Monday, March 22, 2010

Who are the members of the E-infinity group?

(See this update: Exposed! Seventeen more E-infinity groupies)
Oops! As you see from the screen capture, an E-Infinity group member inadvertently posted the email addresses of the members of that shadowy brotherhood.

The FQXi admin took down the accidentally posted email addresses, locking the barn door after the horses got out.

Click the Tintin cartoons to see them full size. Thanks to Martin for providing these!

It would be great if readers can help with the missing photographs.

Mohammed, sender and primary author of the E-infinity communications, blogger, UW physics grad student. His email was not exposed because he was the sender.
Dahham Ismail Alani
King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology
Mohamed A. Z. Habeeb (See page 49 of this Word doc.) Laser and Optoelectronic Center, Directorate of Physics, Ministry of Science and Technology, Science Research Campus, Jadiriah, Baghdad, Iraq
Garnet Ord
Ryerson University, Toronto

Ji-Huan He
Donghua University, Shanghai; Soochow University

Gerardo Iovane
University of Salerno
Leila Marek-Crnjac
Secondary school of mechanical engineering
Maribor, Slovenia
Scott Olsen
Central Florida Community College
Ervin Goldfain
Syracuse, NY

Shokry Ibrahim Nada (PDF) (Now a dead link. Instead, go here and scroll to the bottom.)
Qatar University

Otto E. Rössler
University of Tübingen

Mohamed El Naschie
Surrey, England; Alexandria and Cairo, Egypt; Munich, Frankfurt and Hamburg, Germany
Anke Böhm
Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany

Presumably what happened is this: The person writing under the pseudonym "E-infinity", who posts voluminously on FQXi, got confused about what was in the copy/paste clipboard, and he or she was in a hurry. They meant to post article number 12, but instead posted an email recipient list of people meant to be CC'd on that post. This suggests that we know the identities of all the members of E-infinity group except one -- the primary author of the tl;dr E-infinity screeds, and sender of the emails.

UPDATE July 19, 2010: The sender and primary author is Mohammed of the The Golden Mean in Quantum Mechanics and High Energy Physics blog.

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  1. woooow, is that true!?? you didn't pull that one off? Amazing :)

  2. When naschienal socialists panic - they try the wall of text attacks at 9000 damage. The list of email addresses of the einfinity group members has been removed and two full tl;dr broadsides have been fired to distract. Not exactly ninja-style, but that should do it, they think :)

  3. HAHA they persuaded the admin on FQXi to take it down. More proof that El Naschie Watch archives are better than the originals.

  4. Great job, Jason!

    As I said once before: unfortunately for them elnaschiewatch is always on the watch. :D

  5. Thanks Shrink! Yeah, we keep our eyes open. But I was lucky to visit FQXi just seven minutes after their unfortunate accident.

  6. Fortes Fortuna adiuvat -- I think it was Vergilius who said that. :D

  7. i.e., "fortune favors the brave" or "You make your own luck". Yes.

    Readers, please help us with the missing pics.

  8. A typical paper for Alani (a member of E-infinity group) in CSF

    The evolution and limits of sciencestar
    Daham Ismail Alani and Zina Alani Mougharbela,

    King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
    Accepted 16 February 2006.
    Available online 4 April 2006.


    This short note is an up-to-date assessment of some of the fundamental questions pertinent to modern philosophy of science. Important connections ranging from nanotechnology to E_infinity theory are discussed

  9. I wonder if the authors are husband and wife.

    The article looks completely worthless.

  10. Come on folks, don't sit only back and enjoy the show, send us a photo to complete our collection!

  11. Martin, those comics are so perfect I could cry.

    Yeah, come on people, we need the other four pictures. I have machine translated three of the names to Arabic. Maybe that will help.

    Dahham Ismail Alani
    دحام اسماعيل العاني

    Mohamed A. Z. Habeeb
    محمد حبيب

    Shokry Ibrahim Nada
    ندى ابراهيم شكري