Thursday, March 4, 2010

Where are all the sockpuppets?

On February 28, we posted El Naschie and his three Nobel Laureate friends, revealing El Naschie's use of Photoshop to fake an intimate scene of himself with three Nobel Laureates.

Since then I've checked the sockpuppets' usual hangouts several times, but they are nowhere to be found.

The Physics Forum thread that on February 28th noted the Photoshopping but didn't credit El Naschie Watch has gone quiet as well.

The story also has not been reported in the Arabic media or blogs that I check.

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  1. OMG, Jason, check the latest comment in FQXi's 603 topic - a sockpuppet is clearly using a straw man fallacy argument:

    "What about the fake pornographical pictures you publish Jason? What is your real profession? Used underpants paparazzi? You are a disgrace to the human race. Clearly bacteria like you only grow where there is filth and trash. Do you really think any scientists will take notice of you and your perversions? The picture you refer to is real. Whoever was in control of the site edited those he did not want out. There is no responsibility on anybody to show a picture with eighty different names. Mohamed El Naschie was duly invited to a birthday party and conference in honor of Nobel laureate Gerard ‘tHooft. I do not think that your local stray dogs would invite you to share a meal with them on the pavement in Seattle where you live, if you really live there. In so much filth on your collar Jason, you should just disappear if you have any sense of dignity. But what am I saying here – Jason and dignity in the same sentence – that is a joke. Regarding fractal sphere packing, this problem was solved by El Naschie long ago. It starts from a simple observation SL 2,7 has an order of 336. The number of kissing points in ten dimensional spaces is 336. Finally the number of independent components in superspace for Riemann tensor is also 336. Putting the three equations together, El Naschie deduced the number of fractal kissing spheres to have the weight of 339 less a little bit. I am saying weight because the real number is infinity. However when we give a weight according to gamma distribution, then you get 339. Ray Munroe should understand that but Ray Munroe should refrain from even referring to Jason because this guy is so contagiously dangerous that the bacteria inhabiting his brain could even affect people through the internet. I am sorry I am not harsh enough regarding Jason. There are simply no words to describe this bug."

    Aha, the picture is as real as Great Man's numerology. LOOOL


  2. Haha. He posted that 17 minutes after this post. I should blog it.