as writing
defamatory letters to Cambridge in England, to Saudi Arabia and even to me in China trying to prevent me from going on with our large and
extremely successful conference named after Prof. El Naschie
for his contributions to science in general and nonlinear
dynamics in particular.
Some little journals here and there thought they can gain
some cheap points by attacking our successful group and I
have in mind one particular Journal that is unfortunately
Chinese. I will not mention at this point anything more on
these little journals but they tried to find inside
Elsevier a supporter to attack Prof. El Naschie by unfair
methods of unethical competition just because our journal
happens to be the best.
We will not spend more time answering and talking to such
people who will end in the rubbish bin of history in all
events. I am confident that Prof. El Naschie will earn the
highest recognition and the highest prize including the
Nobel Prize in time whether he remains the Director of King
Abdullah Institute for nanotechnology in Riyadh or decides
to devote his time to political work in his native country
Egypt or withdraw altogether and work only on the further
development of E-Infinity theory. I am sure at the end his
and our work will be vindicated and will remain an integral
part of scientific culture and a shining example for all
young scientists in Egypt, Arabia, China and the whole
Dr. Ji Huan-He
Donghua University,Shanghai, China
Posted by Prof. Ji-Huan He on June 3, 2008 11:14 PM

Few years ago, I had the great honor and pleasure of being a Ph.D. student Mohamed. El Naschie. All people who have met Prof. El Naschie share the same him. He really has got a genius mind and a strong charisma. I still remember with him in Egypt and in London. When he speaks in physics, hundreds of brilliant come out of his mind. I haven’t experienced something like that in all physicists except him. For his students, that makes it very difficult to write down all the comments he said in the meeting! His papers represent a great source of inspirations current string theory research in the UK. [Nasr Ahmed denies writing this]
Posted by Ahmed on June 3, 2008 6:53 PM

I have read with horror and disgust what some internet
vandals have written about Prof. Mohamed Salah El Din El
Naschie who is without any doubt one of the greatest
scientists and thinkers of last century. Prof. El Naschie
was mentioned in connection with a Nobel Prize in nonlinear
dynamics in physics for the first time by Nobel Laureate
Ilya Prigogine nine years ago. In the meantime I know from
at least 2 Nobel Laureates who have nominated him for all
the highest distinctions and I myself have proposed him in
many of my writings published at various occasions in
various places for a Nobel Prize for complexity in high
energy physics. I said his work built a bridge between
nonlinear dynamics and high energy physics. Beside David
Ruelle, Richard Feigenbaum, Itmar Proccaccia, Kadanov,
Mandelbrot and a handful of nonlinear dynamics pioneers who
are still alive, the Egyptian Mohamed El Naschie is one of
the most original thinkers in this field. Together with his
school and students and with little help from me, Prof.
Mohamed El Naschie revolutionized high energy physics.
Unlike other people he has acted as a unifying force. He
accepts different viewpoints starting from ‘tHooft’s
conservative quantum field theory to loop quantum gravity,
twistors and heterotic string theory. He is not afraid to
say against all other dissenting voices of the mainstream
that there is some merit in non conventional approaches
including the recent proposal of Garrett Lisi on
exceptional E8 Lie group. El Naschie is a unifying
political force in his own country rising over all
political parties and asking for unity. Internationally he
also has risen above all political divisions and religious
intolerance and is truly a unifying force striving toward
peace in the Middle East and he has many friends in Saudi
Arabia, Palestine but also Israel and we are proud that he
is one of our main editors in Freund Publishers in Tel
Aviv, Israel.
One would ask why the fuss about El Naschie and why are so
many jealous people obviously at work? No they are not
many. They only pretend to be many. They are very loud; in
fact they are noisy and empty drums. Needless to say they
neither understand nonlinear dynamics nor high energy
physics. They understand only intrigues and they are of
course extremely jealous from the international Journal of
Nonlinear Science and Numerical Simulation of which I have
the honor to be the editor in chief and Prof. El Naschie is
one of our distinguished honorary editorial board members.
Prof. El Naschie was happy to see that our Journal has the
highest impact factor in the field. In fact it is slightly
higher than even the famous Chaos, Solitons & Fractals
of the largest publisher in the world Elsevier. This
Journal was founded almost 18 years ago by Prof. El Naschie
who had the foresight of seeing the pivotal role which
nonlinear science will play everywhere including high
energy physics. It is the great success of Chaos, Solitons
and Fractals which drew the jealousy of many people but
only few are ready to lower themselves to the standard you
have seen displayed on various internet sites by the very
same people under pseudo names. I mention here in
particular a sad story, which I hope Prof. El Naschie will
not be upset that I disclose it now, about the tragic
Egyptian who suffers from schizophrenia and his name is
Said and I will not mention his family name. He with a
handful of his students and two famous Arab scientists who
are afraid that Prof. El Naschie has stolen the light from
them and gathered a very high political profile in Arabia
have started a criminal campaign against him and his
followers. This went as far as writing defamatory letters
to Cambridge in England, to Saudi Arabia and even to me in
China trying to prevent me from going on with our large and
extremely successful conference named after
Posted by Dr. Ji-Huan He on June 3, 2008 6:02 PM

There is no one in Egypt in the Physics department in our Egyptian Universities Ali who would be prepared to slander one of our most famous professors in No student in Egypt is familiar with the American slang "crap" used by this impostor. physics professor by name of elsheshtwy is in any of our Egyptian universities. fabricated by the altered ego of a tragic figure and unfortunately an Egyptian Salah El Din who is suffering from schizophrenia. We know that he was dismissed University for breaching trust and stealing money with his wife first from Algameya
Altawaneya of Cairo University and many years later from his own sick mother. that he was tried and sent for two years prison in absentia and then sentenced for one year. I know Prof. El Naschie and his work very well and these impostors is defamatory lies motivated by malignant hatred and jealousy.
Posted by A.Ibrahim on June 2, 2008 6:10 PM

Dear Sir,
I am addressing this short comment primarily to the Editor in Chief of The Telegraph second to the respectable members of the scientific community.
Needless to say I am writing with my real name because I strongly believe something genuine to say, then one
has to give the real identity or else whatever one says is open to suspect and doubt.
I read with deep disgust the slanderous allegations made against one of the
most respectable men and scientists I have ever known. Of course I may be
slightly biased because I am his student, as many other people are, worldwide.
More than a scientist, I have admired Prof. El Naschie for his deep love
and commitment to his country, Egypt as well as to Saudi Arabia and in
general all Arab countries as well as the developing countries. Apart from being strikes me as being a man with a mission. I was therefore disgusted to read by anonymous people hiding behind pseudo names. Prof. El Naschie
and has been a full professor
of engineering. He has had not only one career but at least three. Only
later in life did he decide to devote a great deal of his effort in theoretical
physics, his first love so to speak. He introduced a completely novel
approach based on nonlinear dynamics to high energy physics. These people themselves sons of Egypt (and I doubt this very much) as well as Mr.
Elsheshtwi (who definitely does not exist) seem to be mainly upset that Prof.
Editor in Chief of a journal with the highest impact factor in its field ever. He founder of this journal. If they have anything to say against his theory, then are welcome to express their
scientific views, if they have the qualifications and the knowledge. Where Prof.
publishes his work is his concern and not theirs. It is obvious that this is all and the real reason for all this slander
is jealousy and sour grapes. Rather than wasting our time they should go
and try to write at least a paper every month.
The only thing really that I find slightly upsetting is that this nice
respectable site of Garrett Lisi should be contaminated by these low level and
quite honestly, defamatory comments. I implore the Editorial Board of The
Telegraph to remove these non-scientific disrespectful comments and to ensure the highest standards of discussion which characterize this site by and
large, continues free from personal envy and malignant hatred.
Thank you for communicating my views.
Dr. L. Marek-Crnjac
Institute of Mathematics,
Physics and Mechanics, Slovenia
Posted by L. Marek-Crnjac on June 1, 2008 10:00 AM

Regarding Mr. Sheshtwy and the son of Egypt whose real name is Dr. Said Salah Ph.D. who was dismissed from the department of chemical engineering, Cairo later on fired from another University in the USA, I have the following comment We are all ashamed of you because you have lost the sense of shame and you yourself, your family, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the entire Arab world.
I remember when I was picking you up from Riyadh airport when you were abroad and you spent an hour in the car praising Prof. Mohamed Al
has done for you and how much he has done for your ungrateful wife
and how powerful and well-connected and how much proud you are of having connection to such a great man. You might remember that you brought me, trips from London, a shoe as a present. Politeness prevents me from saying to do with the shoes.
You have betrayed even your respectable past – even as a communist and a
becoming a disgrace. Without Professor El Naschie you would have disappeared of the earth. You were sick and penniless- he took you and sent you for medical London and kept the secret of your mental illness to himself and risked taking responsibility of sending someone like you to Saudi Arabia. You forgot all that. see you behind bars. But this is not Prof. Mohamed El Naschie’s mistake. Your on you – she and her greedy daughter. She had to produce films even if it is that you steal your own mother. Then you stage this comedy worried about physics in Egypt. What do you know about physics - theoretical or otherwise? good engineer and a good teacher and once upon a time a good friend. I don
Prof. Mohamed Al Naschie that this is all the schizophrenia you are suffering wickedness with which you plan all these defamation campaigns and the shamelessness which you execute your plans involving Nobel Laureate Ahmed Zewail and not from playing political cards to make cheap attacks against a man to whom you everything.
Prof. El Naschie sat beside me and was tormented by you standing behind bar. you for a long time Said and I have witnessed this tragedy and your path towards destruction from the beginning - 9 years ago. You don’t convince me of anything have no excuse and not even schizophrenia. You know very well how two particularly scientists in Arabia are jealous of Mohamed. I will name only one
dying to get a prize even if he allies himself with the enemy of his own country. will not mention now. But you have been the most destructive tool in the hands of Egypt and recalling your past and courageous struggle against those enemies against your own friend and more. Show me that this was only vanity. You national hero. You are a vain man and extremely wicked who doesn
own mother and slandering his family and relatives.
In all what you have said the only right thing you said is that you are deadly Prof. El Naschie and that you will dedicate your entire professional career to is an editor in chief and you are not. He is successful and you are not. You have convicted. He is rich and you are not. People like him and don’t like you. That eating your heart. You have become a hopeless case and I will not answer a you. You can go on spreading your poisonous lies and use your foul language disgusting emails of which I have seen enough of and all sent by you and you to the police in Egypt because that is where you are residing now after you out of America.
Helal Lotfi
Posted by Helal Lotfi on May 31, 2008 4:06 PM

1- First, El Naschie is publishing his papares in only one journal, and he is editor journal Chaos, Solitons & Fractals and he never published in Physics Review, or any known journal.
2- he is publishing a a paper each day approximately, and this has not happened history of the science

and of course all of them are published in his journal
3- if we want to see his citations, we will find great surprise that no scientist reference at all and this is illustrated in the greatest data base of High energy SLAC, Stanford

4- He has been selected as the chief of Nanotechnology project in Egypt, and he published only one paper in popular science about nanotechnology
Nanotechnology for the developing world Chaos, Solitons & Fractals, Volume
November 2006, Pages 769-773
5- he alwayes saying that he was working at Cambridge University, but he didnot that at his website

but when we search about his name and his affiliation at arxiv,
we will see a scandal. His papers which carried the affiliation of Cambridge University been withdrawn because
Prof Michael Green complained to ARXIV that Mr El Naschie didnot have Cambridge any time
You could look at the following sites.

6- Mr El Naschie alwayes saying that he awarded great prize in China, and he Nobel Prize, and the funny thing the editor Ji-Huan He is not professional in Physics and his journal has very bad reputation in china

and this could be confirmed from the following website, the most repectable theoretical physics in China
Institute of Theoretical Physics Chinese Academy of Sciences
Posted by elsheshtwi on May 21, 2008 4:57 PM

All what Elnaschie is doing is crap. I am a theoretical physics student from Egypt ashamed of him.
Posted by Ali from Egypt on May 20, 2008 11:56 PM

On its own as a single Lie symmetric group E8 cannot do the entire job of
unification. On the other hand by summing over all exceptional Lie groups it This was the program of Prof. Mohamed El Naschie with whom I
have had the honour of collaborating on this subject for some time.
Dr. L. Marek-Crnjac
Institute of Mathematics, Physics and Mechanics, Slovenia
Posted by L. Marek-Crnjac on May 13, 2008 5:55 PM

On its own as a single Lie symmetric group E8 cannot do the entire job of
unification. On the other hand by summing over all exceptional Lie groups it This was the program of Prof. Mohamed El Naschie with whom I
have had the honour of collaborating on this subject for some time.
Dr. L. Marek-Crnjac
Institute of Mathematics, Physics and Mechanics, Slovenia
Posted by L. Marek-Crnjac on May 12, 2008 3:32 PM

Some may have wondered if quantum field theory really exists. With problems Gribov’s copy and similar maladies they may have the right to wonder. For should be tolerant towards the attempts of E8 theory by Lisi and the summing exceptional Lie groups proposed rather recently by El Naschie. For a good introduction quantum field theory see M. Kaku’s excellent book published 1993
Posted by Dan Sharp on May 12, 2008 11:43 AM

Lisi has brought new ideas to physics. The Telegraph made it popular worldwide. Archives bans Lisi and takes his paper out. This is the scientific counterpart regimes!!
Ed Dawson
Posted by Edward Dawson on May 9, 2008 12:45 PM

If I understand Lisi’s work correctly, he does not develop an ad hoc model for of particle physics nor put a model of particle physics into a spacetime of this dimensionality. In other words, he does not proceed as in string theory or in gravity field theory. What Lisi does is take an already existing symmetry group corresponding Gosset, i.e. a four dimensional polytope upon which the E
Then he works carefully a one-to-one correspondence between the different eight-dimensional vectors called octonions and particles with the aim of recovering standard model and making some prediction for extending it to conform at to the idea of unification by showing that all the fields of all the different fundamental
interactions could be obtained from the same E8 manifold. Professor Lee Smolin minded guiding light in quantum gravity concluded that it is a neat way to seek of all fundamental interactions in this basically non-conventional way.
Lisi’s work is therefore combinatoric in the spirit and quite near to that of Sir program. Also not surprisingly, it does not collide with the loop quantum gravity with the basic ideas of Mohamed Elnaschie E-Infinity theory except for not admitting numbers at a fundamental level. Seen in this light Lisi’s theory is not restricted mathematics used traditionally in this field which is an advantage.
I think people tend to forget that the founding fathers of quantum mechanics by Feynman’s path integral and string theory took even much longer to be I am saying is give Lisi a chance. I am not directing this toward the young researcher am addressing the establishment, particularly the strings community.
As for Lisi, my only advice is that he extend combinatoric as the factorial function extended to gamma function and topological dimension was extended to non
Hausdorff dimension. This would be a revolution similar to Einstein bending making it curved.
Dr. L. M. Cran
Posted by Lyla M.Cran on May 7, 2008 1:42 PM

Prof. P. Davies once asked Prof. Michael Green of Cambridge, UK and the well of super string theory what is the meaning of curled 6 dimensions of string Green answered:
“The situation is more profound than that. Really what is happening is that in theory there aren’t four or ten dimensions. That is only an approximation. One formulate string theory in a much larger space, something like the space of positions of a string. In fact this is an infinitely larger space.”
I feel these words spoken more than 20 years ago in 1987 must have been least an inspiration for El Naschie to formulate his theory in infinite dimensions. Green’s idea but El Naschie made it real by introducing infinite dimensional spacetime. He did not just introduce an idea but he also made exact calculations predictions. The entire discussion between Davis and Green is in an excellent book “Superstrings”, Cambridge Press (1991).
Posted by P. Morgan on May 5, 2008 1:52 AM

If I understand Lisi’s work correctly, he does not develop an ad hoc model for of particle physics nor put a model of particle physics into a spacetime of this dimensionality. In other words, he does not proceed as in string theory or in gravity. He also does not extend quantum field theory to become a quantum theory.
What Lisi does is take an already existing symmetry group and its corresponding a four-dimensional polytope upon which the E8 manifold is based
one-to-one correspondence between the different points marked by eight
called octonions and particles with the aim of recovering the standard model some prediction for extending it to conform at ultra high energy to the idea showing that all the fields of all the different fundamental interactions could the same E8 manifold. Professor Lee Smolin an open-minded guiding light in concluded that it is a neat way to seek the unification of all fundamental interactions basically non-conventional way.
Lisi’s work is therefore combinatoric in the spirit and quite near to that of Sir program. Also not surprisingly it does not collide with the loop quantum gravity with the basic ideas of Mohamed Elnaschie E-Infinity theory except for not admitting numbers at a fundamental level. Seen in this light, Lisi’s theory is not restricted mathematics used traditionally in this field which is an advantage.
I think people tend to forget that the founding fathers of quantum mechanics by Feynman’s path integral and string theory took even much longer to be I am saying is give Lisi a chance. I am not directing this toward the young researcher am addressing the establishment, particularly the strings community.
As for Lisi, my only advice is that he extend combinatoric as the factorial function extended to gamma function and topological dimension was extended to non
Hausdorff dimension. This would be a revolution similar to Einstein bending making it curved.
Dr. L. M. C.
Posted by L. M. Cran on May 4, 2008 6:23 PM

Facts about Mohamed El Naschie

This article is just trial to show the fact of Mohamed El Naschie by scientific have been disappointed very much when we saw many journals like Almasry Almesryoon, El Ahram, El Akhbar and many big Egyptian journals are speaking he is the best physicist after Newton and Einstein. we asked ourselves why this without any kind of confirmation about the fact that he is nothing in High and his papers are nothing in High energy Physics. Now, the members of the IKHWAN Muslims are asking why Mohamed El Naschie has not selected in the Technology of Egypt. We want to prove our words with a scientific proof which a professional man. so could you please read the following letter. We hope if interest in that matter, because really we have deep fears that we will see a Mohamed El Naschie become responsible man in the science in Egypt , and deserve that at all.
1- First, El Naschie is publishing his papares in only one journal, and he is editor journal Chaos, Solitons & Fractals and he never published in Physics Review, or and good known journal
2- he is publishing a a paper each day approximately, and this has not happened history of the science

and of course all of them are published in his journal
3-if we want to see his citation, we will find great surprise that no scientist refrence at all and this is illustrated in the greatest data base of High energy Stanford

4- He has been selected as the chief of Nanotechnology project in Egypt, and he published only one paper in popular science about nanotechnology
Nanotechnology for the developing world Chaos, Solitons & Fractals, Volume
November 2006, Pages 769-773
5- he alwayes saying that he was working at Cambridge University, but he didnot that at his website

but when we search about his name and his affiliation at arxiv, we will see scandal. which carried the affiliation of Cambridge University has been withdrawn because Green ( Chief of DAMPT at Cambridge University) complained to ARXIV that didnot have at any time the Cambridge University. You could look at the following
6- Mr El Naschie alwayes saying that he awarded great prize in China, and he Nobel Prize, and the funny thing the editor Ji-Huan He is not professional in Physics and his journal has very bad reputation in china

and this could be confirmed from the following website, the most repectable theoretical physics in China
Institute of Theoretical Physics Chinese Academy of Sciences

As we already mentioned, the all the media in Egypt is saying the he is Nobel the problems of the research will be solved by his blessing hands and now he chief of nanotechnology project although he don't know any thing about this
Posted by th son of Egypt on May 3, 2008 7:49 PM

A picture by Dutch artist M. Escher was used by Ayman El-Okaby, a professor department of physics in University of Alexandria, in conjunction with Lisi
calculate the mass of the Higgs boson. It is remarkable that such an avant
should come from what used to be considered scientifically as a backwater place University of Alexandria. No doubt this is the positive side of the internet and well as brain outsourcing. The paper is on Elsevier science direct and is titled: groups, E-Infinity theory and Higgs boson (2008).
E. Khory
Posted by Emad Khory on May 2, 2008 2:39 PM

According to most theories of evolution, the member of the body which is not and then disappears altogether. Mathematical physicists seem to share a similar regards to their ability to process, retain and understand numbers. Mathematics of science and number theory is the queen of mathematics. More importantly be a large number processing giant computer. When epsilonitic and theorem theoretical physicists start appreciating numbers and number theory, then they understanding Lisi and P-Adic quantum mechanics. Regrettably, rather than deficiency, they slander what they don’t understand and what is easier than numerology. An identity like 137 = 1 in the P-Adic system is something which hear about let alone understand. Marlene Dietrich had a hit after World War inability to understand. A similar song should become the hymn in theoretical will you ever understand!!!!)
S. Lermontof
Posted by Samuel Lermontof on May 1, 2008 9:07 PM

I think Mr. Galal’s comments of April 24 may have overlooked a Saudi non
name is Hamood. He and another third class physicist in a Saudi Arabian university by an Egyptian in a private university whose first name is Sha’ban are the prime the net of intrigues. They are somehow connected to a spy working in a research
establishment in Damascus and are using a well-known Indian theoretical physics the U.S. This Indian is deeply disappointed for not having shared the Nobel many years ago. A famous Egyptian journalist and his also famous scientist involved. The defamation campaign is partially pure envy and partly paid for. have many political ramifications and motives, I will give names and addresses Interpole and the relevant authorities so that they act within legality to protect the freedom of the internet.
K. Morsy
Posted by Kamil Morsy on May 1, 2008 7:49 PM

All what Dr. Lubos Moti has done lately on his blog “the reference frame
Lisi and having the invariably first and last shot. He wants to appoint himself professor and guardian of eternal scientific value in the hope to maybe offered League University in the USA. Lisi has made a few mistakes but nothing compared mistakes. He is not even worth answering nor correcting because his main mistake is born with him: envious character. For god’s sake Garrett ignore all that and work. Coleman-Mandula is in your case a red herring.
M. Sarandon
Posted by Mike Sarandon on April 29, 2008 6:55 PM

Elnaschie has just given the simplest unification in the history of science. It simpler than Einstein’s .
Energy = mass multiplied by the velocity of light power 2
The new equation was just announced on Elsevier science direct
2-Adic 137 = 1
This may be interpreted physically in two complimentary ways. It means:
The 2-Adic of the inverse electromagnet coupling 137 is equal to the quantum coupling which is unity.
The 2-Adic number of the 137 elementary particles of the standard model is particle which can exist at the unification energy. This single elementary particle particle which constitutes a mini black hole with a mass equal 10
With the title “P-Adic analysis and the transfinite E8 exceptional Lie symmetry unification.” This paper can be found under Chaos, Solitons & Fractals
Chaos. 2008.03.005.
K. Weil
Posted by Kenneth Weil on April 29, 2008 6:51 PM

By just reading the stuff which these guys Arabi, Galal and what have you, only salvation in Israel and Palestine is apartheid. And now please let us read theory.
R. Moshe
Posted by Raoul Moshe on April 27, 2008 1:08 PM

As you very well know Mr. Araby you are on parole. Your sentence was reduced imprisonment to one year suspended sentence. If you are convicted again, reinstated. The organization behind you will not help you. Forget your mad Naschie and envy to someone who is a better human being than you. Go see Kazim
Posted by Kazim Ali on April 27, 2008 1:03 PM

I could not disagree with those supporters of the so-called refereed journal
Elsevier must be mad at Lisi because his archive-based internet papers gave exposure than the 5000 Journal of Elsevier combined could have
with a few exceptions are so boring and run off the mill stuff that could inspire anything. The fact that Mohamed Elnaschie published his papers in Elsevier Lisi’s papers are not refereed is nowadays no criteria for quality whatsoever. to Physics Letter and even Nature. Let me tell you for whatever it is worth a Einstein’s relation to scientific Journals which was narrated by N. Rosen to J. it to us. When Einstein received a rejection from Physical Review for his paper gravitational waves, he shredded the referee report into little pieces and threw and he then kicked the bin in rage shouting and swearing for an hour. The episode more about the so-called main stream journals is described in the bestseller Maguijo “Faster than the speed of light” published by Heinemann
Please do not get me wrong, I am not attacking Mohamed despite my Danish papers are anything but boring. I just find that people are extremely unfair published without peer review system.
Lilian Ayer
Posted by Lilian Ayer on April 25, 2008 1:15 PM

Regarding Coleman-Mandula theorem and Lisi’s work, you have made a feast mathematical finesse. It is easy for Lisi to get out of this cul-de-sac. When you print, the theorem applies only to point objects. All what Lisi needs is to take la Elnaschie of E8 where there are no ordinary points. Cantor dust, similar to points and can evade the theorem. Mr. Lubos Moti, stop trying to discourage what you completely lack.
R. Standal
Posted by Renee Standal on April 25, 2008 1:08 PM

Mr. so-called Arabi: your real name is Said and I will not mention your surname to so many things which you cannot even start guessing. My only excuse for behavior is that you are not well and need medical care badly. Your condition schizophrenic paranoia. You write intentionally wrong English both spelling and that you escape detection. You are not at Paul Scherrer and if you are, give name and email, fax and telephone if you dare. You are a professor of non
you keep collecting funny stories - how respectable and how pathetic. What done to yourself, to Munir’s reputation and the rest is more than enough. And you forget some of the greatest scientists in modern Egypt, Prof. Amr
younger brother of Prof. Mohamed, who is at Urbana, Champaign near Prof. Professor Said Salah, the famous Chemical Engineering Professor and middle Mohamed. On the whole, you should be ashamed of yourself.
S. Ibrahim
Posted by sherif Ibrahim on April 24, 2008 9:22 PM

Of course it is impossible to achieve total unification with E8 only
must be embedded in string theory. In this case you need only the bosonic shown by Mohamed Elnaschie. So whether Lisi accepts that or not he must improve his theory. There are many unfair attacks on Lisi lately in some blogs themselves as conservative. They are not conservative. They are narrow
with envy from the fame which Lisi has achieved particularly a remark by a made fun of Lisi that he may use chess to justify his theory. Too bad for Lubos.
Richard Feynman himself had a wonderful model for quantum mechanics called Model. Stop putting obstacles in the way of Lisi. Stop being envious; he has harm.
Marcus Livy
Posted by Marcus Livy on April 24, 2008 9:04 PM

What I do find disturbing is that a man of the stature of Prof. Elnaschie lends Minister of Science & Technology of Egypt, Hany Helal and accepts to be a staff Saudi Arabia. It is an understatement on his behalf which neither one deserve. Egyptian, I am offended by these facts and disagree fully with Elnaschie
and all the rest. Elnaschie is an Egyptian, born in Egypt and brought up by Egyptian and his education was paid by the Egyptian people who worked hard so that Germany.
M. Adel Helal
Posted by Mohamed Adel Helal on April 24, 2008 8:44 PM

I am somewhat skeptical about this new quantum golden field theory of M. particularly the logarithmic term in his renormalization group. He is not the is around 52. In fact as far as I am aware, it is the notable French Astrophysicist Nottale who used the natural logarithm of the ratio of the Planck mass to the and found it to be 51.527967 sufficiently close to Elnaschie’s 52.
Elnaschie noted that it is the dimension of the exceptional Lie group F
important to G. Lisi to look at Nottale’s excellent book published in World Scientific
The title of the book is “Fractal Spacetime and Microphysics.”
J. Godar
Posted by Jean Godar on April 24, 2008 8:07 PM

Posted by MK on April 23, 2008 11:45 PM

I decided to research the history of E-infinity theory to understand the kind which leads a structural engineer to invent or rather discover something like Cantorian geometry for spacetime. The first time that El Naschie
spacetime and made a formal proposal in a published paper was in
Cambridge, England. However he was already experimenting with ideas indirectly that in connection with his attempt to understand fluid turbulence as a topological associated with fractals. His idea was that turbulence takes place when the dimension of the fluid becomes larger than the embedding topological dimension. papers dealing with that are published in some traditional physics and mathematics For instance “Complex dynamics in a 4D Peano-Hilbert space”, Il Nuovo Cimento, N5 (1992) pp. 583-593 and “On turbulence and complex dynamics in four dimensional Hilbert space” in The Journal of The Franklin Institute, Vol. 330, No
This was all preceded by an abstract paper written in a very low key manner “Multi dimensional Cantor-like sets and ergodic behaviour”, in Speculation in Technology, Vol. 15, No. 2 (1991), pp. 138-142. Then in 1993 El
Vistas In Astronomy, Vol. 37, pp. 249-252. El Naschie’s paper with the clear mechanics, Cantorian space-time and Heisenberg uncertainity principle
volume as a paper by Steven Hawking. It may be interesting to realize that

engineer worked in a subject closely related to stability, bifurcation and chaos moved to proper nonlinear dynamic systems. This is the subject of thin walled which is an extremely important problem in aerospace engineering and rocket a problem full with chaotic behaviour and random imperfections. So maybe his scientific and artistic inclination is what made him the right man to find geometry of spacetime.
Posted by J. Schiffer on April 23, 2008 11:02 PM

To the entity called Araby re: your various recent unfounded malicious comments: one thing which I don’t like about you and your comments and I am sure many with me that in all likelihood, you are hiding behind a pseudo name and sniffling hound in order to find pretexts to spread your libelous comments. It is the business Minister to choose an Advisor. Are you implying that the Minister of Science Egypt Dr. Hany Helal does not know what he is doing or you don
Also if Prof. El Naschie has been appointed as Director for the Nanotechnology surely he has a contract. So why don’t you go and check out the contract for name of the Director of the University in Saudi Arabia is known to you since you are working there, so why don’t you let him talk or you should keep quiet you appointed yourself the guardian for the Minister of Science and Technology of the University in Saudi Arabia? Are you a jobless professor? More importantly so jealous and what are your real reasons for attacking someone who is as prolific as Prof. El Naschie? You cannot stand that an Egyptian is a scientific little ant and follower like so many others. In all likelihood you are someone months ago behind bars for reasons you know and there is another likelihood guy sitting there and trying to take his position in the Institute based on racist you want to take his position in the Arab world which is impossible because very small person both scientifically and character wise.
S. Ibrahim
Posted by S. Ibrahim on April 21, 2008 11:20 PM

I am pleased by what Codiyalan said in his comments of April 14
frequently compared El Naschie’s theory and thinking to that of Richard Feynman, summing over all paths and getting his path integral. El Naschie’
called summing over dimensions. In fact El Naschie lately went one step further exceptional Lie group hierarchy method summing over Lie groups. This is by completely new idea. Many papers have been published in the last ten years on group manifold. See for instance the book of Wolfgang Tomé,
results of El Naschie are however completely new and give an ingenious twist researchers like A. Böhm, G. Junker and J. Dowker.
Posted by Justin on April 21, 2008 5:35 PM

Mr. Non-Araby
First of all your two comments dated April 19, 2008 and April 21
prove our point and show your real character and motive. You obviously have to sniffle behind everyone. Let me teach you something about libel law first you mention something with the aim of blackening the reputation of somebody, punished severely whether or not what you say is true. The main thing is your Second in Saudi Arabia where you claim to reside you will be given
Plaza of Justice in Riyadh. (I doubt very much that you reside there but if you non-Saudi. If you have the guts to publish your real name and address, you with a writ). Third if you are in England I promise you that anyone can issue you and George Carmen will send you to the cleaners but quite honestly you the trouble. You are dying of jealousy and that is obvious. Perhaps f you spent are now using for these jealous rantings on working instead, you may actually something yourself so that you can stop being jealous of everyone else who
Posted by Galal on April 21, 2008 3:42 PM

I would like from Mr. Galal who replied my comments about Dr.
between defame and criticism. As Mr. Galal confirmed that El-naschie
claimed to be an expert on nanotechononolgy. Then, can he explain for me first: On webpage of El-naschie
one can find " He is advisor of the Egyptian Ministry for Science and Technology Physics and Nanotechnology)...."

Second: On website
one can find
"Dr. Mohammed Nashai, a renowned nanotechnologist from Egypt, has been of King Abdullah Institute for Nanotechnology (KAIN), which will be up and Saud University’s Department of Physics here in six months...."
Third: On many Egyptian TV programs, he was introduced as the world expert nanotechononolg and a nobel prize nominee for physics.
It is funny that there is some one who is an advisor for nantechonology for Ministry for Science and Technology and has been appointed dean of King Abdullah for Nanotechnology (KAIN), although he is not an expert in the field.
Dr. Elnaschie has never denied these
Posted by Araby on April 21, 2008 11:11 AM

Garrett: It is predicting the number and masses of the Higgs boson which will you the Nobel prize which you rightly deserve. But you must hurry up. Your Naschie already published three years ago predicting two charged and one neutral is by the way what most people expect but El Naschie also predicted the mass 89 Gev for the charged and 169 Gev for the neutral bosons. His prediction is being 495 dimensional. Somehow he calculated that the average K
then he added or subtracted 2 Gev to get the two different K-meson masses. calculated the average mass of the Higgs to be almost equal to a sub space modular curve. It has 168 automorphisms. He put 168 Gev as weight then 40 Gev. This how he came to 88-89 Gev and 168-169 Gev for the Higgs
Solitons & Fractals, Vol. 23, p. 1091 (2005). It is all in E8 as you predicted good luck and all the best from all of us. See you in Waterloo, Canada.
Posted by Jeff on April 20, 2008 9:59 PM

Mr. Araby esquire. Regarding your sinister enquiry about Prof. Mohamed Al publications in nano technology, I rectify the bleak picture you are trying to follows:
1. Prof. El Naschie has been the Editor-in-Chief of Elsevier’s ‘Interdisciplinary Nonlinear Science, Nano & Quantum Technology’ for the last 17 years
2. El Naschie is the Honorary Editor-in-Chief of ‘The Int. Journal Nanofibres
and applications’, published by Science Research Press.
3. Prof. El Naschie promoted nano technology in Egypt and the Arab world at ago. He made, funded and sponsored the first NanoTech Conference in Egypt money.
4. In the last 3 years Prof. El Naschie has given once a week a public awareness lecture in Nano Technology in Egypt. He has made at least 60 television appearances
charge to alert people like yourself to the importance of nano technology.
5. Rather than publish the seven conference papers needed to become a professor El Naschie decided to give an example of public service. In high energy physics engineering however he has some 800 papers and is considered one of the scientists in history. He was working in nano technology not for himself but cause, something which you may have heard of.
6. There are never the less a few publications by him. For instance
nanotechnology and the developing world’. Int. J. of Electrospun Nanofibre (1), p. 41-50, Jan 2007’ and ‘Nanotechnology for the developing world
Fractals, 30, p. 769-773, 2006.
7. Prof. Ji-Huan He in Shanghai, China used El Naschie’s E-infinity theory in His papers on the subject are highly subject.
I am sure this answer is not sufficient to extinguish the jealous in your heart, tried.
Posted by Kazim A. on April 20, 2008 9:53 PM

In his popular but accurate and detailed account of cutting edge research in “Three Roads to Quantum Gravity”, published by Weidenfeld and Niclson, London
Smolin mentioned fractal spacetime on page 124. He said
“… studying the implications of the hypothesis that the structure of spacetime fractal at the Planck scales. This overcame many of the difficulties of quantum eliminating the infinities and making the theory finite”. I was really surprised that because nowhere in the book did I see Cantor sets or non-integer fractal irrational scaling exponents as in all fractal diffusions. Nowhere did he have golden mean renormalization groups or anything of the sort. He never made the work of Dr. G. Ord, nor L. Nottale nor El Naschie. I conclude therefore that really work with fractal Cantor sets but merely used the term to refer to J.A. spacetime foam. In fact on page 124 he also said: “We realized during that of making such a fractal is to build it up from network interacting loops
also ‘tHooft may be misunderstanding fractals. Without taking the fractal limit have fractals – you have only discrete geometry. Fractals are infinitely more solve far more problems than one may think at the beginning. There is a new Dalotin and A. Movozov called “The Universal Mandelbrot Set”, published by (2006) where the work of fractal renormalization groups of E. Goldfain published Solitons & Fractals (2004) is mentioned together with that of the Feigenbaum by Polyacov and El Naschie in quantum field and E-infinity theory. This work Garret Lisi’s marvelous E8 proposal.
Posted by Leon on April 20, 2008 8:19 PM

Various people have mentioned that the inverse quantum gravity coupling constant determined in an exact analysis of El Naschie who found 42 and
and super symmetric models respectively. However when I consulted the Bible field theory, ergo Volume Three of Nobel laureate Steven Weinberg
found different values. On page 247 Weinberg found 41 for the non
which is far enough and sufficiently close to El Naschie’s 42. However on page
the super symmetric case 17.5 which is very far off the result 26
calculations of Weinberg and found that he should have found 24
correct. My value is nearer to the 26 of El Naschie. Can anyone help?
Posted by S. Somelen on April 19, 2008 12:53 AM

from Arthur Cayley, Felix Klein, Sophus Lie, Killing, Cartan and ending with
the great Jewish mathematician and the Egyptian Mohamed El Naschie
down super strings and gave an accurate mathematical description of E
many lovely and enlightening figures of Coxeter’s polytopes and rare photos greatest women of all time, Emmy Noether. The paper is published, where else, Chaos, Solitons & Fractals which is slowly becoming the Numero Uno in its class. the mainstream does not try closing this avenue for the sin of being a platform thinking scientists.
Sergey Wett – Sent Telegraph 17.10 18th April 08
El Naschie has essentially been brushing up the messy end result of conventional field theory. He is giving it a clean shave. We need young guys 30
years young like El Naschie to move the still waters and the stuffy quantum ‘tHooft is another great man but unfortunately he appears to lack civil courage stand against the tide but is at least with the best intentions, half heartedly has the stamina but he is too political and getting funding is extremely important institute in Toronto. I really feel sorry for Lisi and El Naschie and the like. They and do not know what they are up against.
Patrick Wood – Sent 18th April 08.32 a.m.
There also exists transfinite electrical engineering. This is what I learned from book by an American professor working in University at Stony Brook, New York. mention there of El Naschie’s transfinite physics or E8 but a great deal about electrical networks. Quite amazing really when you remember that many theoretical think Cantor sets are esoteric constructions of no use while engineers are designing technologies using it. The book is published by Birkhäuser, Boston
“Pristine Transfinite Graphs and Permissive Electrical Networks.”
Posted by Jonus G. on April 18, 2008 11:52 PM

Shear delight is a new paper by Slovanian mathematician L. Marek
the history of E8 and a great deal more, then read her story starting from Arthus Klein, Sophus Lie, Killing, Cartan and ending with Emmy Noether, the great mathematician and the Egyptian Mohamed El Naschie. Crnjac did not play down and gave an accurate mathematical description of E-infinity as well as many enlightening figures of Coxeter's polytopes and rare photos of one of the greatest all time, Emmy Noether. The paper is published, where else, but Elsevier's Chaos Fractals which is slowly becomming the Numero Uno in its class. Let us hope does not try closing this avenue for the sin of being a platform for free thinking Posted by Sergey Wett on April 18, 2008 5:10 PM

As far as I am aware it is impossible to find exact non-perturbative solutions gravity constant or in fact any theoretical derivation but this is exactly what El Naschie claims. Additional claims for Higgs mass and numbers are also made perturbative derivations of gravity’s fine structure constant, the mass of the elementary black holes” in Chaos, Solitons & Fractals, No. 37, 2008
be someone around with or without a Nobel prize who could say if these claims correct or not. El Naschie is a well known scientist for the last 35
to assume that he has gone mad. In fact se seems very reasonable so could look at the math and physics as well as the experimental findings and say without any personal arguments what is right and what is wrong? Thanks anyone!
Posted by Daniel Sharp on April 18, 2008 4:31 PM

El Naschie has essentially been brushing up the messy end result of conventional field theory. He is giving it a clean shave. We need young guys 30
years young like El Naschie to move the still waters and the stuffy quantum ‘tHooft is another great man but unfortunately he appears to lack civil courage stand against the tide but is at least with the best intentions, half heartedly has the stamina but he is too political and getting funding is extremely important institute in Toronto. I really feel sorry for Lisi and El Naschie and the like. They and do not know what they are up against.
Posted by Patrick Wood on April 18, 2008 8:31 AM

There is one more thing of utmost importance which high energy physicists not know or understand. This is wild topology. Unlike team topology, wild topology infinity with a Cantor set. The simplest and most generic Cantor triadic set is Cantor set with a Hausdorff dimension equal to the golden mean. It is simply from S. Kauffman, no one working in mathematical physics considered wild referential logic except M. El Naschie in his E-infinity theory. This is the main relatively slow reaction to this theory which was recently described by many scientists as revolutionary. Lisi’s work is also in this category.
Posted by B. Bowen on April 17, 2008 10:59 PM

The comment of Miriam Navotni of March 30, 2008, is exactly the answer, of Julius Scholtemeyer, March 23 2008, why the Theory of Lisi is gone to nothing. do not understand when it comes to spiral effects, space and time. Please do misunderstand me, I am confident that the only solution is Supersymmetry/Principle. However, the guys went off the note with Strings.
Posted by Julius Scholtemeyer on April 17, 2008 7:24 PM

There is no trouble with physics. The trouble lies with the physicists. The only can be learnt from the history of physics is that physicists do not learn from Take the following example: Everyone knows that the Euler characteristic of equal to its instanton content and is equal 24. But no theoretical physicist cares happens to 24 when a hyperbolic geometry is introduced. The infinite Tesselation increasing 24 to 26. This was all explained long ago by M. Davies and explained wonderfully by the Swiss mathematician Ruth Kellerhals. Her paper
hyperbolic eyes” was the basis for El Naschie’s highly cited paper
manifold which is consistent with the two-slit experiment”. See Thompson Essential Indicators ‘New Hot Paper Comments’, September 2006. From there to the relatively a short road but one must first read and reserve judgment for later.
Posted by Kate Ayring on April 17, 2008 11:14 AM

As Jacky Tare said: Apparently you have never read “Hitchhikers Guide to the would know the ultimate answer which is 42 (posted November 16
Everything’ site) and Stupid bloody german Hans said on his November
that everybody knows the answer is 42 so why search for the formula Garrett
M. El Naschie insists the exact inverse quantum gravity coupling is
galactic connections and to prove my point that it is magic, El Naschie
Freundental magic squares. Believe it or not, he found Alfa 137 from
137. The magic square did it! His colleague Prof. P. Cvitanovic, a student of another extragalactic like El Naschie is saying the same. If you do not believe Solitons & Fractals 36, (2008), p. 546. Even a crackpot like Tony Smith or his Carlos Castro would not admit witchcraft that openly and in a highly respectable journal.
Posted by T. Simpsen on April 16, 2008 9:03 PM

The Journal of physics published by the British Institute of Physics, UK has just comprehensive review of the work of M. El Naschie and his work on exceptional in particle physics. The article is entitled “Emerging research fronts in nonlinear Journal of Physics, Conference series 96(2008)011001 doi: 10.1088/174
The Author of the article identified five subjects as the most significant areas which E-infinity theory was given a specially important place quoting
laureate ‘tHooft.
Posted by W.C. Wu on April 16, 2008 8:22 PM

Al-Arabi, an illustrated science and culture monthly Arabic magazine published of Information (ISSN: 0258-3941) of the State of Kuwait is a highly influential the elite of the Arab world. In its December 2007 issue they listed the names important Arab scholars and scientists in the last 50 years. There were
Interestingly the first is a Palestinian working in America in the University of Champagne Prof. Mounir Mayfa, the well known nanotechnology scientist who nominated for a Nobel prize in experimental physics. The second name is the the Egyptian Prof. Mohamed El Naschie. In sixth place comes the world famous surgeon, Sir Magdi Yacoub. Number 9 is the Egyptian Nobel laureate in experimental
chemistry Prof. Ahmed Zuwail. Finally on number 14 comes the famous mathematician Attaya. Both Magdi Yacoub and Michael Attaya are Christian which speaks for harmonious coexistence of Christians and Moslems. Egyptians hate religious We in the Lebanon too, but there are other considerations, mainly political.
Posted by I. Abdullah on April 16, 2008 7:53 PM

The idea of building relativity theory in a diffusion which was mentioned on on April 12th, 2008 is a very nice one and it is immensely sad that those in publication prevented it from developing in what one would hope is a scientifically society. It is well known that a diffusion equation transforms to a Schr
equation where time t is transformed to imaginary time which is t multiplied of minus one. So it is not far off to make a quantum gravity model out of that. give those interest some background on the subject. Diffusion is fluctuation Richard Feynman surmised that like Van Der Waales fores, gravity may be a something. El Naschie then conjectured that gravity is due to fractal time. This some time ago by M. Agop El Naschie-Feynman conjecture. Then there is the of a Danish group in Copenhagen lead by Ambjørn. They found the Hausdorff branched polymers to be4. This was interpreted as two Wiener random walks the dimension of spacetime. This is in fact gravity created by two Branes, each dimension two. El Naschie then introduced two fractal Branes, one with Hausdorff plus the golden mean and the second equal two plus the golden mean. Amazingly the only two different numbers which like 2 and 2 give the same result whether or add. The only difference is you do not get 4. You get 4 plus the golden mean of three: 4.236067977. Such a number is self similar as can be seen from a fracture representation. It is 4 inside 4 inside 4 like an infinite Russian doll
beginning of E-infinity theory. The work of J. Ambjørn may be found in
published by Cambridge (1997). The paper of El Naschie is called
and E-infinity topology of Heterotic super strings” in Chaos, Solitons & Fractals, 1047, 2001. Without knowing, in this paper El Naschie was talking all the time numbers as a fractal quantum physics. He did not realize that the Euler Zeta using is in fact an adelic product. Thus as in relativity, El Naschie
formulated a new invariant principle which is: The laws of nature must remain any number of fields chosen for formulation.
Posted by Richard Dowell on April 16, 2008 7:20 PM

It is reasonable to think that it is more important to know as deep as possible much as possible. That is in essence the difference between the specialist and
specialist is an expert of a narrow field while the generalist is a competent all other words, the first knows a lot about very little and the second knows a little deal. By taking the limit however we arrive at the well known paradox. Our specialist, knows infinitely about nothing while the second knows nothing about many things. I feel the specialists of high energy physics are in a similar dilemma. to make a U-turn and accommodate more people like Lisi and El
part of the larger picture of the main stream, as was Boltzmann and Einstein.
Posted by Elliot J on April 15, 2008 8:28 PM

I totally agree that El Naschie has done little more than fusing a scatter body and made it one coherent entity but in doing that little, he has actually done fact he has revolutionized high energy particle physics in a similar way to when Freud, Karl Marx and Max Weber revolutionized social sciences by collecting knowledge. El Naschie’s theoretical physics revolution depends crucially upon of the golden mean number system. There are two important theorems about can read in a semi popular book by Jay Kappraff called “Connections: The geometric between art and science”, published by McGraw Hill (1991). The golden mean fundamental role in field medalist Prof. Michael Freedman’s work on the topology manifold, also used by El Naschie. Incidentally Freeman worked on E
Posted by D. Kilham on April 15, 2008 7:48 PM

The difficulties of present time mainstream particle physicists to understand E8 Lie group method and even worse to confuse that with numerology may two examples from the recent history of rediscovering chaos and nonlinear the most important contributions to chaos theory was a paper by Prof. James “Period three implies chaos”. York coined the word chaos and used physical analysis of the traditional type to derive his result that when a motion goes doubling to triple doubling, then this is the analogous situation to Feigenbaum
scenario. However many years before York a Russian number theory professor Sarkovskii proved a theorem regarding the cycle of period P in number which unimodal maps with physical interpretation means the same thing as York
chaos. Those who are not familiar with this work will consider Sarkovskii
numerology, coincidence or supernatural. Nonlinear dynamics research also assisted proofs and numerical experiments respectable tools of research. The as far back as Euler, Gauss and Poincaré as opposed to Bourbaki
Garrett Lisi and to a larger extent M. El Naschie are making obvious connections fundamental numbers such as the dimension of E8 E8 being a perfect number
physics. Superficial reading will immediately give the uneasy feeling of fiddling which is a completely misguided feeling.
Posted by Justin on April 15, 2008 2:59 PM

The problem of high energy particle physicists with Dr. G. Lisi is an old one, mathematics nor physics. It is much deeper than that. It is arrogance and vanity. arrogance prevents them from reading other peoples work, particularly when another scientific community such as nonlinear dynamics where
come from. These big super stars have never thought about the numerics of even less about the dynamics of numbers. Consequently they are mistaking friend’s work for numerology which is simply not true, to put it mildly. Mitchell the great pioneer of the period doubling route to deterministic chaos said once that super string theory is essentially a theory of nonlinear dynamics and chaotic spacetime. This point was made precise by El Naschie through embedding all all exceptional Lie groups in the spacetime of Bosonic strings. The idea is immensely and immensely beautiful but never numerology. First we note all the root numbers dimensions one to eight and add them together. This gives us 2 +
126 + 240 which is equal to 522. Now El Naschie takes this concentric Russian Gosset hierarchy of the exceptional Lie symmetry groups and embeds it in the
of Bosonic string theory. The result is 522 plus 26 equal 548 which when divided = 4 dimensional space, finds the inverse electromagnetic fine structure constant 137. Now only someone with no imagination at all will mistake this for numerology
have the highly suggestive picture of sphere packing, like when we stack oranges shop but in hyperspace. The contact points may be seen as gauge bosons akin massless gauge bosons of E8E8 or SO(32) super string theory. In fact
dimension of the F4 exceptional group 52 added to 496 because
isn’t it? But not numerology. Just read the book of Sloan and Conway in conjunction and El Naschie.
Posted by B. Codiyalan on April 14, 2008 8:54 PM

Mr. Araby – whoever you really are – You are the one who is cheating the Arab clearly do not have high respect of the Arab world. First Prof. El
be an expert in nanotechnology but was a prime factor in awakening the Arab important technological and scientific development. He is the Editor
journals dealing primarily with nonlinear dynamics and nanotechnology. He years ago about nanotechnology in a conference in Cairo which I am sure you attended. When he spoke about nanotechnology, you and your expert colleagues yourself experts) were deeply slumbering. Why didn’t you stand up and be years ago? Jealousy will get you nowhere. It is people of your kind and your make up who are holding the Arab world backwards. You should be ashamed an English newspaper to slander your own countrymen. In fact by saying that like Egypt and the Arab world are incapable of deciding for themselves if Prof.
expert or not, is in itself an insult to your colleagues. If you have anything to Egyptians and the Arab world, you could have said it in an Arabic newspaper this attack is just the sort of cowardly attack which one expects from only a in Egypt who are dying of jealousy from Mohamed El Naschie and you are, as know, one of them.
Posted by F. Galal on April 14, 2008 8:43 PM

Some have repeatedly asked what are these transfinite corrections used in version of Lisi’s E8 unification proposal. El Naschie describes these small terms mean to some power as area preserving terms. This means terms which keep phase space constant. In mechanics this is called conservative system or Hamiltonian
frictionless dynamics. I have a better explanation. The transfinite correction the Clebsch coefficient in the classical theory. You see for instance that the made of three Lie symmetry groups. To fuse these groups to one coherent group overcome certain non-compatibilities, we use the Clebsch coefficient. Similarly golden mean corrections are the mortar which keeps the bricks in the wall together produces one coherent structure. The American F. John, the Dutchman W. Koiter Naschie used similar methods in the nonlinear theory of elasticity.
Posted by F. Amadorus on April 13, 2008 9:58 PM

I agree completely with the previous comment posted by Ken. It is so difficult something, which is not in unison with the contemporary paradigm. Thanks it is now easier to overcome the inertia and Lisi should be grateful to this much democratic way to approach the scientific community. I personally tried sixteen publish my quantum generalization of the classical Einstein law of Brownian I found also the solution in arXiv. Thanks again.
Roumen Tsekov
Posted by Roumen Tsekov on April 12, 2008 5:07 PM

Einstein once asked Max Planck ‘When will new ideas be accepted in science?
retorted ‘When those representing the old ideas depart from here to the hereafter
highly pessimistic view is unfortunately still the trouble with physics today. the work of the brilliant American Mitchell Feigenbaum. Mitchell did not invent proofs, nor did he invent the golden mean renormalization groups but he used for one dimensional maps and found his celebrated universalities result. For Mitchell had to fight to get a single paper published and his record of rejected phenomenal. Now of course he is a star in nonlinear dynamics and has a reasonable win the Nobel prize. Never the less, a methodologie transfer of the golden mean
renormalization program to high energy physics such as that undertaken by Egyptian M. El Naschie is hitting a wall of silent bewilderment of the old and guards. Similarly the work of Jean-Pierre Luminet on well proportioned geometrical to explain the WMAP has just escaped rejection because only a few noticed mean based exactly as the E8 of Lisi. It is my conviction that unless we high decide to expand our mathematical and philosophical attitude to include P
mechanics, nonlinear dynamics as well as tolerance as a method, we will go golden opportunities.
Posted by Ken on April 11, 2008 2:58 PM

I do not see how Lisi and El Naschie could be working in the same direction even similar theories. From the very beginning El Naschie starts not by classifying and fields but by determining the coupling constant of the different fields as grand unification and for quantum gravity. The inverse value for both turned 26 respectively. In addition he follows Heisenberg’s student F. Winterberg and coupling to unity which is correct. He subsequently reasoned that the total number in the standard model is the sum of all these values, namely 42 +
Since he considers following M. Veltman that the standard model comprises
concludes that 9 particles should still be discovered, that is one graviton and
Higgs field of which a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 5 will manifest them massive particles. Consequently the number of ‘real’ particles in the standard either 62 or 66. Interestingly when restoring all the broken symmetry like up well as super symmetry and shadow-real world symmetry by taking
numbers, then one finds (62)(8) = 496 which is the dimension of E
which is the dimension of Witten’s P=5 Brane theory in eleven dimensions
exceptionally simple theory, not for everything, but for at least the standard unification. I do not see anything of that in Lisi’s theory. If I am missing the delighted to stand corrected. May I direct this question to Garrett
Posted by A. Bonveneer on April 10, 2008 8:46 PM

Far more than any other book recommended on this site to get a handle on the World Scientific title ‘The Power of Alpha’ by Lawrence Livermore Laboratory Malcolm H. MacGregor to be truly unique and extremely useful to appreciate Tanaka in Japan and myself on the mass spectrum of the standard model of particles of high energy physics. Dr. MacGregor sees the spectrum as alpha alpha is the electromagnetic fine structure constant. The entire book is lucid written. He explains phenomenology as the intimate art between experiment then courageously notices at alpha is everywhere inside the masses and coupling elementary particles. What Dr. MacGregor did not know and did not write in all his calculations and observations are because of the golden mean quantization theory rather than alpha. The exact E-infinity value of the inverse alpha is the mean to the power of 4 multiplied with 20 which comes to 137.082039325
Dr. MacGregor needed to make all his calculations extremely simple was to alpha to be exactly this value. Simplifying by using the integer approximation
paradoxically to complications in all the equations defining the mass spectrum. all these values and would like to know what other readers think of Dr. MacGregor
book. It was only recently published (2007) under ISBN No. 13978
Posted by Leon Murdock on April 10, 2008 3:16 PM

As a professor of applied mechanics I cannot claim deep knowledge of quantum However I am quite familiar with Regge calculus because of my research in computational method called finite elements. This method was pioneered by outstanding mathematicians and engineers but none as outstanding and as Dr. John Argyris, FRS who was a Head of Dept. in both Imperial College, London University of Stuttgart, Germany simultaneously. Argyris was a multifaceted spoke ten languages fluently including Turkish, and some other non
is widely regarded as the most outstanding engineering scientist of the last to El Naschie, he was also extremely interested in a host of other scientific fields quantum gravity. It is for all what has been said on this site in connection with manifold that I would like to quote Prof. Dr. John Argyris from his paper entitled
space, cosmic strings and spontaneous symmetry breaking’.
“The present paper appertains to El Naschie’s Cambridge program (involving Cantorisation of physics, spacetime and phase space manifolds) and can be development (within the new context of a universal and unitary concept of fractals) classical Felix Klein’s Erlanger program on the geometrisation of physics.
Solitons & Fractals, Vol. 12, 1, Jan. 2001, p. 1-48).
I have nothing more to add except my wish and hope that El Naschie
work in peace.
Posted by K. Donne on April 8, 2008 11:17 AM

This Telegraph site is not a scientific platform to parade theoretical arguments Nevertheless there has recently been a flurry of serious discussions taking place justify the following comments.
I am perturbed by the contradictory and loose statements made by Garrett
occasions regarding his missing 20 particles and the same 200 particles which about. First we do not know about 200 particles. We definitely do not have
particles, neither in theory nor of course in the laboratory. Second we have energy are we taking about. If we are talking about the energy range referred loosely as the standard model, then we have 60 elementary particles only
counted as different particles, i.e. left turning or right turning, then we could particles only, 48 of them are Fermions and 12 of them are bosons
graviton, then we can say we have 61 particles or 122 particles, noting that not yet been experimentally detected. Next if we include the Higgs, also not then we have two possibilities: Either one or two Higgs could be added making elementary particles. If we take up and down as different particles this would 124 or 126. Heterotic string theory’s prediction is compatible with
reasons which El Naschie and Crnjac explained at length in various publications. massless level of Heterotic strings is given by 8064 states which is well known
spin direction, not only up and down is considered as different particles
we find the 8064 divided by 64 which is 126. Taking the number of spin directions usual 2 power 7 which is 128, then the number is reduced to the
The basic theory behind all of that is due to ‘t Hooft’s instanton number and hologram. Klein’s modular curve has 336 degrees of freedom. The instanton equal 24 as is well known. Thus the total number of instantons is
is the 8064 predicted by Heterotic string theory and leads to the result
126. The refinement which El Naschie introduced to make the preceding analysis take into account the chaotic fine structure familiar to him from his work in nonlinear dynamics and chaos but now applied to high energy particle physics.
calculated that 336 should be revised to 336 plus 16k, equal to 338.8854382
be 24 plus 2 + k, equal to 26.18033989. Similarly the spin should be
129.4427191. Applying the same equation one finds an exact statistical number
particles equal to 68.54251965 elementary particles or equivalently when counting down, 137.0850393 particles. To the nearest integer, this is 137
equal to the integer part of the inverse fine structure constant, a result which the fifties in a Physics Letter’s paper published by Freeman Dyson. In this sense, either 68.54241965 - 63 = 5.54251965 particles missing or 137.082039329
11.082039329 particles missing from our standard theory if we include the Higgs. Excluding both, then a maximum of 8.54251965 or equivalently
elementary particles are missing and never 20.
So my question to Lisi is this – how did you arrive at your result? I read your not clear on this point at all although your statement of the missing
Posted by G. Apeltrauer on April 7, 2008 6:09 PM

In an international journal ‘Mathematical Methods, Physical Methods and Simulation Technology’, published by Global Research Publications, Editor-in
Prof. G. Iovane there is a paper about fuzzy platonic spaces (see the
101). The paper seems to start from the platonic solids and proceed from there dimensional polytopes. The most surprising equation in this paper is that giving elements of the 120-cell and the 600-cell polytopes. This turns out to be
This value is ten times that of the number of states in Edward Witten
Brane theory (528). In case you are misled to dismiss it as numerology, then first and speak later. The true wonder is that the E8 Gosset of Lisi
600-cell polytopes with golden mean scaling. That way Witten’s theory is ed theory. The Author of this paper is M.S. El Naschie.
Posted by M. Gabon on April 7, 2008 5:44 PM

The problem with the latest proposals based on E8 is that it over taxes the classical type of a particles physicist and his ability to digest more than one time. To a certain extent that is what happens in the E8 string theory of M
Schwarz. Now take the stuff which is needed to master E-infinity. First you and nonlinear dynamics as well as knowledge of the Hausdorff dimensions and fields. Second you have to understand how to apply this to modern physics. extension of the familiar integer dimension of space and symmetry groups to chaotic symmetry. Such extensions would be analogous to that done by Hausdorff topological dimension and Euler and Gauss for the factorial function. This is particle physicists to absorb in one go and hence the trouble. El
ing these concepts with relatively more familiar ones such as fuzzy set theory, Kähler manifold and fuzzy platonic solids in 4 dimensions but even that is too brain of the traditional particle physicist. By definition a traditionalist is always the culture he is living in. At present we have a super string culture. There is moment a loop quantum gravity opposition. The opposition itself is traditional respects and as far as the return to only 3 + 1 dimensions is concerned, they reactionaries. This is the reality of the present situation. How to improve it is Lisi and the likes of Lisi therefore have my sympathy.
Posted by Richard Dowell on April 7, 2008 2:00 PM

Garrett: I said you are an Einstein on March 9, 2008 at 8.21 p.m
reply to Pisko and Eisfeld was not candid. Why do people always act this way?
man working in the same direction as you. He is not a combatant and much E8 is large enough for both of you and could accommodate a great deal more
Posted by J. Gribbens on April 7, 2008 12:44 PM

There are those who regard quantum field theory as a substitute for religion. sacrilegious and blasphemous. Some are of the highest intelligence and competence it comes to QFT, the latent religious fanaticism comes to the surface. However
points which are totally illogical in QFT. True those adherents to QFT are an always find a way out and then the patch work starts indefinitely
proposal. It gets us out of the straight jacket of string theory, QFT and also Lisi and El Naschie, out of their loop quantum mechanics.
For instance take the fact that we cannot see free quarks. In QFT catechism, totally free as long as it is confined to a very small space volume. Consequently when the volume is zero. Due to the Heisenberg uncertainty the energy will This is of course not possible because long before that you will have a black freest when you are infinitely imprisoned. What a theory! And to add insult quarks are at a respectable distance, then they are confined. The fact that hitting adding energy and this energy materialized is creating more quarks is noted consequence is drawn because the formalism of QFT will not permit it. So you postulating dressed and naked particles and so on. Then if a new more logical introduced it is rejected although it is based on sound physics related to relativity quantum mechanics. I sincerely hope Lisi and his colleagues will succeed in the horizon of the QFT specialists.
Posted by P. Morgan on April 7, 2008 12:37 PM

Lisi’s E8 Lie group may be the largest exceptional single group possible
Crnjac from Slovenia has just written a paper showing that we may have exceptional symmetry group hierarchies with 576 and 672 symmetries corresponding to states. There is another two and three stones hierarchy with a total dimension dimensions discussed by El Naschie. Crnjac’s paper is in Chaos, Solitons & Fractals,
(2008), p. 332-336. There are many authors who have worked for the last on subjects relevant to Lisi’s paper. For instance Jacob Czajko in USA who considered missing mass of the universe and dark matter using E-infinity. Similar fundamental
contributions are due to Metod Saniga in Slovakia and M. Planat in France.
Posted by S. Michalo on April 7, 2008 12:18 PM

Dear Dr. Lisi – Quite frankly your answer to A. Pisko and N. Eisfeld was disappointing.
Scientifically speaking it is wrong in an eight fold way without any of the Gellmann intelligence.
First you snapped at these two gentlemen within the FQXi forum on March
any justification, calling them fanatics just for posing a simple and logical question Do you know the work of El Naschie? The same question was posed to you 29th, 2008 and remained unanswered. Second you threatened to make fun send comments to FQXi forum. You may find some logic in that but it is not expected from a scientist or nice gentleman like yourself. Third, the work of
simpler than yours. Yours is more mathematically complicated and sophisticated disturbing thing is that it is obvious and should be obvious to you too. Fourth the roots used by yourself are exactly the same as the kissing numbers used For E8 this is 240 in both cases. Roots are far more mathematical than kissing known since Kepler and Newton and I am sure you know that. Fifth, you made uncalled for joke that Pisko and Eisfeld are involved with the Ron Paul campaign. and sportsman like you should not hit under the belt. Six, you intentionally Naschie’s work and this is conduct unbecoming for a sportsman. Seven you display the arrogance of media celebrities and finally eight, you are treating
with the same degree of unfairness which some of your critics are using on I have always been an admirer of your work and what you stand for which you my previous comment posted on the Telegraph ‘Theory of Everything
and that is why I wanted to draw your attention to these 8 points
greatest artists was very vain but he refused to surrender to it.

Ed Flores
Posted by Ed Flores on April 3, 2008 12:16 PM

What a swizz! I bought and read the book of Marcus du Sautoy and did not about Lisi, E8, El Naschie or particle physics – none at all! I did not even find exceptional Lie groups, not even in the index. It’s another find mess you got Posted by S. Stanley on April 3, 2008 12:06 PM

I also cannot fathom some of the reactions of some of the big guys in theoretical Mohamed El Naschie. I was at a meeting in Bibliotheca Alexandrina in Egypt. Witten gave a general lecture. Since Egypt has no one who could possibly talk such a highly theoretical subject, the Director Dr. Ismail Sarageldin virtually Naschie to sit on the two man discussion panel: El Naschie and Witten. Prof. unfortunately subjective rather than objective on this occasion and was selling the Egyptians. El Naschie replayed with utmost politeness all the weak points arguments. Then Mohamed jokingly said something which everyone knows, is very lucky to have Witten on their side. Witten snapped and said rather harshly
no other questions except from El Naschie?’. I thought this was not nice at Naschie gave a lecture on fuzzy Kähler in the presence of M. Green and the Chaired by Witten, there was an icy silence. The same silence was given to
comments on string theory. In all fairness to Witten however, he did include Naschie in the proceedings of which he was the Editor.
I guess these great figures cannot believe an Egyptian engineering professor a thing or two. However what they do not know is that, with all due respect Mohamed El Naschie is no ordinary Egyptian. He is a universal genius coached best scientists in the world, mostly European and his knowledge of art, literature, and music is overwhelming. But he has his share of problems with the health daughter being severely compromised and his beloved younger brother Said serious mental affliction causing havoc in the family. We all have our problems need for anyone to envy anyone else for money or prestige.
Posted by Ibrahim Ali on April 2, 2008 5:24 PM

The issue of dynamics in Lisi and particularly in E-infinity theory is a recurring superficial discussions of El Naschie’s work by those not well acquainted with dynamics and fractals when applied to nonclassical physics. One can in principle Lagrangian for E-infinity. For instance in one of his lectures which I attended,
discussed this point following a question by Prof. Walter Greiner, the Cardinal Physics in Germany. Later on El Naschie explained the maximal sphere packing be used to write an action principle in a way similar to what the American
of mathematics at Berkely, Prof. W-Yi Hsiang has done. El Naschie
least action principle of crystal formation to prove the Kepler conjecture. The which El Naschie mentioned was the duality between maximal order and maximal both at a minimal complexity. There are gigantic numbers involved with E
Coxeter group El Naschie shows that E8 has 31 to the power of 8
canonical automaton. This is a very large number or the order of
we could do statistical mechanics with it. However the work of El
than that. He does not let his E8 dance on our experimental four dimensional Lisi does. He uses instead the golden mean scaling to send E8 to
boundary and so on. For instance multiplying the total dimensions of the exceptional with the golden mean gives us the dimension of the compactified Klein modular other words 4 multiplied with phi and the inverse electromagnetic constant
3 which is 339 approximately exactly as should be. Dynamics in E
resolution and thus scaling. Now to the conventional wrong question: What to calculate say a cross-section? The answer is we do it as we have always answers the questions which neither quantum mechanics nor conventional quantum theory can answer. It does not replace Schrödinger or Dirac’s equations or It simply completes the theory and gives us a deeper understanding of the topology behind it all.
Posted by Daniel Sharp on April 2, 2008 5:24 PM

I am afraid I know the professor mentioned by Hutchinson (posted
is almost entirely because of a notorious character who uses a pseudo name Naschie was in the Dept. of Applied Math. & Theoretical Physics, Cambridge He was recommended by Prof. Sir Herman Bondi and Prof. Sir James Lighthill, were previous Heads of the Department. Prof. David Crighton was a close friend El Naschie. However Castro caused an enormous embarrassment after the death Crighton by publishing a paper and putting El Naschie’s name on it without Castro clearly suffers from low self esteem has never even had a permanent appointment in any University and was desperate for some recognition. He El Naschie to remove his name but did not do so and Cambridge then moved their reputation and removed the address by force. Despite El Naschie
Cambridge, the damage had been done and the incident was used by some him to attempt to tarnish his reputation. Not surprisingly the string people did new theory, be it E8 or E-infinity. The main mistake of El Naschie
modest and not keeping Carlos Castro at arms length. He was not the only by him though as Prof. M. Green was kind enough to offer Castro a desk to Mary’s College when he was there before going to Cambridge. Nevertheless, people behaved towards El Naschie after this episode is not what one would respectable scientists. It is all over now and the real worth and value of
documented with or without Cambridge and despite individuals like Carlos Castro. all love him. He is the hero of all young people – the only man of stature who compromised his political integrity by joining a totally undemocratic government.
Ibrahim Nasar
Posted by Ibrahim Nasar on April 2, 2008 9:15 AM

I wanted to go to listen to a lecture given by Prof. Amr El Nashaei. He is a famous professor and Director of the Earthquake Centre at Urbana -Champagne, USA the reason. I heard that he is the younger brother of Prof. Mohamed
ten years now everyone in Arabia and particularly Egypt have been admiring about him, the scientist, the artist, the philosopher and the politically outspoken The “El Nashaie” or El Naschie family is exceptional, just as the E
eldest, Said, in the middle, is also a distinguished professor, a chemical engineer Pennsylvania State University. Amr is the youngest and most famous in the extremely successful and extremely intelligent. Said has a serious illness similar Laureate John Nash but is still extremely good at his work. The family
of Alashmawee and the father’s uncle was Mohamed Alashmawee, a well known Education under King Farouk of Egypt. The mother was from an extremely rich to Harb Basha and Abdelhady Basha, all ministers at the time of the monarchy. that he was present during a lecture given by Mohamed in Brussels and heard laureate, Ilya Prigogine mumble to himself that Mohamed more than deserved physics for his work and that he will nominate him for it. Amr told Mohamed believe him. Subsequently Prigogine asked his staff to prepare a
some from Russia were called in to help. However a certain person from the at Solvay was not amused and immediately started plotting. Anyway, Mohamed most popular scientist, at least in Egypt. He has a television program once a
‘Scientific Chat’, shown every Thursday at 10 p.m. local Cairo time and repeated Friday at 4 p.m. on a satellite channel called Almanara belonging to Nile TV program El Naschie talks about science, music, painting, history and philosophy most popular program of its kind in Arabia. I am myself a fan of Mohamed
Posted by Assem Farag on April 1, 2008 8:11 PM

I found a beautiful paper on E-infinity and the two-slit experiment in a book than the Einstein of our time, Edward Witten. The paper is by El
two-slit Gedanken experiment revisited’, in ‘Einstein in Alexandria
published by Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Egypt (2006), p. 141-150.
volume are by Nima Arkani-Hamed, Cumrun Vafa, J. Iliopoulos and Edward notch string professors.
Aiman Ali
Posted by Aiman Ali on April 1, 2008 7:59 PM

A few years ago Mohamed El Naschie was invited to give a talk at the Einstein Institute near Berlin in Germany. The lecture started well but was interrupted the new Director of the Institute asking for a proper mathematical definition manifold. For some reason El Naschie did not say it is an E-8 fuzzy gosset or manifold. El Naschie felt they were all string and loop gravity people not ready to the end and left the lecture clearly unhappy. Prof. Dr. Werner Martienssen that El Naschie had given them gold but they were not able to appreciate it. Nicolai’s E10 and E11 proposals rest on El Naschie’s exceptional E
Hausdorff like dimension equal to 548.3281572. It was clearly a case of someone of his time but maybe with Lisi’s work, things are now clearer. I certainly hope brilliant Nicolai will see the light of a transfinite E8 proposal.
Posted by Jan Meyer on April 1, 2008 2:57 PM

In a conference in Italy this year A. Legget gave a talk about the incompleteness mechanics and the two-slit experiment. El Naschie asked him if he believed dimensions could radically change all the conclusions. Legget replied affirmatively conceded that something like Cantorian spacetime could radically change all and conclusions. In space with five dimensions there are many new possibilities impossible in 3 + 1 dimensions. Consequently in a fractal Cantorian spacetime, different places at the same time is an every day experience and nothing special home about.
Posted by Naet h Georgi on April 1, 2008 2:43 PM

I also have a little story to tell about El Naschie. This time with one of two principle
discoveries of E8 for physics. I was on board a ship going to an island and as it, I found myself witnessing a conversation between John Schwarz and Mohamed
Mohamed was friendly, smiling and reserved as usual. John started talking. his black hair left and introduced himself. I could feel as the conversation went was very impressed by El Naschie’s depth and knowledge. I could almost hear himself that this was not the man that some of the string people had been telling Finally when Mohamed seemed to have read a book on relativity and strings with his wife, he admitted: I am impressed. With the possible exception of Lie never known a man with the width and breadth of El Naschie’s knowledge about physics, apart from anything else you want to talk about. On the recommendation
Naschie, I later went and bought the latest Schwartz book ‘String theory and published by Cambridge. On page 521 of the book, particularly equation
why Schwarz was impressed by El Naschie. El Naschie was able to derive the constant for which Schwarz gave only a lower bound. El Naschie’
found in a remarkable paper ‘On a Canonical equation for all fundamental interactions
published in Chaos, Solitons & Fractals, 36 (2008), p. 1200-1204
Elsevier’s website Science Direct.
Posted by Gerhard Eckings on April 1, 2008 2:25 PM

To illustrate the extent of ignorance of even the very best of high energy physics when it comes to nonlinear dynamics, fractals and chaos I recount the following which I was present.
At a very special gathering a notable scientist with the highest decoration proposed for quantum mechanics amounting to returning to the roots of Newtonian dynamics. end of this highly interesting talk another scientist, again a holder of the highest a theoretical physicist can have, stood up and lamented the reactionary attitude to Newtonian determinism with all that it entails of contradiction. I was speechless. laureate obviously knew next to nothing about the 3 body problem and nothing that Newtonian mechanics was never deterministic. It was a misunderstanding there but I kept silent out of pure respect to the host and nothing else. There many high energy scientists who understand nonlinear dynamics. However as far as El Naschie or Lisi. The two were not the first but they were the most Before them there was K. Svozil in Austria as well as B. Müller in Germany, Armenia and T. Biro in Hungary. One of Biro’s papers was published many years Elsevier Journal, Chaos, Solitons & Fractals. To understand the subject in depth of another professor in Hungary entitled ‘Quantum Fluctuation of Spacetime
Posted by T. Magyar on April 1, 2008 2:15 PM

Lord Henry Chilver was the Head of Dept. when El Naschie was in University he and Lord Chilver were in regular contact so he may give his views about established the stability research group in University College. He was Prof. J.supervisor and introduced Thompson to W. Koiter’s work and theory of elastic This was the time when El Naschie joined the stability research group and got work of Prigogine, Rene Thom, catastrophe theory and C. Zeeman
theory in science, engineering and social sciences.
Posted by A. Simson on April 1, 2008 11:08 AM

The spiral effects which Julius Scholtemeyer mentioned in his comments posted 2008 exist indirectly in El Naschie’s theory. This is because of the golden mean the logarithmic spiral. This was discussed by El Naschie following the famous American mathematician and student of Staainsaw Ulam, Prof. R. Daniel Mauldin. spiral and the fractal which constitutes the dynamics of the E8 proposal and Lagrangian or the action principle. El Naschie scales everything to everything golden mean scaling exponents. G. Lisi does it in a different but basically equivalent is why the Lagrangian comes at the end, not the beginning in the work of both Posted by Miriam Navotni on March 30, 2008 10:14 PM

Regarding T. Chevas’ comments (posted March 25th), what is extremely important is that El Naschie’s renormalization equation is exact. It includes infinitely many smaller Feynmann’s loops so to speak. The miracle is achieved by employing system, namely the golden mean binary. Imagine solving a nonlinear differential
without knowledge of the zero, the Arabic numbers and the decimal system. number system, compared to our classical system, is like the decimal system Roman system.
Posted by D. Levanski on March 30, 2008 8:34 PM

To James Tucker – regarding your comments posed 24th March,
you. Finding the missing gama minus of M. Gellman did not give anything useful It did not help the war in Vietnam nor the famine in Africa at the time. However committee gave Gellman his rightly deserved Nobel prize because of making prediction about nature, thus helping us to understand it. In time applications is exactly the history of atoms from the ancient Greeks to atomic reactors and this sence ‘t Hooft deserved his Nobel prize and Witten, El Naschie
Lisi will in time receive their rightly earned Nobel recognition.
Posted by J. Schiffer on March 28, 2008 1:56 PM

I was once present at a meeting with Sir Herman Bondi, Prof. T. Barta and at the time El Naschie resided over the meeting and Bondi was a honorary scientific a government connected to the part of the word where El Naschie
the meeting, El Naschie asked Bondi if he could change his career from a Professor Engineering to a philosopher. Bondi responded by telling him that he could wanted and he will succeed beyond belief because of his enthusiasm and love knowledge.
J. Foster
Posted by Janet Foster on March 26, 2008 7:05 PM

The arrogance with which Dr. Thomas Thieman of Max Planck Institute talks quantum gravity is reminiscent of the arrogance with which string theorists Both should stop self promotion and read Lisi and Elnaschie and acknowledge contributions rather than block publications as mentioned recently by Nobel Josephson.
J. Makanzi
Posted by J. Makanzi on March 26, 2008 12:45 PM

To demonstrate that E-infinity is not simply a refinement of Lisi’s E
comprehensive and revolutionary idea, the reader should look at the work of Mukhamedov from Kazan University on Fiber bundle and E-Infinity. Lisi
version of Mukhamedov’s work; see for instance Chaos, Solitons & Fractals, 717 – 724.
M. Talasaki
Posted by M. Talasaki on March 26, 2008 11:54 AM

Quarks confinement in El Naschie’s theory is a symmetry breaking bifurcation Higgs mechanism. This is a particularly nice result not directly found in Lisi
illustrates the situation tangibly using a trivial but intuitive example. Suppose balls inside a metal box? Shaking the box, you hear the rattling of the ice balls.
the box until all the balls become vapor. Now when you shake the box you hear Acquiring mass is the opposite process. Mass in quantum mechanics is a simple transition from massless particles to massive particle. At condensation, energy temperature becomes mass. Thinking of the ice balls as quarks, one could use example to explain why we cannot see free quarks. This becomes all clear in quantum golden field theory of El Naschie. The vital term here is the natural ratio of the unification energy, say the Planck mass or ‘tHooft’s grand unification the datum mass, say a cooper electron or Z boson. El Naschie argues that this 52.36067977 i.e. nearly 52 or 42.36067977 which is nearly 42. In the first invoke supersymmetry and the value must be multiplied by 0.5 which gives inverse supersymmetric coupling is also 26, it follows from El Naschie
equation that the inverse strong coupling is Zero and therefore the strong coupling large. The same result maybe obtained without sypersymmetry and without 0.5. Since the unification inverse coupling of non supersymmetric unification find again the inverse strong coupling is zero and the coupling is infinitely large. explains the incredible simplicity of his theory in a paper titled: Removing spurious
nonlinearity (see Chaos, Solitons & Fractals, vol. 37(2008) pp. 60 In addition to this, his student M. N. Ahmed (University reasoned that the golden number system of E-Infinity does the rest.
T. Chevas
Posted by Ted Chevas on March 25, 2008 1:15 PM

It is a well known fact of life that politics is a local phenomena, pretty much However, we also know that there is non local world politics. The non local gauge corresponding to this must be non local over all symmetry. Fractals and consequently,
Elnaschie’s Cantorian spacetime of his E-Infinity theory is endowed with such does not distinguish between local and global due to self similarity and self now how the ingenious idea of invoking a self similar Cantorian-fractal as geometry spacetime solves in one stroke most of our problems. Weyl’s original gauge need to be restricted anymore to the phase of the quantum wave function. is just another expression of a fractal geometry as shown by the Russian school quantum mechanics as well as Elnaschie. In addition, the two slit experiment tunneling is resolved in a Cantorian fractal spacetime with unbelievable simplicity. has indeed revolutionized high energy physics in a similar fashion to the revolution mathematics by G. Cantor. The high point of this development was the discovery transfinite version of E8 by Elnaschie as well as the work of G. Lisi
Schwarz. You should remember that Green and Schwarz discovered super symmetry
independent from the original work in Russia on super symmetry. In fact at beginning Green and Schwarz did not know super symmetry. They just noticed solves all the notorious problems of the old string theory in 26 dimensions
F. Freedman
Posted by Frank Freedman on March 25, 2008 12:29 PM

As a student I learned that two things are next to impossible. The first is to equal 137 of electromagnetism using a general theory and the second is to mathematical derivation of Newton’s dimensionless gravity constant equal ten 39. I am now a Professor of physics and have never seen a derivation of the derivation given by El Naschie’s E-Infinity theory. If religion is not an issue not physics, why not give Mohamed El Naschie the field medal as Edward Witten? someone answer me. Thanks in advance.
N. Alma
Posted by Nadia Alma on March 24, 2008 8:28 PM

To give Lisi or for that matter Green, Schwarz, Witten or El Naschie
would be totally misunderstanding the intention of the prize. The Nobel Prize being intelligent or original. It is not given for even being right as Lee Smolin his new book: The trouble with physics. It is given for finding something useful I know that El Naschie thinks ‘tHooft is the greatest since sliced bread, but ‘tHooft is a physicist nor deserves the Nobel in physics. He is a mathematician Naschie and Witten and the likes.
James Tucker
Posted by James Tucker on March 24, 2008 8:25 PM

The free encyclopedia Wikipedia is the best place to search for Lisi
9 minute podcast of El Naschie – you must spell the name correctly so you can podcast. In addition, the S. Wolfram forum (NKS) “A New Kind of Science
their guest. This is not surprising since Wolfram is highly admired by
there is also a rare picture of the quarks confinement quartet: ‘tHooft, Gross, Naschie. The only one missing at the meeting in Holland was Politzer.
J. Schiffer
Posted by Josh Schiffer on March 24, 2008 6:04 PM

Reading the comments of this site it transpires that little is known about Prof.
background and nationality. Mohamed Salah El-Din El Naschie (correct pronunciation
Nashaee) is a 65 year old Egyptian engineer turned professor of theoretical Nobel laureate in experimental chemistry, Prof. Ahmed Suwail, El
probably the Arab world’s most prominent scientist. His strength is theoretical philosophy. Unlike any other scientist in Arabia, El Naschie is known for his Being an advocate for social justice and religious tolerance, he countered the the solution’ with his own slogan ‘science is the solution’. He was nominated scientific party with the same name in Egypt. Although El Naschie
powerful figures in the Egyptian government and establishment, he is definitely totally independent and belongs to no political group. He is particularly popular people who seem him as a role model.
Posted by A.H. Ragab on March 24, 2008 1:36 PM

This man's theory have no recognition/explanation for spiral effects, nor have explanation for what is considered to be time. It is merely a shot in the bush, incompetence. See my claims of copyright.
Posted by Julius Scholtemeyer on March 23, 2008 9:30 PM

In a section labeled ‘Recommended Articles’ on Elsevier’s Science Direct I found which is of importance to the ongoing discussion of Lissi’s E8 theory
stimulating title ‘Transfinite harmonization by taking the dissonance out of the symphony’. The Author is M.S. El Naschie and it is published in Chaos, Solitons (4), May 2008 p. 781-786. The article is written by someone who is clearly physics, music and philosophy.
Posted by Sophie Deuch on March 20, 2008 1:24 PM

Various comments on this site revolved around M. El Naschie’s mathematical confinement using his E8 and E-Infinity theory. Some may find it desirable mathematics behind this proof without going into written equations. We start fundamental classical equation of renormalization. On the left hand side we quantum gravity coupling. On the right hand side we have three terms. The inverse coupling related to the strong force. The third term is a factor roh which unity or half multiplied with the natural logarithm of the ratio of two energy quantum gravity and assuming super symmetry we know from the exact E
the inverse coupling on the left hand side must be 26 exact to the nearest integer
ratio of the Planck mass to that of the electron it is easily shown that the theoretical the logarithmic term is 52 exact to the nearest integer. Assuming super symmetry take roh to be half and consequently the third right hand term is
possible if the first and second right hand terms are both zero. Since the terms coupling, then the coupling must be infinitely large. Recycling that, these couplings related to the strong force, the implication is that the fundamental particles mutated to eternally confined Planck masses i.e. mini black holes. We propose ‘tHooft phase transition or ‘tHooft quarks confinement.
Full details of the preceding discussion are given in a paper titled
theory – Ten theorems and various conjectures” published in Elsevier Journal & Fractals, vol. 36, issue 5, June 2008, pp. 121-1125. A summary of this paper Elsevier science direct web.
L. M. Cojak
Posted by L. Cojak on March 12, 2008 9:49 AM

Intellectual schizophrenia is the only word which describes my feelings towards the establishment of theoretical physics with regards to Lisi’s work on the E
group and quantum gravity unification. Nobel Laureate Steven Weinberg for the beginning of the current century that a theory of everything is possible thousand and fifty provided brand new ideas are introduced to theoretical physics researchers. Similarly Nobel Laureate Gerard ‘tHooft has advocated a complete our conception of space and time being a continuum. Nonetheless, whenever researcher such as G. Lisi, M. El Naschie or even G.’tHooft himself introduce idea for instance the E8 proposal or deterministic quantum mechanics, then by the ice cold silence which faced David Bohm long ago or ridicule and indignation partially characterized the current E8 and E-Infinity discussion. Is human folly rooted even in science? It is beyond me to understand why a scientific debate conducted rationally, democratically and courteously? Young and old should of how scientists should conduct themselves from people like Nobel Laureate and G. ‘tHooft.
I. Mandel
Posted by Ian Mandel on March 10, 2008 4:19 PM

The Telegraph headline is wrong. This man is a new Einstein. Garrett
outsider. Many German scientists including two Nobel Laureates in physics wrote entitled: “Hundred German scientists against Einstein”. Einstein responded aptly
hundred, if I am wrong one is more than enough”. It is true that Mohamed
discovered E8’s universal applicability first, but Lisi’s work is formulated in a mathematical language. I leave it to the experts to judge which language is mainstream research in quantum gravity. El Naschie is definitely more intuitive more conventional in my opinion.

J. Gribbens
Posted by John Gribbens on March 9, 2008 8:21 PM

If Garrett Lisi is no Einstein, who else could be? (arXiv:0711.1442
Posted by Nik on March 8, 2008 4:11 PM

Being a philosopher I wonder why members of the establishment like Witten, Gross are not commenting on Lisi’s and El Naschie’s work. It is important that must have the courage to make mistakes in theoretical physics. Theoretical medical doctors. There are no patients to kill with wrong diagnosis. I guess free spirited amateurs is embarrassing for the professionals or why else the must be other courageous physicists besides Lee Smolin who can make an intelligent
utterance. El Naschie who is probably besides Poincaré the most prolific researcher has just demystified quarks confinement, using e8. The key is phase transition aether and mini black holes. Am I correct or not? Could someone read the last El Naschie on the subject and tell me? They are published in Elsevier
apparently prestigious and rater serious interdisciplinary journal called Chaos, Fractals. The journal has the highest impact factor off all nonlinear journals 2.5. The paper in question is called ‘On quarks confinement and asymptotic Intriguingly the paper is dedicated to one of the greatest theoretical physicists Gerard ‘t Hooft.
Posted by Elliot Jazmun on March 7, 2008 12:35 AM

Commenting on the interesting and non trivial discussion of Zephir posted March
categorically refute the proposition that Garett Lisi’s work is geometrical mysticism unless we consider the Minkowski–Einstein program of the goemetrization of theory of relativity to be such mysticism. Zephir hit the nail on the head when kissing numbers of dense sphere packing and connected them to physics. This program initiated by Mohamed El Naschie using various mathematical results Cambridge school of John Horton Conway.
Posted by S. Logan on March 6, 2008 2:59 PM

The basic problem, which I've with public reaction to the Garrett's theory is, apparent connection between formal math and reality was revealed and pointed nobody is interested, WHY is it so. It means, the contemporary people doesn't tangible safe coincidences by the same way, like the people in Galileo times.
Posted by Zephir on March 1, 2008 7:32 PM

Mr. Garett's work is a sort of geometric mysticism in its current state indeed, doesn't mean, it CANNOT have robust physical meaning. The most important wasn't mentioned till now) is, the Lie group is not just void geometrical structure the symmetry. It's root system is describing the tightest structure of kissing where the kissing points are sitting at the centers of another hyperspheres, Aether Wave Theory proposes at least two dual ways, how to interpret such The cosmological one is maybe easier to realize: it considers, the current Universe is formed by interior of giant dense collapsar, which behaves like black hole perspective. This collapse was followed by phase transition, which proceeded crystallization from over-saturated solution by avalanche-like mechanism. During approximately spherical zones of condensing false vacuum have intersect mutually, these places the another vacuum condensation has started (a sort of nucleation
can observe the residuum of these zones as a dark matter streaks. The dodecahedron
structure of these zones should corresponds the E8 group geometry, as being inside.
The second interpretation of E8 is relevant for Planck scale, i.e. for outer perspective
dense interior of black hole is forming the physical vacuum, which is filled by of density fluctuations, similar to nested foam. Such structure has even a behavior foam, because it gets more dense after introducing of energy by the same way, shaken inside of closed vessel. Such behavior leads to the quantum behavior particle-wave duality. Every energy wave, exchanged between pair of particles fluctuations of foam) is behaving like less or more dense blob of foam, i.e. like particle. Every boson can exchange its energy with another particles, including bosons, thus forming the another generation of interacalated particles.
Therefore the E8 Lie group solves the trivial question: which structure should tightest lattice of particles, exchanged by another particles? And such question perfect meaning from classical physics point of view! Such question has a perfect theory, describing the most dense structure of inertial particles, which we can i.e. the interior of black hole.
Posted by Zephir on March 1, 2008 9:56 AM

I must thank Matt J. for remembering a beautiful book of Herman Weyl who interesting man and one of the truly great. His book Spacetime & Matter was for many generations and particularly for the young Werner Heisenberg.
In addition, and by default, Weyl marks the beginning of gauge theory. His group theory in physics could not be overestimated. Today young physicists mystified by the Kac-Moody algebra. However this is nothing but the development place when Weyl groups were married to P-adic theory and resulted in P
affine Weyl group plays a major role. For whatever it is worth, I would like to work starting with Jwahori-Matymoto, Bruhat-Tits as well as Lusztig. It may surprise to know what without these developments, we could not have decoded other words, the work of Lisi and recent work of El Naschie could not have been More knowledge and less envy is what we need. I salute the people who fare including all the aforementioned names.
Serjey Wett
Posted by Serjey Wett on February 14, 2008 11:03 AM

I have to disagree with
Barbara, and agree with the
many, MANY other commenters:
this article was a horrible
'explanation' of what group
theory is. I would even say it
is the _worst_ attempt at an
explanation of it that I have
seen in _decades_ of reading
Group theory is the study of
groups. That groups can act on
sets, and even act as symmetry
operators is actually of
lesser importance -- even
though the physicist's
_applications_ of group theory
are heavily dominated by

Why, in this Telegraph
article, I see lots of talk
about the symmetries of
Euclidean geometry, but
nothing about gauge
transformations. Likewise I
see nothing about hte
distinction between local and
global symmetries. But this
leaves the reader with a
_completely_ misleading idea
of what 'symmetry' is so
important to physics, or why
it is so hard to achieve.
Someone else beat me to the
punch, but the best
description I have seen of
this article is "99% setup and
1% content."
If someone _really_ wants to
understand the between
symmetry and group theory, the
best thing to read is _still_
Hermann Weyl's classic book
"Symmetry". It is no accident
that his is so good; he
together with Wigner _was_ the
man to realize that wave
functions/particles act like
irreducible representations of
groups. And he fully
appreciate the Erlangen
program, which was so
important to the idea of the
Lorentz group.
Posted by Matt J. on February 11, 2008 2:46 AM

Anger is probably the worst advice. At Harvard Law School prospective judges fundamental maxim “anger clouds the brain”. In this sense I wish angry physics renamed “leveled-headed physics”. We are not underestimating the sense of when somebody who works very hard for very little lifelong only to find at the surfer has found an important result which eluded the other hardworking and professor for years and years. As the angry physics blogger say brevity is the (posted on 8 February 2008). However to make a fuss of a charming title which informative and correct and stimulating is an indication of a total lack of humor the soul of human existence. Let me try to answer the angry blogger in roughly order of his comments. But before doing anything of the sort, let me commend in the name of the expert and non-expert educated public on their effort in fore scientific debates on the highest level. Is that not much better than gossips intimate news of film stars? Second let me tell you that I have never encountered life a more informed or more intellectual and a more dedicated man than Prof. find it offensive to imply that Lee Smolin has any vested interest prompting something which is not absolutely kosher. Whether we liked it or not, Lisi
And whether we like it or not, it is based on the work of many others which
not have mentioned explicitly. The fact that Mohamed El Naschie
general or published in mainstream nonlinear dynamics journals years before
great importance. I am not underestimating an Arab or a Moslem scientist. credentials of Mohamed El Naschie and they are very impressive. To be honest a statesman rather than a theoretical physicist or an engineer. But enough answer the angry blogger not in order to agitate him more but rather to calm bring him to reason.
(1) The title of Lisi’s paper is a nice pun; full of wit, humor and truth.
(2) Lisi makes predictions namely twenty more missing particles. This is similar equal to the nine missing particles predicated by El Naschie.
(3) Lisi’s paper makes many sensible predictions. You just need to read it. The important is that the E8 symmetry is the mother of all other symmetries including gravity. Lisi in that respect should be very grateful to Edward Witten and string regret that he did not say that explicitly.
(4) Yes I agree there is some inconsistency in adding fermions and bosons and procedures. But these can be corrected and removed. What is not completely necessarily completely wrong.
(5) Smolin is an outstanding theoretical physicist on par only with people like and Edward Witten. He had all the right to call the paper fabulous.
(6) I have the impression that the angry blogger did not give sufficient attention the paper and not Woit.
(7) With respect to the boot is on the wrong foot. I think this remark is not Bee and Lee Smolin
(8) This is a misrepresentation of the state of affair. Lisi’s paper is knowingly (9) Now you are really making a meal out of a mosquito regarding the title
title is only a title.
I have written all this with good intention and again I would like to thank all helped in bring Lisi’s theory to the fore. There was a slogan during the French which I end this comment namely: “Homme suit comme il pense
R. Meyers
Posted by Richard Meyers on February 9, 2008 9:57 AM

We beg for specifics about how Lisi has failed us, and "Angry Physics" gives passionately stated points. Let's look at the first four:
AP "1) Lisi's paper does not present a theory of everything." OK, that's a start
this mean? A TOE is usually thought to encompass an integration of Quantum General Relativity. Obviously, AP thinks that Lisi's theory doesn't do that. Why doesn't it include? Why do you say that; that is, based upon what content of draw those conclusions?
AP "2) Lisi's paper makes no predictions." To be sure. But Lisi is the first to makes it explicitly clear that he is presently working on just that and hopes "prediction" that can be proved up when LHC comes on line. Hey, that's only away and we've waited nearly a century for a TOE. Can't we wait a few more AP "3) Lisi's paper offers no novel, sensible calculations." Even if this were true, fact that Lisi is offering a novel APPROACH to the problem suffice? And where calculations have to be novel. Accurate? To be sure. But "novel?" But it looks more to work with in the allegation that Lisi's calculations are not "sensible." to something. There must be a miscalculation or misformulation. That's what for. So, Angry Physics, what exactly is that nonsensible calculation?
AP "4) Lisi's paper is replete with errors, as noted by Distler et al, and it adds bosons" Why can't somebody here simply say what's wrong with the paper. and et al. is quaint, but not informative here. Why doesn't some angry physicist

the equations and tell us how they fail? And "adds fermions and bosons," means exactly?
Posted by scotus on February 9, 2008 1:15 AM

Brevity is the soul of wit, and the Truth sets us free:
1) Lisi's paper does not present a theory of everything.
2) Lisi's paper makes no predictions.
3) Lisi's paper offers no novel, sensible calculations.
4) Lisi's paper is replete with errors, as noted by Distler et al, and it adds fermions bosons.
5) Smolin called Lisi's paper "fabulous" and hyped it to the media
6) Without reading and understanding the paper, Woit gave it a lot of attention powerful blog, further fueling the media storm.
7) Bee, who is employed by Smolin, presented the paper as gospel, and only reason and logic were brought to the table by others.
8) Lisi's paper was knowingly mistitled.
9) Lisi must refrain from "ironic" lying titles in the future, so as not to confuse :
Laid-Back Surfer Dude May Be Next Einstein
"For his part, Lisi
finding "An Exceptionally Simple Theory of Everything."
In the name of Truth and Science, the following must be done:
1) Lisi should retract his error-riddled, mistitled paper from, whereupon free to correct the errors, retitle it, and resubmit it, if it is still worth submitting.
2) Smolin should step forth and either apologize to the scientific community paper "Fabulous," or he should elaborate on what he meant by the word "Fabulous."
3) Peter should use his powerful and influential blog to aid in serving truth and setting the record straight.
Posted by Angry Physics on February 8, 2008 3:43 AM

Those who think that Lisi’s theory cannot unify the very small and the very They haven’t really understood the new development which took place. They imprisoned in the old tradition of doing theoretical physics. In fact a Cambridge
mathematician M. S. Elnaschie has ed two fundamental subjects together. what maybe called P-adic exceptional E8 Lie group. The reasoning is subtle ingeniously based on P-adic number where the traditional interpretation of large has to give way to new insight. A classically very large number could be a very when seen from the P-adic viewpoint. For instance, Elnaschie using mathematics Russian pioneers in P-adic quantum mechanics has shown that 137
expansion. Since 1 is the largest quantum gravity coupling, while
very small electromagnetic coupling, we have the small meeting the large in is why Lisi’s theory is correct. One can easily visualize the situation when you number as a fractal field. Elnaschie’s E-Infinity theory is a cantorian field that exactly as in the theory of the Frenchman Nottale and the English Canadian However, Elnaschie didn’t mention the Russian sources of his work which he understood and clearly should have mentioned. The terminology maybe different Cambridge professor is capable of seeing through terminology and affine Weyl another way of saying P-adic and fractals are involved. Thus Russian and American
contribution to the general theory of P-adic Lie groups underlie the theory of the justification for why Lisi’s theory is successful and correct. I wish we should personal and criticize Lisi’s theory with the sufficient depth and objectivity which Alex Leonovich
Posted by Alexander Leonovich on February 6, 2008 8:12 AM

The Telegraph wrote: "the consensus, after
investigation, is that it is impossible to use E8 in
the way Lisi was hoping and produce a
consistent model that reflects reality"
Please list the names of those people who
belong to this "consensus", or at least reputable
"Impossible"? Please explain why these people
believe that Lisi's theory is flawed, so people
who have degrees in Physics or Math can
understand the explanation.
Posted by Anonymous on January 30, 2008 12:16 PM

Lisi's theory--perhaps "conjecture" might reduce the level of anxiety for some
the howls of criticism we are hearing because it questions the very foundation theory. If one has devoted one's professional life to string theory, it must be unsettling to read of a competing concept that very possibly could relegate the dustbin of history. Nobody wants to be in the buggy whip business.
What would be more nurturing to those of us who want to hear genuine critical Lisi's idea would be some hard evidence that the math or the physics he sets somehow inconsistent or otherwise flawed.
When we read accounts by "experts" and pundits who intone that " "...Unfortunately, consensus, after investigation, is that it is impossible to use E8 in the way
produce a consistent model that reflects reality," we receive no useful information. dare say many of us would be interested in is an account of what
place and specifically what is wrong with Lisi’s math and physics. Did he transpose Did he mistakenly state a law of physics?
Has anyone “done the math” and has anyone set forth a supportable position Lisi’s thesis?
Posted by scotus on January 29, 2008 11:56 PM

Rather than buying the book of Marcus du Sautoy you could find the little book far better. The book also deals with what is called golden physics. They quote Plato and El Naschie. I am not sure he is the same El Naschie as that being regard to Lissi but he sounds similar. The book is called The Golden Section, Greatest Secret and is published by Wooden Books Ltd. (2006).
appeared in North America.
Posted by T. Singh on January 25, 2008 9:46 AM

The nice thing about Adblock is that you can also stop your browser from loading Gordon Brown (and any other photos you dislike). This must be good for your
Posted by Zak Whoosh on January 23, 2008 3:54 PM

Regarding the Ireland add: Right click. Click "Rewind". This will remove it, the because it isn't a clickable object in flash.
Posted by Phil on January 23, 2008 12:11 PM

All I got out of this article was that he's got a book coming out in less than
think may be the main purpose of the article.
Anyway, perhaps someone should calculate the odds of there being as many as Lisi found, as it may indicate a deeper connection even if his ESToE is just Posted by TheUniverseIsADoily blog on January 23, 2008

This is not a true critique of Lisi's work, just an attempt to sell a crappy book marginally related to physics.
Posted by Carla on January 23, 2008 2:22 AM

Re: intrusive adverts.
I use Firefox without Flash plug-ins. This removes a lot of useless ads, but hardly that I might want to read.
Posted by Michael Gorman on January 22, 2008 11:24 PM

To Jim Adbra and Jonathan R:
Install the Mozilla Firefox web browser and then the Flashblock and Adblock any of those terms in Google should take you straight to them). I see no adverts browse this site - none at all. Same goes for the rest of the internet.
If you want to stop advertisers tracking your web browsing and putting files computer, disable Cookies and get CCleaner to wipe off the existing rubbish. can also disable Java and Javascript in Firefox, if you have no need of them. computer sending out information about you (operating system, browser, etc.) webpages you may wish to investigate Privoxy. And for real anonymity (IP masking,
encrypted data transport to prevent your ISP watching your every move, etc.) the Tor Project.
Welcome back to the free world.
Posted by Joe Schmoe on January 22, 2008 10:08 PM

To solve the unification problem and understand quantum gravity you need symmetry. True symmetry group are use in quantum mechanics as well as therefore an excellent tool for unification of all fundamental forces as shown Schwarz, Witten, Lisi and El Naschie. However the problems with the fundation mechanics must be solved. Nobel Laureate `t Hooft in Utrecht, Holland made contribution to this issue by proposing his deterministic quantum mechanics. is deeper. It is with the two-slit experiment with quantum particles or how a through two holes without splitting into two particles. The problem was adressed many fundamental papers by Nobel Laureate A.Leggett now in Urbana
is also precisely were the work of Egyptian Engineering scientist and theoretical Naschie distinguished it`self from that of the outstanding American theoretical G.Lisi. In a Cantorian transfinite spacetime, the two-slit experiment is resolved. seems to be incredible, but on reflection it is just a refinement and reinterpretation great American genius R. Feynmann path integral.
In other words because Lisi does not have a transfinite fractal geometry and chaos in his model, he cannot do all what he wants. By contrast the transfinite group version of El Naschie`s E-infinity can solve all problems at least in principle. vital difference between the two marvelous recent proposals of Lisi
Posted by S.Olson on January 22, 2008 9:58 PM

I think this article was elegant, balanced and symmetrical. From start to finish understood a word of it. Quite brilliant!
Posted by sebastian on January 22, 2008 8:05 PM

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